WOWFRD – Ch 10

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Chapter 10

Grom’s level rose to 4. In addition to all the basic attributes that increased it gained a skill point. Xiao Yu added that skill point to Critical Strike skill.

As a result, Grom’s critical strike rate reached 30%. It was the double the usual (15%) and, as a blademaster, it was very effective in while making damage.

Xiao Yu reached level 3. He gets 10 attribute points and 2 skill points because of increase.

He added 3, 4 and 4 points respectively to strength, agility, and endurance.

After careful consideration, he added 2 skill points to increase Wind Walk’s level. This way his wind walk skill reached level 3 and he got an increase of 150% in his speed.

“Hahaha. I will be able to peek more conveniently and there is no way that 4th sister-in-law can catch me!” Xiao Yu laughed in a proud manner.

However, the main reason underlying behind his choice was that his strength was relatively weak. As a result, he must be able to run away in case of a danger.

If he wanted to upgrade his speed then he had to add attribute points in the future to his agility.

Xiao Yu had decided to learn swordsmanship. Afterward, he would become a master swordsman with the help of Omnislash and Critical Strike skills.

Which teenager didn’t dream to become a knight? Xiao Yu was planning to realize the dream from his childhood.

Nevertheless, at the end of the ambush, Xiao Yu was depressed. Although he got 500 meritorious service points he still lacked 200 meritorious value points to be able to build the second town hall.

Where can I get those 200 meritorious service points?

“It seems I have to go after another bandit group.” Xiao Yu calculated the odds. Moreover, the only thing that his territory wasn’t lacking was bandit groups. They were scattered everywhere.

Xiao Yu ordered the orc warriors to search the place for the treasures. He called Fox to help them in the search.

Fox was a useless man in a battle but was good at sniffing the treasures. Xiao Yu had ordered orc warrior to ‘look’ after Fox during the battle.

Fox was willing to help Xiao Yu in search of treasures. Fox had once visited this bandit camp as his previous boss and the boss of this camp had some friendship.

As a result, Fox was very familiar with the place. Moreover, his ability to memorize was excellent.

Almost all the valuable things within the camp were taken out under Fox’s leadership.

Xiao Yu grinned as he looked at the pile of gold coins in front of it.

He got 20,000 gold coins from the camp. In addition, he got food, clothing, and a number of materials. Xiao Yu delighted to find out that the bandit leader had brought back a lot of cloaks. Even the orcs were able to wear them so it was a productive heist.

Xiao Yu could camouflage his orc warriors by using these cloaks.

“Is there any bandit camp close by?” Xiao Yu was pleased as they were able to sweep out almost 500 bandits in one move. As a result, he was hoping to go after another group to get enough meritorious service points.

“There is one nearby but we can’t easily offend them.” Fox was a bit hesitant as he said to Xiao Yu.

“What kind of bandits they are so that I can’t provoke them? This master is the lord of the territory! Who the hell they are?” Xiao Yu had won few victories so he intended to fulfill his needs in one move.

“There aren’t many bandits. As much as I know only three or four hundred people. But I have heard that Western Cloud Empire is supporting the bandit group from the shadows. They have well-equipped cavalry so no one dares to mess with them.” Fox replied.

“Cavalry?” Xiao Yu muttered. Normally, the orc warriors had absolute dominance against normal human infantry. However, he knew that it was another matter facing well-equipped cavalry.

Moreover, orc warriors would have great casualties if they faced an assault from cavalry.

“Let’s go and check them.” Xiao Yu decided that he had to move. He urgently needed a total of 1000 merit service points to build the second town hall and call Tyrande that he dreamed of.

He ordered 20 orc warriors to get the treasures and goods and go back to the base. Other orc warriors including Fox went to the new bandit camp.

The bandit camp was about 2 hours away. It wasn’t a normal camp but was surrounded by mountains. As a result, the place was easy to defend and hard to attack.

The camp was on a high slope but on relatively flat ground. They could see bandits walk in the camp and hear occasional hisses of the horses.

“It would be nonsense to send orc warriors straight uphill to face the enemy. I will lose a lot of them.”

Xiao Yu began to measure his own strength and the strength of the enemy. The orc warriors were tough but they didn’t have armor and their weapons were relatively poor. He wasn’t willing to see his newly made army get destroyed.

“I’ll go inside with Grom.” Xiao Yu and Grom would sneak into the camp to explore the place.

Both of them activated wind walk and stealth mode and quickly went into the camp.

Previously, Xiao Yu couldn’t catch up with Grom even when he used wind walk. Grom would always run ‘slower’ so that Xiao Yu didn’t fall behind. Grom’s agility was very high and 50% increase from the wind walk as a bonus made him must faster.

However, now Xiao Yu had 150% speed increase because of the wind walk and was able to run head to head with Grom.

Guards at the gate only felt a breeze blow past by them but couldn’t detect either Grom or Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu observed the place and understood that the bandits he was facing now were totally different from the two groups that he had annihilated. This group was much different as the bandits in the group were much sturdy and wearing neat uniforms. Their armor was good and shiny. They looked like real soldiers rather than bandits.

