WOWFRD – Ch 106

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Chapter 106

Xiao Yu lead the way as Grom and Leah followed after him. Leah whispered when they were half the way: “We will divide 50/50.”

Xiao Yu replied: “Deal.”

“What are you going to do next?” Leah asked.

Xiao Yu knew that Leah was wondering about Muhua Lee: “Of course, I have to solve my previous wounds first. Do you think I will forget it so easily? I’ll make sure that the family is broke and homeless…”

Leah understood that no matter what was to be done Xiao Yu had already set his plan into action.

Next day, Xiao Yu and Leah walked around the streets back and forth. He would drool all over and whistle as long as Xiao Yu saw a beautiful girl. He looked like a hooligan.

Leah was used to Xiao Yu’s actions. She knew that he was only pretending to turn his plans into reality in the smoothest possible way.

At the same time a child rushed over at them. Xiao Yu subconsciously moved past or else the kid would hit him.

“Why is he running so fast?” Xiao Yu muttered as he looked at the kid. He wasn’t serious but there was a man who was running after the kid.

“Catch the thief! Catch the kid! He stole my bread!” A bearded man shouted as he run towards the kid. Xiao Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled up when he saw the scene.

The kid was weak. He was staggering as he tried to run.

The man caught the child in matter of seconds and pushed the kid onto the ground to beat him: “Stealing my bread! Ha~ Stealing my bread…”

The kid was being beaten by the bearded man. But there was no anger or fear in his eyes. He just stuffed the bread into his mouth to fill his stomach. The crowd gathered to look at the sight but no one came forward to block the man. There were some who even applauded such an action as the thieves must be punished one way or another.

Xiao Yu was furious when he saw the scene. He rushed past and kicked the bearded man as hard as he could.

“Why are you so ruthless against a child?” Xiao Yu looked towards the man whose body hit the wall. The man stood up in pain to curse at Xiao Yu but held back when he saw the badge on his costume.

The bearded man didn’t dare to make a move but still came over: “Duke, he stole my bread so I punished him.”

Xiao Yu fiercely glanced back at the man: “Beating someone for stealing bread? He is just a kid! He has stolen to survive. It’s not considered as a crime according to the laws of Heaven and Earth!”

The man disagreed with Xiao Yu in his heart but didn’t dare to argue back with Xiao Yu because of his noble background.

Xiao Yu threw few gold coins at the bearded man: “Roll away!” The man picked up the gold coins and grinned widely. He nodded and walked away.

The boy quickly chewed the piece of bread and swallowed it as he was curled up on the ground. Xiao Yu felt his heart ache as he looked at the scene.

“What is your name?” Xiao Yu squatted down as he gently asked.

The kid raised his head as he looked at Xiao Yu: “My name is Qin Che.”

Xiao Yu asked: “Are you hungry?”

Qin Che nodded.

Xiao Yu replied: “Let’s go to eat.”

Qin Che looked at Xiao Yu for a few seconds as he pondered but eventually nodded.

They went to the restaurant. Xiao Yu ordered the table to be filled with food so that Qin Che could eat to his heart.

Qin Che looked at the table full of delicious meal. However, he didn’t reached out to eat. He tilted his head as he looked at Xiao Yu: “Why did you buy all these food?”

Xiao Yu replied: “Because I am bored.”

Qin Che didn’t move but frowned: “MY mother told me that I must work for people who supply my meals. What do you want me to do?”

Xiao Yu was surprised as he looked at Qin Che. Normally, a hungry kid would already be eating the food but kid was patient. The kid was very calm actually.

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I don’t need you to do anything for me.”

Qin Che asked: “Why should I eat if I can’t repay for it?”

Xiao Yu was silent as he looked at the kid. He was young but his EQ was high. Xiao Yu believed that Qin Che was a rare child who could achieve a lot if he was nurtured. In addition, it seemed that his mother wasn’t an ordinary person either. It was very rare to teach a kid such manners.

Xiao Yu sighed: “Sooner or later, I will give food to the children who can’t find food anyway. I don’t want to see starving children in this world.”

It was kind of an idealistic aim that Xiao Yu had set. He wanted to shelter all the people who needed help from the cold, hot, wind and rain. He wanted to unify the continent. Moreover, he wanted to solve the problem of food and clothing for good. Of course, it was an idealistic and utopian aim. Some would even think that Xiao Yu had a brain trauma. However, he couldn’t see the poor suffer.

Qin Che looked back at Xiao Yu with shock in his eyes. He slowly said: “Can I help you with that?”

Xiao Yu smiled back: “Yes.”

Qin Che nodded as he began to eat. He made a gesture of honor towards Xiao Yu and Leah before eating. It proved that he was from a noble background.

Moreover, Qin Che was very hungry but he didn’t devour like a madman. He ate in an organized way. Xiao Yu believed that he wouldn’t eat such way if he was hungry. Xiao Yu would actually stuff his mouth with as much food as he could if he was in such position. Qin Che didn’t talk during the meal.

He wiped his mouth after twenty minutes: “I’m full. Thanks for the meal.”

Xiao Yu looked at the kid: “Obviously, you are very hungry. Generally, a hungry man would eat as much as he could. Why don’t you eat more?”

Qin Che stared into Xiao Yu’s eyes: “My mother told me that man must moderate and control his desires. Everything is bad if its too much. We can maintain prosperity for eternity if we can control our desires.”

Xiao Yu was shocked by those words. Most probably, even he couldn’t do it. What kind of mother would teach this to a teenage child?

Xiao Yu looked at Qin Che: “Where is your mother? Has she eaten? Do you want to take meal for her?”

Qin Che’s eyes dimmed as a layer of water filled his eyes: “My mother died few days ago.”

Xiao Yu looked sad when he heard those words. If he had met Qin Che few days ago then such a thing may not have happened. Normally, Xiao Yu would feel very sadness for death of any life form. As a man with modern upbringing he respected life. No one would understand the meaning of life if they didn’t respected life.

Xiao Yu wasn’t a man with high-level of morality but those things were rooted in him because of the upbringing from a civilized era.

Qin Che looked at the expression on Xiao Yu’s face: “Why are you so sad? You didn’t know my mother.”

Xiao Yu replied: “It doesn’t matter who it is that dies. I’m sad even when I hear my enemies die. The greatest gift we have is the life. Respect life wherever you are and you will become a great man.”

Qin Che stood silent for a long time before slowly speaking: “You speak like my mother.”

Xiao Yu looked at him: “I haven’t seen her but I believe that she was the greatest mother in this world. You were lucky to have such mother. Where is her grave? I want to pray upon her grave.”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. I’m sad even when I hear my enemies die? what a big lie IoI ahahaha 😀 he wil be happy if his enemy die , become EXP and LV UP!! ahahahaha XD

    thx for the chapter ^^

    1. I know right? He is bullshitting with a straight face lol… He was sitting cross legged on the castle walls watching 20k man get massacred while laughing and sipping wine a couple chapters back haha….

  2. Mc: ‘I’m sad even when I hear my enemies die.’

    Oh come on stop bullshitting you were drinking wine while laughing at the 20000 man getting massacred ffs….

  3. Xiao Yu replied: “It doesn’t matter who it is that dies. I’m sad even when I hear my enemies die. The greatest gift we have is the life. Respect life wherever you are and you will become a great man.”
    This guy loves to bs all the time.

  4. he sad if hear his enemy die. but not if he is who kill, because if enemy die and it is not him who kill, he will lost EXP to Lv Up . MC not bullshit… just a matter of perspectiv. lol

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