World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 662 (Side Story)

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Xiao Yu walked down the road to go home alone. He found this former home extremely strange. In the blink of an eye for decades, Lion King City, his lovers, glory and all his partners were all gone.

Everything was a dream, beautiful dream.

But this dream, when waking up, was too cruel.

The manager said that this was an internal beta test of the game, he was the first one to enjoy it. He should be the luckiest. But was it really lucky?

Xiao Yu smiled bitterly.

After returning home, Xiao Yu felt lost. In this small rented room, he closed his eyes thought of everything as if the dream had not ended.

The game was about to restart soon. A brand new game, the game company specially gave him a game helmet so that he could continue to enjoy this brand new game.

He was so absent minded every day that he didn’t even have the energy to eat.

For ten consecutive days, he felt like he was going to go mad so he decided to forget everything, pack up his mood and start all over again.

So he took off all his clothes and went into the bathroom to do a thorough cleaning, to wash away all the dirt and all memories.

The cold water poured on him, irritating his nerves and waking him up a bit.

“Yes, dreams are dreams. Wake up, let’s start all over, throw away those old things.”

Xiao Yu thought about it and started rubbing the dirt on his body.


Xiao Yu suddenly took a breath because something scratched his skin.

“Damn, why didn’t I take the ring off before bathing?”

At first, Xiao Yu was annoyed but soon he was completely frightened.

This ring … This was his space ring in the game and it was also a ring that Higgins created for him to symbolize the supreme power of the emperor.

Only the greatest king on the continent deserves this ring.

However …

Hasn’t he returned to the real world? Why is he still wearing this ring? Can this be a gift from the game company?

So why didn’t they mention it?

Xiao Yu’s heart was beating hard. He stroked the ring and then looked at it carefully. It was just like the ring he once had.

As before, Xiao Yu slowly sent his consciousness into the ring, explored the contents of the ring and a bang … it seemed like something had exploded in his mind, as if something had been stimulated in the brain.

At the same time, Xiao Yu clearly felt the familiar things in the ring, his magical items, the previous equipment, gifts he received.

Xiao Yu opened the door of the room with a bang and ran out naked. He did not wipe away the water on his body and wore anything he found.

He quickly took out everything from the ring and found that everything was real and could be used just like in the game.

“This … what the hell is going on?”

Xiao Yu was shocked but it didn’t take long for him to recover. This showed that his connection with that world had not been completely broken.

So Xiao Yu kept checking everything in the ring and suddenly, he found something.

Transmission Gate!

It was the transmission gate that Higgins made for him. It could be easily set up and transmit person between the two places.

Almost impatiently, Xiao Yu quickly set up the transmission gate in his room. When the magic crystal was placed in the groove, the transmission gate immediately emitted strong light.

The transmission gate was activated.

Xiao Yu’s heart was almost still at this moment. Was this transmission gate lead to other world? If so, could he still go back?

With an extremely nervous mood, Xiao Yu gritted his teeth and stepped into the transmission gate. The coordinates he chose were a magic coordinate of the Palace.

Bang …

There was a bang in his head, a white light flickered around him and he was already in another place.

He was very familiar with this place. So that was not a dream but reality?

“King, where have you been? I haven’t found you for two or three days, and the queen is desperate.”

At this time, a maid came over and looked at Xiao Yu, saluting respectfully. Although Xiao Yu had given thrown to Qin Che, he was still the king of this continent.


Xiao Yu didn’t know what to say. He just ran out very quickly and then stood outside the palace. At this time, everything was still the same without any changes.

It seemed that he had just left for two or three days.

“This … what’s going on?”

Xiao Yu spread his hands and suddenly found that he was full of strength. His former strength was restored again.

“Husband, where have you been past few days? We are dying with anxiousness.” At this time, a figure fell from the sky, it was Lin Muxue.

“Muxue… Muxue…” Xiao Yu saw Lin Muxue. He immediately ran over and held Lin Muxue in her arms.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you?” Lin Muxue didn’t understand why Xiao Yu was so excited.

However, Xiao Yu didn’t explain anything. After a long time, he smiled and said, “Nothing, I just went to another place, a new world. Let’s go, I’ll take you to see it.”

“What? The new world?” Lin Muxue was suddenly surprised.

In the past few days, she had been tracking Xiao Yu with tracking magic but she was completely unable to track him. It even shocked Grom and Tyrande.

Can Xiao Yu go to a new world?

Then, Xiao Yu grabbed Lin Muxue’s hand and walked towards the Transmission Gate.

Xiao Yu’s hands were full of sweat. He wanted to see if he could bring Lin Muxue out. Now that he could go back and forth between these two worlds, Lin Muxue should be able to do so too.

When Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue entered white light flashed before their eyes, both of them had left the palace and returned to the small rental house where Xiao Yu was.

Opening his eyes, Xiao Yu saw that Lin Muxue was still beside him, and he was shocked and happy at once. Sure enough, all this could be achieved.

“Husband, where are we?” Lin Muxue asked in surprise.

Xiao Yu smiled happily and said: “This is a brand new world, a world that I originally belong from. In the future, we can shuttle between the two worlds.”

“Really? What kind of world is this?”

Lin Muxue looked at all the strange things around in surprise.

“Let’s go, I’ll show you.”

Having said that, Xiao Yu took Lin Muxue out of the room. The two of them left the room and walked for a long time. Lin Muxue was amazed in the heart. What kind of world was this?

Two people stayed in the ‘new’ world for many days and Xiao Yu didn’t explain too much. His heart was full of excitement. He could walk through the two worlds and bring people and things over there. Then, he could live freely in both worlds.

On the day, when the game was about to be released, a piece of news broke out. The game company was creating the game for 10 years. They don’t know why because of some unavailable reasons, the game they created with painstaking care was unable to be used suddenly. Everything was wasted.

According to the game engineer, the world (game) he had created was a perfect world. It had entered the void of the universe and had become a plane on its own.

Of course, no one agreed with him and thought he was crazy.

Only Xiao Yu was stroking the space ring, feeling the irresistible treasures inside. He looked at the skyscrapers surrounding the sky and a smug smile appeared.

That world had become his unique world.

And by relying on the things got from that world, he could also become an underground emperor this world.

Life seemed to be really interesting.

With a smile, Xiao Yu leaped heroically using the skills he just learned, jumping back and forth on the roofs of many buildings, like a superman in a movie.

He also discovered that he could also slowly learn the skills from that world in this world little by little. So in this world, he was an out-and-out Superman.

Looking at the continuous stream of people under his feet, Xiao Yu stood on the top of the skyscraper. Pale moonlight sprinkled on his face, reflecting the faint smug smile on his face.


Translator Note: Hello guys, this story is finally over. It took me about a year to translate it. It has been a great journey but everything comes to an end. Guys now I am working on my another project “Law Of Devil“. Law Of Devil is fine story. Please give it a try!

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  1. Hello,now that you finished the translation project of this work do you any other project in mind? If the answer is no ,there is a chinese Web novel called “The Devil’s Evolution Catalog” which the translation has entered a hiatus, and the previous translation left the work open for anyone that wanted to translate it.

  2. lin muxue es la waifu que quemaria ciudaes , pero tyrande nunca te hizo caso capullo XD, la unica pregunta antonidas era del sistema como asi desaparecio?

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