Xiao Yu nodded as he looked around. The first two bandit groups were made up of ordinary people while this one could be considered to be made of real soldiers.

“It seems Fox was right. They may be supported from the shadows by the Western Cloud Empire.”

Western Cloud Empire was a strong nation like the Sky Lion Dynasty. However, they didn’t take much interest in the northwest as the place was cold and bitter.

However, this bitter land was Xiao Yu’s territory.

Xiao Yu used wind walk to explore the camp in depth. He decided that a face-on attack against the bandit camp would be an ultimate failure.

“Cavalry is much stronger than infantry.” Xiao Yu pondered as he looked at the stables full of horses.

It didn’t take long for a treacherous smile to appear on Xiao Yu’s face.

“Let’s go back. We will assault them at night!” Xiao Yu decided on an action plan.

Xiao Yu led more than 100 orc warriors to halt close to the bandit camp. They all sit back and waited for Xiao Yu’s orders. He and Grom sneaked over the fences into the camp.

The wooden fences covering the camp wasn’t very high. Perhaps the bandits were too arrogant and decided that nobody would dare to attack them so there was no need for an extraordinary protective wall. However, this could stop Xiao Yu and blademaster.

Grom was able to pass over three-meter high wall very easily. Xiao Yu’s speed had increased because of the wind walk but his jumping force wasn’t affected.

As a result, Grom came back and Xiao Yu stepped on his shoulder to jump over the fence.

“My strength lacks a lot!”

Xiao Yu and Grom sneaked under the darkness of the night towards the stables. Xiao Yu didn’t rush to act as he observed and found the places where patrol members were on guard.

Although the guards were elite soldiers they couldn’t protect themselves from Grom. He used wind walk to come after them and kill them one by one. They couldn’t even utter cry for help before their death.

After the patrol problem was solved Xiao Yu moved towards the stables. He lit them using the flint.

The wind was exceptional in the mountainous area. It contributed towards the power and influence of the fire. In a minute all the stables were on fire.

Xiao Yu continued to set fires in other locations and ordered Grom to kill the patrols at the gate.


The cries of bandits resounded in the camp. The patrols were killed so they found about the fire a bit late. The fire had spread around and the horses were running in the camp. The situation was chaotic.

For a while, people didn’t know what was happening as horses were screaming.

Even though they seemed like seasoned and trained soldiers but even professionals will rush in face of a sudden attack.

“Control the fire! Stop the horses! Kill the horse that acts rampant!” A bald man carrying an ax appeared.

The bandits began to implement the instructions of their leader. They would kill any horse that wouldn’t act obediently. The chaos made by the horses was affecting their fight against the fire.

They had killed few horses when beast like roars echoed from the gate. The horses that were obedient began to act more chaotic.

“Corpses! There are corpses in here and all of them are killed! Someone has deliberately made the fire!” A bandit began to shout out loud when he found the dead bodies of patrols. It was at this moment that the orc warriors rushed in. They began to mercilessly kill any bandit that passed through their sight.

The bandits weren’t prepared for a battle. Moreover, they weren’t the opponents of the orcs on ground battle.

In a few minutes, almost half of the bandits were killed as they were caught off guard. Orc warriors were merciless and ferocious. On a one-on-one fight, they would kill anyone unless they faced warriors. (So it seems we will see people use battle energy or mana in the future)

Xiao Yu’s plan to fire the place was useful too. The bandits didn’t know whether to put off the fire or resist the orcs.

“Orcs?! Don’t panic! Kill them!” The bald man shouted. He used his ax to face an orc warrior.

Orc warrior roared as it waved the giant ax in his hand. The bald man swayed to the side and escaped the orc warrior’s attack. At the same time, a dark yellow light swept over the orc warriors body and cut if off in half.


Grom’s eyes reddened when he saw the scene. It rapidly rushed over towards the bald man and used Omnislash to attack him.

The bald man was fearless as he waved his battle ax to stop Grom.

“The man is strong. Grom wouldn’t be able to fight against him if he hadn’t reached level 4.” Xiao Yu was shocked by the bald man’s strength.

Xiao Yu lurked in stealth and went behind the man. He raised his sword and stabbed towards the bald man’s ass.


The sword stabbed into the bald man’s ass. He jumped up the same instant. The man wouldn’t be so unprepared if you tried to attack his neck.

Grom didn’t let go of the opportunity. He used the Omnislash as he waved his sword towards the man’s shoulder.


The bald man screamed as his arm was cut off from the root.

At the same time, the bandits in the camp began to lose their confidence in the battle against the orcs.

However, there were few teams that were tenaciously resisting the orc warriors. They weren’t as weak as the previous two bandit groups.

Their discipline and military training were much better than the previous two groups.

However, without their horses, this group’s fate would be no different than the previous two bandit groups.

