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Chapter 1

“Xiao Yu, wake up.” Xiao Yu was in a trance when he heard a beautiful and soft woman voice call out to him.

“God, which beauty is calling out to me?” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but imagine the beautiful face and body of the actress from the movie he had seen a few days ago.

However, when he tried to open his eyes he found out that he had a bad headache. Rays of sunlight burst out as soon as his eyes opened.

“What’s the matter? Oh.” He tried to move his body but found out that his body hurt to death. It seemed as if all the bones in his body were broken. “Where am I?” Xiao Yu only remembered participating in the ‘World of Warcraft’ contest and winning the championship. He received the gift. The manager took him to a room and Xiao Yu felt as if he was knocked on the head. He didn’t remember anything from then on.

“Mom, the manager must have knocked me out and taken the prizes! Wait and see, how I get back at him!”

“Xiao Yu, are you alright?” The same beautiful voice echoed once more. This time Xiao Yu was clear that he wasn’t in a dream.

“Strange, where am I? Who is this beauty? I don’t remember knowing someone with such a beautiful voice. Am I in the hospital?” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

He finally opened his eyes fully after a while. He saw a beautiful charming face looking at him which almost stunned Xiao Yu.

A beautiful young woman with an exquisite and delicate face. She had a pair of big eyes which were full of sadness. The long eyelashes constantly trembled which gave her a different charm. The woman’s body had a very feminine temperament and she was looking at Xiao Yu with affectionate eyes.

“Who is this? I have seen so many women but God I have never seen one with such charm and temperament! Look at her chest! Wow! Oh my God, 36d! At least 36 D… Maybe even E! GOD! What have I done so that you have blessed me with such a beauty?!”

Xiao Yu’s spirit went up instantly and saliva flew down his mouth. He was about to ask the beautiful woman when a cold voice echoed: “Look at his appearance! He is going to die but still can’t think of anything else! He will be a scoundrel for thousand years!”

Xiao Yu’s mind moved when he heard the second voice: “Another beauty?”

He turned around and saw that there were four beautiful women in the room! A total of five beauties and each of them were more beautiful than another! Flowers! Empress Dowagers! Xiao Yu hasn’t met so many beauties in his life than today!

“God, what has happened? Is this my prize for keeping my virginity for twenty years? Does it mean that I have to finally hand it over?”

At the same time, Xiao Yu didn’t know how but lots of unfamiliar memories began to pour into his mind. It felt very uncomfortable.

“Are they my sisters-in-law? All five brothers are dead…” Xiao Yu was stunned as he knew what was happening.

“So, I have transmigrated into this dude’s body whose name is also Xiao Yu! Dad, mom and five brothers are dead. I’m the lord of the land and I have five widow sisters-in-law who are as beautiful as flowers! Oh my God! Days of eternal happiness are mere steps away! I am an adolescent teenager and there are five lovely and lonely sisters-in-law. The chance for sex is 100%”

Xiao Yu almost fainted because of happiness. The God has been merciful to him. He was sent to such a needy family! Xiao Yu couldn’t help but fantasize about the blissful ‘sex life’ he was going to enter.

The cold sister-in-law spoke once again when she saw Xiao Yu’s spirit was restored: “He won’t die! We have to discuss what to do now. This prodigal son hasn’t just lost the family business but his sisters-in-law in a gamble too! If we don’t take countermeasures now then that bastard will bring people in a month to take us!”

The other beauties also nodded. Their faces turned cold as they left one after another.

The gentle and charming woman helplessly sighed: “Xiao Yu, you are a disaster! Have good rest.”

The young woman left the room too.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help me whisper: “Family business is lost? Sisters-in-law are lost too?”

At the same time, another junk of memory popped up in his mind. Xiao Yu slowly began to understand things. He had transmigrated into the body of the lord of the land called Xiao Yu. This Xiao Yu was the prodigal son of the family.

He had inherited land and lordship from his father.

Xiao Yu’s father was called Xiao Zhan Tian. Zhan Tian was a general of the Tianshi (Sky Lion) Dynasty. Because of Zhan Tian’s repeated and outstanding military exploits he was given a territory to rule over.

However, Emperor was afraid of Zhan Tian’s abilities and was worried to be excluded by the political opponents. As a result, Emperor bestowed upon Zhan Tian a remote and barren land in the northwest.

Zhan Tian helplessly took his own family and came to this region after the war ended. He came to the Great Northern wilderness to carry out the development.

The piece of land that was bestowed upon him called the ‘Great Northern Wilderness’ was a massive place. Actually, it was 1/3 of the size of the land of Sky Lion dynasty. Even the Ankagen Mountains were given to them. No lord in the dynasty had such a large fiefdom.

The land was large but it was very barren. Zhan Tian would manage somehow if it was just about the barren soil. The problem was that this territory was all about local wars with countless tribal forces on different sides. Moreover, the region was close to Praire Empire and nomad tribes. These people were just a group of bandits who roamed from place to plan to plunder the region.

In addition to the local tribes and nomad groups, there were Ankagen Mountains which had trolls, orcs, goblins and other races that inhabited there. These monsters often attacked villages and towns creating nothing but chaos.

The emperor’s bestowal of land was easy to understand. If Zhan Tian could settle the problems then land belonged to him. If Zhan Tian didn’t have the capacity then there was nothing to be done. Originally, the land was a buffer zone between the Western Cloud Empire and the Sky Lion Dynasty so the empire didn’t count it as part of their land to begin with.

