WOWFRD – Ch 100

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Chapter 100

The horizon was glowing in blood red when the sun came out. The green skin of orcs was reflecting the bloody killing that they had gone through before the dawn. At the moment, the orcs were cleaning up the battlefield from the corpses of the enemy soldiers that had assaulted them.

The enemy soldiers launched a desperate attack and made every effort but unfortunately for them they had met Xiao Yu. First of all, they weren’t aware of the Eagle Eye skill of Tyrande which could even see the subtle move within the field by a glance. They were aware that the eyes of the elves were excellent at nights but they underestimated Tyrande’s vision. Morover, they had tried to use the fortifications as a defense from hand axes and spears thrown from the ballistas when they rushed out. However, they were surprised to find out that those obstacles had been removed by the orcs during the night. Actually, Xiao Yu had ordered the orcs in advance to remove the obstacles using the night as a cover. The enemy didn’t get close to the area because they were afraid of long-range ballistas.

As a result, thousands of hand axes smashed down like torrents of rain at the enemies in the initial attack. The group of people who were in the front turned to meat pastes. They could have chosen to retreat if it was before. But this time they were going for the last assault so they just kept charging forward. It was because of this that they faced the spears thrown from 50 ballistas.

This time Xiao Yu ordered the orc to go all out instead of taking turns. Because in the night it didn’t matter if they quickly refilled the ballistas. The other side was already rushing at fast pace. Moreover, the enemy was not planning to retreat so the tactic they used previously was useless at this moment.

The tactics and strategies had to be used on appropriate times and locations. They couldn’t rigidly use the same tactic on all terrains and times.

Because of hand axes and ballistas more than 1000 enemy soldiers died. They had less than 100- left. But they kept charging forward without a fear. The orcs made another unexpected move. They didn’t face the enemies but dropped the ballistas and retreated.

The enemies didn’t have time to think the reason orcs acted so. They could only charge. It was their last chance. However, when they rushed up the slope they found that the obstacles were rearranged behind the location the orcs previously were. The enemies were planning to use 10 men formations but they had to use one-on-one combat because of the design of the new obstacles.

It was very dark. Neither enemies nor orcs could see each other. They could determine whether the person they were fighting was orc or human because of the blurry shadows. The orcs were taller than humans so they weren’t afraid of fighting their own. The orcs were going berserk as long as they saw a silhouette in front of them. Eventually, all the enemies were killed and only orcs were left. There were few seriously injured orcs but no one was killed.

The orcs began to respect Xiao Yu more than ever after this victory.

It was the victory they gained after thousands of years of losses. Their trust towards Xiao Yu increased. In fact, Xiao Yu had an image of God of War in their minds.

In addition, the relationship between Grom and Xiao Yu was reflected on their thoughts too.

Xiao Yu sighed as he looked at three thousand horses wandering in the wilderness. It was war. In war there was no right or wrong.

There were going to be more wars ahead. Right now, he could understand why the Qin tried to unify the China with the wars. It was to bring peace. He could achieve peace in this continent only by unifying it. But the road was going to be paved by blood and flesh.

Xiao Yu ordered his people to move towards the Lion town as fast as they could.

Leah couldn’t help but wonder: “Why did you slow down for few days? Why do you want to move so rapidly so suddenly? There are going to be other enemies in the front.โ€

Xiao Yu replied: “Naturally, I’m aware that there would be other enemies in our path. It’s not just Duke Simm but other who dream to have elves, orcs, dragon and so on. However, by staying in here for so many days their strategies have been disrupted. Now, we have to move as fast as possible so that we can go beyond their expectations and catch them off guard. They won’t have time to redeploy their forces.โ€

Leah didn’t speak for half a day after listening to Xiao Yu. She found out that the gap between her and Xiao Yu in terms of military strategies was like the gape between the height of a midget and a giant.

“This hooligan is a capable man.” Leah admitted in her heart.

They were moving at full speed but Xiao Yu didn’t completely move blindly. He made Tyrande and Leah to stay in front and act like scouts in order to prevent them being caught in ambushes of the enemies.

Tyrande and Leah were tired these days but they were the key people in the team so both of them did their best at intelligence gathering. Otherwise, Xiao Yu would get into a suicidal situation if they were caught in ambush.

It was true that many were willing to ambush them on their way back to Lion town. However, as Xiao Yu had expected most of those forces retreated back when they saw that Xiao Yu wasn’t coming. Even the patient ones lost their patience after two weeks of waiting. Those enemies sent scouts for intelligence gathering but Tyrande killed them most of the time.

In addition, the range of the search for the scouts was limited. Xiao Yu had lived in the previous location for quiet a while. It was a difficult place to find. Xiao Yu had chosen a desolate place to stay for several days. If they stayed in a town or village then the orcs would have caught the attention of the population. However, he hadn’t made that mistake.

Moreover, when the enemies wanted to redeploy their forces they found out that Xiao Yu had already gone past. In addition, news of 3000 light cavalry forces of being annihilated spread wide and far. It was true that the cavalry forces didn’t hang any banner and acted as bandits but even a fool could guess which force had sent them.

