WOWFRD – Ch 105

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Chapter 105

Both of them began to gamble after they discussed the matter. In reality, Xiao Yu had never gambled and was ignorant to gambling. He only knew how to gamble from the memories of previous Xiao Yu.

At the start, he won a few gambles. Actually, he won lofty amount. The waitress by his side brought him the best wines to drink. However, it didn’t take long for him to lose.

Gambling was a pretext for Xiao Yu to come to casino. His purpose wasn’t to gamble. That’s why he clearly saw how gamblers fell into traps of the casino. They let them wine a few times. Afterwards, the waitresses began to flatter you so that your ego would uprise.

As a result, you would be unwilling to see yourself lose when you began to lose. It was similar to DOTA game Xiao Yu had played in the past life. His heart would fire up and he would want to play more as he lost. But gambling was more exciting and attractive than the game.

“I lose again.” Xiao Yu looked at 10,000 gold coins he lost. No one would feel comfortable when they saw their own money end up in someone else’s pocket. Everyone would try to win it back. You would bet and lose. It was a cycle which was called gambling!

“Duke Xiao, this money is nothing to you. What is important is your face! You must win back everything that you lost!” The waitress who was beside him leaned on towards Xiao Yu’s shoulder and began to whisper.

“It’s the way the make money…” Xiao Yu snorted in his heart as he calmed down. Leah who was by his side seemed to be constantly sneering at Xiao Yu’s game play.

Xiao Yu turned to look at her. Leah was good at theft so it means she must have some skills in gambling too.

“Leah play for me.” Xiao Yu stood up from the table and let Leah play for himself.

Leah’s mouth curved up in an arrogant manner when she heard Xiao Yu’s words. He had made the right decision.

“Xiao Yu, where did you get such a beautiful little girl? She looks wild…” Ji Xing looked at Leah.

Xiao Yu knew that Leah would give him a miserable lesson tonight.

Xiao Yu laughed: “She is a guard who I hired at a very high price. You know that bastard Carrie tried to kill me last time so I can’t take things lightly.”

“You have hired such a beautiful woman as a guard. It seems that you and me are real brothers…HaHa” Ji Xing smiled as his eyes were concentrated on Leah’s chest.

Leah wasn’t angry as she smiled in a charming manner and looked at Ji Xing: “Master Ji, as a noble fellow you can’t bet so little. Let’s increase the bets to 50,000 gold coins. What do you say?”

Ji Xing’s heart jumped up when he heard that number. 50,000 gold coins was a lot for many.

It would be a high-level gamble!

Ji Xing was seduced by Leah’s charming smile: “Alright, This young master will bet too!”

Xiao Yu had known Leah for quite a while. He knew that if this woman hated someone then she would do anything possible to bring that person to the edge of death! He was quite clear about her character.

Xiao Yu stood by the side as he smiled. Ji Xing had won a lot of money from previous Xiao Yu so he didn’t have much a sympathy for Ji Xing.

The skills shown by Leah was very high. She won a few rounds and won hundreds of thousands of gold coins from everyone. Xiao Yu was feeling happy as he saw the results.

“It’s like a career job if you know how to play. No wonder people are addicted to gambling!” Xiao Yu swore to himself that he would never ever gamble.

Ji Xing bitterly looked at Xiao Yu: “Brother where did you find such a powerful gambler? You have come prepared this time.”

Xiao Yu scratched his hair: “I lost miserable before… It’s my first time ever that I win in this casino. Tomorrow I’ll accompany you to another game.”

Xiao Yu gestured at Grom to put all the gold coins into a bag and carry them.

A lot of people were feeling unwell as they had lost money to Xiao Yu. They felt that Leah was cheating! One of the guys with a triangular eyes stood up: “The odds were out of thousands… Cheat! How else could she win?”

Xiao Yu retorted: “The odds were the same when I lost too! Does it mean that its fair when you win but unfair when I do win?”

“We win in a dignified manner while her victory was strange. We have to search her body.” The man held his chin as he looked at Leah’s body.

“I will search your mother… Let’s see if you have the ability!” Xiao Yu put his foot on a chair and looked at the man. He didn’t look like a nobleman at all.

“Do you think that no one can touch you because you are the lord of Lion territory? You won’t be able to get out of here tonight!” The man threatened Xiao Yu.

“Are you threatening me? Let’s see if you have the ability! Don’t you know that my nickname is Chen Ho-nam?” Xiao Yu imitated baby-faced Chen from movie “Young and Dangerous” that he had seen in his previous life. He pulled out his dagger and stabbed it onto the table.

Few burly men came from the back and stood by the triangular eyed man.

Xiao Yu winked at Grom.

Grom put the bags of gold on table and walked towards these men. They looked like children in front of him. Grom was at least few heads higher than them and his arms were as thick as their thighs. He didn’t even use sword. Grom seized them from their arms and threw them out of the windows. The enemies didn’t even have a chance to do anything as all of them were thrown out like chickens in the blink of an eye. Grom grabbed the triangular eyed man from his head and threw him out too.

“Making me mad! Don’t you know that this young master is controlling Causeway Bay?” Xiao Yu picked up his dagger and went downstairs in the same manner as he had seen in the movie Young and Dangerous.

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  1. Mc thinks he is cool after getting his bodyguard to beat some thugs, but everyone else must be thinking ‘Dafuq is this retard even talking about? Dafuq is wrong with his face? What Causeway Bay?’ o_O

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