WOWFRD – Ch 102

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Chapter 102

Xiao Yu went back to check all four bases after he finished with his territory. According to Captain Hui’s report Thrall and Arthas has been doing good job.

The grunts stood up when Xiao Yu entered the orc base with the new orcs. The orcs brought by Xiao Yu were thinking that they were in a dream when they saw the town hall, the burrows. They were really in an orc tribe! Moreover, this tribe seemed more prosperous than their own one. In addition there were so many buildings… Especially the Altar of Storms!

The orcs were moved when Thrall appeared in front of them. They shed tears in excitement when he began to bless all those newly arrived orcs.

The orcs would never flick tears so it was unbelievable for Xiao Yu to see them shed tears.

“Come my children! You won’t suffer any more harm or pain! I promise to bring the orcs back to their former glory!” Thrall spoke out. As the leader of the orcs he was bound to revive their race.

“Master, I will remember you kindness for an eternity. I can’t return back your gift with anything. I swear to be loyal to your for eternity!” Thrall knelt down in front of Xiao Yu as he swore the allegiance to him.

The loyalty of all the orcs produced by the system had increased to more than 70 because of Xiao Yu’s behavior.

“Thrall you are the leader of the orcs. I’ll help you to bring the orcs back to their glory but there is a long way to go. I never looked at you as my servants or slaves. You are all my brothers! Now we will create this glorious age where all the races can live in peace and eternal happiness!” Xiao Yu looked at Thrall as he earnestly talked.

“We shall follow the master for eternity.” Even the orcs that were rescued by Xiao Yu sword their allegiance to him.

Xiao Yu talked with Thrall about their actions when he wasn’t present. Afterwards he went to human and elf bases so that the orcs could carry out celebrations.

Thrall and Uther’s level had raised to level 11 because of hunting the bandits. Xiao Yu distributed the skill points as they couldn’t choose their own skills without Xio Yu.

Thrall and Uther could learn few new skills after passing level 10. New skills available to Thrall were:

Chain lightning (up to level 3). Thrall could send a chain lightning attack against the enemy. At first level the lightning would pass through 10 enemies, at second level 20 and at third level 30 enemies.

Shamanism (1 level). Thrall could bring up the morale of the orcs for the battle!

Earth Shield (up to level 3). Thrall can cover himself with an Earth Shield and reduce the damage at melee combat. First level is effective for 3 times, the second level for 6 and third level is effective for 10 times. (TL: no idea about the usage of the skill but we will be able to understand more when he uses it)

Far Sight: Thrall can observe the situation at a given location.

New skills available to Uther were:

Crusader Strike (up to level 3). Paladin can make an instant attack that would result in 150% damage in level 1, 200% damage in level 2 and 250% damage in level 3.

Shield of the Templar (up to level 3). Paladin’s body is covered with a shield condensed from holy light to reduce the damage to the user. The strength of the shield is enhanced by 20% on each level upgrade.

Seal of Vengeance (up to level 3). Paladin can use this seal to add strength to his attacks. The power increases by 20% on each level upgrade.

Divine purity (up to level 2). Paladin can use the power of the Light to disperse evil curses and black magic.

Xiao Yu upgraded Thrall’s Earth Elementals to level 3 and added skills Chain Lightning and Shamanism to Thrall.

Xiao Yu added skill points to Holy Light skills of Uther and reached it to level 3. Moreover, Uther was able to learn Judgment and Shield of the Templer skills.

He choose Judgment as it was a paladin’s most iconic attack.

Shield of the Templar would be a life-saving skill for Uther. After all, Uther’s main role was to bless and guite the human army. His life insurance was the most critical issue for Xiao Yu.

Grom and Tyrande’s level had reached 14th level after the battle in the colosseum in the Bengal City. Xiao Yu maxed Grom’s Whirlwind skill to level 3 and Tyrande’s Trueshot Aura to level 5.

Xiao Yu had himself reached level 12 and had 2 more skill points to distribute. He pondered for a while before chosing Uther’s skills. He decided to learn Uther’s Blessing of Might which would give him 40% increase of attack power. He had a lot of offensive skills and this skill would increase their strength! Antonidas was still at level 13 as he hadn’t had any breakthroughs.

Xiao Yu saw that the warriors of the human and elf base had their levels increased as Thrall had led them out to the battles. The death rate was very low which proved Thrall’s leadership skills. Xiao Yu moved towards the cave to check Arthas after the three bases.

According to Housekeeper Hong’s and Captain Hui’s reports Arthas had done an effective job in Solomon’s territory.

Xiao Yu found out that the ghouls were much bigger when he entered the cave. It seemed as if their levels had increased greatly. The ghouls stood on the side in a respectful manner as they looked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu wasn’t feeling well when he looked at the undeads but they were very loyal to Xiao Yu. Although they weren’t as loyal as orcs but they would obey Xiao Yu’s orders without hesitation.

Xiao Yu was worried about dealing with a group of undeads. In reality, he didn’t know how to enhance their loyalty.

Arthas ride his horse and dismounted to salute Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was satisfied to see Arthas had reached level 9. He distributed the skill points that Arthas gained to these skills: Death Pact was increased to level 3, Death Coil reached level 3 and he added Animate the Dead to level 2.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu began to ask about the harassment. Arthas shook his head as he complained about the situation. They were successful at first but Solomon had invited priests and Paladins who were able to kill 10 ghouls. They didn’t got much opportunity to attack recently.

Xiao Yu nodded as he ordered Arthas not to go out for some time. He was planning to make Solomon to relax and then to begin to harass them again.

After checking the basis Xiao Yu added the gold coins to increase the armor and weapons of his warriors. Good equipment meant that the combat effectiveness of his troops would increase and the number of casualties would decrease. Xiao Yu bought a T1 suit for Thrall and Uther. Moreover, he bought an assassin’s T1 set for Leah.

He had nothing but money. He had to upgrade the equipment so that he could solve out the problems of bandits…


I would like to ask for a favor from one of the readers. I’m very unorganized so it would be awesome if there is anyone who could make a glossary of the heroes, their skills and make it public so that I can check it once in a while during translating…

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  1. Where does those gold he used to upgrade base end up to? If its not circulating back we’re gonna have a big problem later.

    1. Lol he’s just sending the gold to some unknown person/god who lets him use his services i guess haha. I don’t think that gold is circulating back. Else why would they want gold to spawn shit?

        1. There are always more gold in the earth to excavate but still, can that compansate the spending of our mc? After all if it was easy to excavate all the gold from the world then gold wouldn’t be a precious metal to start with. For mc to reach his world conquest goal, he will probably spend billions of gold on his army lol. When he is done with conquering the world there won’t be enough gold left to run the economy haha… On top of that gold can’t be made too precious just because there aren’t much left of it since there are still gold being excavated from mines. If gold is made too precious then whoever owns the mines would become economy breaking level filthy rich beyond reason in a short time.


  3. Well not a bad things I guess it would be fine if the two base goes to wsr with each other w/o breaking their loyalty to xio yu

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