Few scouts had come to see the slope where the battle had occured between the cavalry and Xiao Yu’s orcs.

What kind of record was it to have 500 orcs kill 3000 cavalry men without a loss? Moreover, Xiao Yu’s tactic of staying so long in this location had caught many people unexpected.

A scout covered in a black cloak murmured: “He is a terrifying enemy.”

Even orcs were feeling tired after continuous days of non-stop travel. But at this point it was very difficult for the enemy forces to catch up with Xiao Yu.

Now that they had lost the opportunity to ambush Xiao Yu’s forces there was no point in trying to chase them.

They were about two or three days of travel away from the Lion town when Xiao Yu let everyone to take a break and to continue the travel tomorrow.

The orcs were tough. After a rest they could restore their strength. Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of the enemies too. The numbers would be less even if there would be people who came after him.

Xiao Yu knew that the ordinary soldiers wouldn’t chase them but some powerful assassins and warriors would certainly chase them to attack if they found an opportunity.

At night, Xiao Yu ordered the orcs put fire all over the camp. In addition, he ordered the orcs to attack the warriors with the previous exercise that they had done. He knew that orcs would be useless against powerful assassins or warriors in close combat. But throwing hand axes would make those enemies suffer.

That night, several assassins and warriors came to attack the camp. Their purpose was to kill Xiao Yu and steal dragon and Tyrande. Those people fancied dragon, Tyrande and Xiao Yu’s life in comparison to rogue orcs.

But they didn’t know that xiao Yu was prepared for such attacks. He was carrying baby dragon in his arms while Tyrande stayed by Xiao Yu’s carriage. As a result, the hand axes of the orcs killed 5 assassins and 7 warriors that night. There were three second-rank assassins and the rest were third-rank warriors.

However, those enemies didn’t attack one by one but instead choose to attack in batches. The hand axes of the orcs was much more ‘productive’ in this case. The facts proved that xiao Yu’s idea of using hand axes against the warriors was very useful.

The warriors could rely on their battle energy to resist those axes if they had reached 4th or 5th-rank. But there were no such level enemies attacking them.

In addition, Xiao Yu was planning to use all 50 ballistas against a fourth or fifth-rank warrior. IF the hand axes wouldn’t work then the spears from the ballistas would!

The next night number of enemies that tried to attack reduced but the ‘quality’ of the enemies increased.

Finally a fourth-rank warrior had appeared!

“I’m too valuable…” Xiao Yu murmured.

This fourth-rank warrior relied on his strong battle energy and speed to directly go to Xiao Yu’s carriage. He stabbed the sword towards Xiao Yu. However, found out that Xiao Yu was gone the same instant.

He didn’t disappeared but… teleported!

The fourth-rank warrior felt bad the moment he saw Xiao Yu teleport.

“Who is this guy? How can he teleport?”

Grom attacked the warrior. However, he wasn’t a fourth-rank warrior’s opponent. The warrior got uninterested after Xiao Yu disappeared. So he got off the carriage but found out that no one was blocking him. Instead a path was made for him to leave. The warrior didn’t want to take extra risks and moved as fast he could. But he soon heard the whistles echoing behind him.

He turned his head to see the black spots cover the sky. He knew that he had reached his end.

As a fourth-rank warrior he wasn’t afraid of spears shot from the ballistas. He could escape one or two and use his sword to deflect another two or three. But he couldn’t go against hundreds of them!

“Cut off his head and hang it in front of my carriage! Let everyone see what happens to the people who dare to assassinate me!”

Xiao Yu knew that this practice would be useful. Most people knew how strong a fourth-rank warrior was. As a result, the other enemies receded when they saw such a scene. The bounty was tempting but their lives were more important!

After two days of travel they saw the outline of Lion town from afar.

“Finally back at home.”

Alright we got a small but a bit boring act coming up (in my opinion). Afterwards, it gets interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Wage war to to bring peace? Lol like that has ever worked before… History proves you wrong mc sorry mate. Your war can only bring peace for a short time and there will be war once more ^_^
    War… war never changes…

    1. War can be said to be a human condition. Even when there is prosperity, humans are unsatisfied and grasp for even more wealth, power, and influence. War can bring a temporary peace as you mention. I imagine that the MC is thinking of Ying Zheng or other emperors of China and other regions. Rarely did peace outlast the lifespan of the ruler that established the empire, and uprisings would plague successors. Yet, there was often some sort of improvement during those empires’ existences.

      Today, is no true peace, but it is certainly true that our modern empires have brought prosperity to most within their borders. Few of their citizens think that they are prosperous as they point with envy at things that they do not have and speak of the corruption and crime in their cities. Yet, is their so-called impoverishment comparable with the violence, pestilence, and starvation that regularly afflicts most of those living in Third World countries? Compared to them, the poor in the First World live better than many village chiefs.

  2. instead of telling us if it’s boring or not why not give us extra chapters then we will see if it’s boring or not ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ HAHA ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. How does Xiao Yu learn so much about war when he is a pro player of WoW? If only I am as smart and as diligent as him.

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