It was very difficult to resist against orc warriors on the ground.

“Who are you?” The bald man’s eyes were full of anger as he shouted out.

Xiao Yu replied: “Who am I? You dare to ask me who am I. It is I who should ask you that question. This territory belongs to me and nobody can live in here without my permission.”

“Are you from the Sky Lion Dynasty? Are you the Lord?” The bald man wasn’t as stupid as the leaders of the other two bandit groups. He immediately guessed Xiao Yu’s background.

“Yes. I’m the head of the Xiao family and lord of the territory, Xiao Yu!” Xiao Yu raised his chin.

“I didn’t expect that you would collude with orcs. Xiao Yu… I’ll remember you. I’ll come back for you after I report this situation.” The bald man clenched his teeth. He grabbed the frightened horse that passed by them. The horse immediately turned obedient. He jumped over it and hit the horse with his legs to ride it.

Xiao Yu shouted: “Keep dreaming! Do you think you will be able to escape from my clutches?”

Both Xiao Yu and Grom acted. Although they weren’t faster than horses they weren’t slow either. Moreover, the horse couldn’t accelerate very fast. So both Xiao Yu and Grom were able to catch up with the horse.

“Hit the horse.” Xiao Yu ordered. Xiao Yu threw his sword towards the horse. The bald man’s legs hit the horse’s body and the horse jumped up for half a meter and escaped the attack.

“Good skills.” Xiao Yu was surprised as he didn’t expect the bald man to be so capable.


The bald man’s effort to avoid the first sword attack had delayed the horse and Grom were already the horse’s side. He attacked and directly split the horse into two halves.

The bald man jumped out and rushed to escape. Grom and Xiao Yu were much faster than him because of the wind walk. Moreover, bald man was badly injured which brought his morale and stamina down.

“Little Lord… You will regret your actions.” The bald man was facing a difficult situation as he was using his one arm to defend himself against the attacks of Grom.

Xiao Yu was in stealth mode as he constantly tried to attack the man’s ass.

“Regret? It is you who must regret that you have decided to rob in this master’s territory!” Xiao Yu shouted as he attacked the man’s ass.

Grom was successful in cutting down the man’s head because of the last distraction made by Xiao Yu.

A golden light emerged and wrapped around Grom’s body after he killed the bald man. Grom had reached level 5. However, Xiao Yu wasn’t able to level up yet. It was getting too difficult for Xiao Yu to upgrade and gain meritorious service points as he moved up the ladder.

“Idiot dares to threaten me! Hmph! One day, this master will lead his own Raiders and Wolves to baptize the Western Cloud Empire with blood!” Xiao Yu spat on the bald man’s body.

Xiao Yu was becoming immune to brutalities of war after two battles.


Almost all the bandits were killed and few were able to escape.

However, for the first time, the orc warriors had suffered casualties.

In the previous two battle, there were no dead orc warriors. Most of those bandits tried to escape by scattering the moment they saw orc warriors.

But this group resisted them. They were very well trained too. As a result, three orc warriors were killed which brought Xiao Yu’s mood down.

Although the orc warriors were summoned and acted like robots Xiao Yu treated them as real people. He didn’t want them to die.

He didn’t know if he could resurrect the dead heroes or soldiers. So he asked the system. The system answered that the dead soldiers or heroes couldn’t be resurrected back to life. It told that they were in real life and death was part of the cycle and natural law of the world. It couldn’t violate it.

Xiao Yu asked if he could make the dead hero to rebirth by using the Altar of Storms. The answer was that the hero couldn’t be born again.

The hero would be taken back to Altar of Storms and sealed if he or she died.

Xiao Yu knew that if Grom died it means that he would be dead for eternity.

“I have to pay attention to the way I use them in the future. I can’t let heroes or orc warriors die easily. I would lose big if I lose a hero!”

They killed the bandits but couldn’t control the fire. So they had to wait until the next morning for the fire to get extinguished on its own.

Xiao Yu ordered Fox to use orc warriors to find treasures from the rubble. At the same time, he was checking the game interface.

Xiao Yu received 530 meritorious service points for killing the bandits. His total merit points had reached more than 1300.

His commander rank was upgraded to corporal. Now, he would be able to build his second town hall and get another 500 warriors.


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  1. When the fck did he treat them like living people… welp this author is a disappointment, the MC isn´t shameless he is disgusting, lecherous, and bordering retardation. Thanks for the novel

    1. yah, agree. He doesn’t even care for the bandits only the orcs which cannot even think for themselves.

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    1. hm, good point. He is not sufficient in the art of war. If he were, he would try to get the bandits on his side before slaughtering the bunch. The best win is the one where you subdue the enemy without fighting, or something like that.

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  4. pretty sure he cant count, i mean i am no math wizz but 3+4+4=11 when it clearly says he gets 10 points

    (Xiao Yu reached level 3. He gets 10 attribute points and 2 skill points because of increase.
    He added 3, 4 and 4 points respectively to strength, agility, and endurance.)

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