Zhan Tian wasn’t a person to easily give up. He used his military talent and began to conquer the area. He set up a large area as his own.

After 30 years of hard work, Zhan Tian was able to build a small town in the barren land. The residents from nearby settlements moved to the place and formed the town with a fixed population. However, because of the military struggles, the population of the territory suffered heavy losses. Out of 6 sons that Zhan Tian had 3 were killed in those skirmishes.

After a long term of battles and wounds, Zhan Tian also died of illness.

After the death of Zhan Tian, his 4th son took over the control of territory. But after a few days of control on his own wedding day a demon tribe attack and killed the 4th son. Xiao Yu’s sister-in-law became a widow before entering the bridal chamber.

The fifth son Yi took control over the territory after the 4th brother. Unfortunately, he was sickly and died of illness not so long after. His wife was also left after.

As a result, 5 sisters-in-law who weren’t even touched were kept in the dominion.

After everything, the 16-year-old prodigal son of the family, Xiao Yu, inherited the lordship.

Xiao Yu was too outrageous since childhood. He ate, drank and gambled all day long but he was proficient in everything. He was known as a bastard in the Zhan Tian’s house as he liked to peep at sisters-in-law who took bath.

In a time frame of one year, Xiao Yu crippled the family’s possessions which were weakened by the long battles and wars. He gambled with a youth called Carrie who was the son of a general that was the lord of territory not so far away from them. Carrie for long was obsessed with five sisters-in-law of Xiao Yu. So he made a wager with Xiao Yu. If Xiao Yu won then he would give back all the money that Xiao Yu had lost in the last year.

The prodigal son had unexpectedly bet his five sisters-in-law as a wager to win back the money that he had lost.

Naturally, Xiao Yu was cheated and he lost even the sisters-in-law. However, although he was a prodigal son he knew that losing sisters-in-law seemed wrong. So he took advantage of the situation and ate the contract.

Carrie was in fury as he ordered people to beat Xiao Yu half to death!

When the body of Xiao Yu was carried home the boy died and this Xiao unconsciously transmigrated over.

“What the hell? Why am I so unlucky? Originally, I thought that I would be swimming in boundless wealth and enjoying the great life with five beautiful sisters-in law but I have to face such a terrible situation. This prodigal son was too hateful! You had enjoyed every single day of your life and I can’t even enjoy one!”

Xiao Yu thought that he would be the little emperor of this territory enjoying the bodies of five sisters-in-law. It seems he would be finished before even having a chance.

He was pissed off about the idea to hand out five sisters-in-law let alone the girls themselves. In any case, he was a modern socialist university student. How could he outdo everything?

Even that prodigal son Xiao Yu didn’t want to hand over his sisters-in-law by eating the contract.

However, the other side will send soldiers for a battle in one month if he didn’t hand out the girls. According to the memories, his own territory couldn’t withstand the attack of anyone. Otherwise, his own 4th brother wouldn’t be killed on his own wedding day.

“Master, you have a good rest. This old slave will go out now. There are many things that I have to deal with.” A white-haired old man said. Xiao Yu was shocked with the transmigration and the beauties. He was immersed in his own fantasy and hadn’t realized that there was another man in the room.

The old man was wearing fit but old clothes. He was looking at Xiao Yu. There was no anger in his eyes. But it felt as if he was looking at a wood instead of a human.

It seems the old man was disappointed with Xiao Yu.

According to the memories, Xiao Yu knew that this old housekeeper was called Xiao Hong. He had followed his father for more than three decades.

“Uncle Hong.” Xiao Yu smiled in an embarrassed manner.

Old Xiao Yu was only cautious of the housekeeper. After the death of Zhao Tian, old Hong was the only one who could control prodigal Xiao Yu.

If there was anyone that Xiao Yu feared in the world that was Xiao Hong.

Old housekeeper didn’t say anything but left the room.

After a while, a 14-year-old maid came in to bring a bowl of porridge to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu didn’t even have spirit or energy to molest this girl because of the harsh decision he was facing.

“What a bad luck! What a bad face! such a prodigal son.” Xiao Yu almost cried out.

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    1. es lo que dice , y la imagen es de un orco …………….como mierda emperador si el jefe de guerra es thrall y luego los fallos que intentaron gobernar hasta llegar su majestad la deliciosa , ella si que goberno en guerra como un orco , embistio como un tauren , maquino como un renegado y fue tan politica como un sindorei ¡¡¡vivan los dos jefes de guerra !!!!!

  1. Meaning normally he would walk around molesting 14 year old girls….just today he was troubled so he did not do so.

  2. “The fifth son Yi Lai took control over the territory after the 4th brother. Unfortunately, he was sickly and died of illness not so long after. His wife was also left after.

    As a result, 5 sisters-in-law who weren’t even touched were kept in the dominion.”

    Pretty blank. Btw it said “his wife was also left”, by “wife” you mean his mom right?
    Also, why the f*ck this is “as a result” as if this is a common sense that his sisters-in-law are untouched. From the sentences only his 4th sister-in-law should be untouched. Yeah i know, for plot sake they must stay ‘untouched’ for MC… To resolve all, let’s say they are just the fiancée of his brothers..

  3. I hope we don’t have to go through about 20 chapters of people looking and talking about him like he’s garbage juice that’s always the most annoying part about these novels

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