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Chapter 104

Xiao Yu had heard about Muhua Lee. The man had participated in wars in his youth and has shown bravery back then. However, afterwards he had received injury and because of the political opponents was forced to settle down in Wei principality.

Back in time Muhua Lee was on very good terms with the previous lord of the Wei principality, Wei Huan. The man favored the general. However, after death of Wei Huan Muhua Lee supported the eldest son Wei Ao who failed. The new lord Wei Hao began to exclude Muhua Lee from power after he began to rule the Wei principality. Xiao Yu looked at Muhua Lee as his own man after he learned this situation. He had soldiers but lacked experienced generals.

Xiao Yu took Tyrande, Grom, Leah and hundred human warriors to the Hui city which was Wei principality’s capital. In fact, previous Xiao Yu was no stranger to Hui city. According to his memories he was well aware of the situation within the Hui city. They departed in the morning and reached Hui city by the evening.

The patrol’s on the city gates were aware of the identity of the visitor when they saw Xiao family’s banner. One of the patrols rushed at the carriage and began to flatter: “Welcome Duke Xiao. It’s been such a long time! I have heard that you have gone through a fortunate situation. Look at your neat army! We heard that you defeated Carrie’s army! Some say that it was true and some say that it was false. We haven’t seen you for a long time so we were worried about you.”

Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at patrol: “Yes. A while ago Carrie came over to find trouble but I dealt with him easily. As a result, I was quite busy…”

“How can that Carrie be your opponent? You are the Grand Duke.” The soldier continued to flatter Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu pulled out a gold coin and threw at the soldiers: “Share with your companions.”

The soldiers bowed in respect.

Xiao Yu’s carriage entered the Hui city. The Wei principality was in a decline too as the soldiers were too corrupted. The foundations of the Wei principality was good which was the reason why they were still able to stand. Moreover, they were established much before the Lion territory. Because of development for several generations the Wei turned to principality.

In fact, Xiao Yu could also establish principality if the development on his territory flourished. As a duke, it wasn’t a dream for him. However, he was planning to kill all the bandits, merge other territories and then build Lion principality.

Xiao Yu came to lodge in a luxury hotel. The manager of the hotel was familiar with Xiao Yu so he came over to greet him. Moreover, he was mesmerized as he had never seen Xiao Yu come over with so many guards.

There were faint news of the battles between Xiao Yu and Carrie. They had even heard about orcs being deployed in the battles. However, no one was clear about details of the battles.

Carrie’s father had gone through a lot to conceal the message of defeat. Outsiders knew that Lion territory and Solomon had gone into a fight but they didn’t know about the specifics. Only the few concerned ones knew about the truth.

Xiao Yu threw away few gold coins as the waiters began to act extremely polite towards him. He didn’t go into the room but went with Grom and Leah to a nearby casino. Tyrande’s face was covered with a mask but she was too eye-catching. He didn’t want to take her with himself as she would easily cause trouble. Grom was enough as a bodyguard. Grom was able to contend with two or three second-rank warriors as he wore the T1 set armor.

Xiao Yu casually entered the casino through the doors. The beauties by the door immediately came towards him to show hospitality.

“Oh! Duke Xiao hasn’t come for a long time!”

“Yes! I thought that he has forgotten about us!”

“We heard that you sold a lot of orc and elf slaves and made a fortune! You can’t be stingy this time!”

Leah who watched Xiao Yu surrounded by these kind of people wanted to slap them in the face. Xiao Yu held one beauty on his right while the other on his left. He touched and kiss them. Nevertheless, he didn’t feel anything special towards them. He just was acting so that others didn’t think he changed a lot. Xiao Yu gave those women a lot of gold coins and went inside with Grom and Leah. Most of the people inside the casino were greeting Xiao Yu with smiles which was due to him being a regular of this casino in the past.

“We have heard that Duke Xiao made a fortune recently. Can you sell us a few of the orcs and elves that you had caught?” The manager of the casino spoke.

The news regarding the situation in the Lion town had passed few times over and changed during the passage of the message. Everyone knew that Xiao Yu had orcs and elves in his territory but no one knew about the specific details. Most of them thought that Xiao Yu got orc and elf slaves in the Ankagen mountains. As a result, many adventurers entered Lion territory to catch orcs and elves but almost none of them came back after entering the vicinity of his three bases.

Xiao Yu laughed: “That’s nonsense. I’m just raising few orcs as a guards.”

The manager smiled: “Casino is lifeless without Duke Xiao. We always look forward to your visit.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “I’ll help out your business tonight. Are my friends in here?”

“Master Ji is there betting…” Manager pointed towards the second floor.

Xiao Yu nodded as he went up to second floor with Grom and Leah.

A man who was touching a woman’s chest jumped up and shouted when they reached the second floor: “Haha! Xiao Yu! Where have you been? I heard that you had a fight with Carrie! I thought we are all friends..”

Xiao Yu knew Ji Xing from his past memories. He was another young master.

In the past, Xiao Yu, Ji Xing and Carrie were part of the same group as they gambled, ate and drank. However, Xiao Yu believed that only Carrie was the capable man within the group.

Carrie had joined them to play out Xiao Yu since the start.

In comparison, Ji Xing was a silly man who had no real abilities. All he knew was to molest women and gamble.

Xiao Yu hugged Ji Xing: “I lost my sister-in-law last time. Carrie brought troops to snatch her away but I refused. Do you think I would give such a beautiful sister-in-law to other people? We had a battle. Carrie thought that we would lose but he didn’t know that my father had signed with orc and elf tribes when he was a youth that they would help me out if I faced a hard time.”

Xiao Yu used the ‘king of this era’ argument only within certain circles. He didn’t blatantly talk about it everywhere. Actually, it was best for the normal folk to spread legends about him. The power of words of mouth was much more powerful than official speeches that he made.

“I thought that it was nonsense that you had orcs and elves by your side! But its true! Brother, would you lend few elves to your buddy? I’m a friend…” Ji Xing’s head was working only for debauchery.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I have come here for some other business. You make your bets while I will tell you purpose of my visit.” Xiao Yu lowered his voice.

“Oh? What do you want to tell?” Ji Xing asked when he saw the mysterious look on Xiao Yu’s face.

Xiao Yu pulled Ji Xing aside and whispered to his ear: “Do you remember last time we were beaten by that child from Muhua family?”

Ji Xing raised his eyebrows: “Aren’t you talking about Muhua Lee’s son, Muhua Ling?”

Xiao Yu clenched his teeth: “Yes, that’s the one. Last time I couldn’t get anyone to take care of him. But now, I have orc bodyguards so I’m not afraid of them. We must finish them this time.”

Ji Xing nodded: “Last time I stayed in bed for half a month! We couldn’t do anything as he was the son of Wei principality’s general…”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I’ve come up with a plan. We will get his father out of power and deal with him the next time when he comes back from the Knight’s College. As long as we can get rid of this Muhua Lee the kid would have no backing! Afterwards, we can spend some money on assassins to kill the Muhua Ling!”

Ji Xing’s eyes lit up: “I have long dream about getting back at them! By the way, that man’s daughter has recently returned from the Magician’s College. She has grown up and this master will play with her then make her my pet!”

Xiao Yu laughed: “We have a deal!”


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