World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 661 (Side Story)

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Sargeras died, Xiao Yu rode on Little Dragon’s back, watching a chaotic battlefield. There was some confusion in his heart, it was over. Finally, everything was over.

As predicted, he defeated Sargeras and he saved the world. He was about to become the greatest king of the world.

Xiao Yu quietly gave an order to Arthas, letting him take the undead back. The human army would slowly kill all the devils.

Gul’dan couldn’t pose any threat. After this battle, Xiao Yu’s strength had doubled. Compared with Xiao Yu’s forces, Gul’dan’s power was no longer powerful.

Soon after, all places began to come to Xiao Yu to join him as the new king of this continent and establish a brand new dynasty.

Everything went so smoothly, it’s like a process that had been designed long ago. Everything felt a bit unreal. It seemed very familiar but strange.

Three years later, the situation on the mainland was completely stabilized. Gul’dan led his army to the sunset marsh and never came out again. Arthas took the undead into the Naxxramas and never came out again.

With establishment of a new dynasty and the new capital, Xiao Yu didn’t need to worry about anything. Naturally someone would do everything for him; he just had to wait for the ceremony.

The original emperor of the Sky Lion dynasty had abdicated, voluntarily surrendering the throne to Xiao Yu. He wanted to marry the princess to Xiao Yu in the hope that their royal bloodline would still exist in the future royal family.

On the day of the ascension, the entire continent was celebrating. Everyone was cheering and celebrating Xiao Yu’s ascension.

The history book began to record the history of the new dynasty and endless praised Xiao Yu. The former hooligan (Xiao Yu) turned into an elegant, intelligent, brave and perfect man.

When Xiao Yu saw the history books, he just smiled slightly and said nothing.

Xiao Yu disregarded everyone’s opposition and married Lin Muxue as the queen. The other women including Scarlet, princess and Scarlet’s sister were accepted as concubines. Lin Muxue was the new guardian of the continent and saved the continent at a critical moment. Although there were some stubborn objections, there was not much obstacle.

Everything was perfect, just like a fairy tale.

Since then, Xiao Yu had become the emperor of the mainland and had lived a happy life with Lin Muxue, Siwen, Scarlett and other women. Those who were slightly related to him had become his concubines.  No one had any objections but praised Xiao Yu’s elegancy had won the favour of many women.

A few years later, Tyrande and Malfurion brought people to leave. They were leaving the kingdom of humanity and heading into the forest to establish a new elven dynasty.

Xiao Yu naturally respected their decision. Now that the battle was over, the elves should return to their hometown to establish a new elven kingdom.

Shortly after that, Grom and Thrall also left with people to lead the orcs to establish a new Orc kingdom.

Then Kael’thas and a group of blood elves also chose to leave, but did not leave too far, but just found a place to continue studying magic. Xiao Yu satisfied their request.

Under the leadership of Muradin, although the dwarves also left, they still maintained close ties with the human kingdom. They often sold some Dwarven weapons to the human kingdom, which was very popular.

Xiao Yu gave them a lot of money and materials so that they could have a good life. He also issued a decree in the human world that it was strictly prohibited to hunt orcs and elves, or they would be punished with capital punishment.

Uther became a new generation of gods in the Church of Light and promoted new doctrines. Xiao Yu deliberately made him a holy city and gave him a right to become a legitimate religion.

Former partners have all left; Xiao Yu’s life had become safe, sound and peaceful.

Everyone praised Xiao Yu’s wiseness and gave him extreme respect. He was the saviour of this continent and the saviour of all humanity.

The three magicians died one after another, because that decisive battle consumed all their energy.

Prior to his death, Theodore gave Xiao Yu a box and told him that if one day he felt extremely empty and felt that the world was no longer real, he should open the box.

This box would give him a real answer.

However, Xiao Yu had never had the courage to open this box.

Riches and honour, doesn’t everyone want them? Now that Xiao Yu had everything, he should be very happy, but he found himself unhappy.

Because, he always felt that something seemed wrong but he couldn’t remember what was wrong.

After ten years, Xiao Yu’s life was all right. The only drawback was that he never had a child, which was his biggest regret.

He always hoped that he could have a child, not to inherit the throne but to have a consolation in the soul, but God refused to satisfy his little wish anyway.

After another ten years, Xiao Yu began to miss the first days, the days when he went to kill bandit with Grom. At that time, it was so simple, so happy, so interesting.

But now, it seemed like the days were like years.

Xiao Yu missed those people and partners who used to be. In fact, every time those partners come over to celebrate Xiao Yu’s birth day or other festivals.

Xiao Yu didn’t want them to leave but they had to leave again at that time.

Xiao Yu suddenly felt old, really old, really very old.

In fact, his body was not old, it was his heart that was old.

When he was 50 years old, he still had no children. At this time, he knew that he should announce his heir, otherwise, the country would fall into turmoil.

Therefore, Xiao Yu announced Qin Che as his heir. After he died, Qin Che would take charge of the country.

Qin Che made great achievements during the war. After the war, he managed the country wisely and introduced many correct policies, which were very praiseworthy.

Finally, after issuing this order, Xiao Yu went to the room where Theodore’s magic box was stored by him. He decided to open the box and take a look. What was the answer inside?

Bringing up all the courage, Xiao Yu finally reached out his trembling hand and slowly opened the box.

A dazzling white light flashed, Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly changed completely, he found that he was in an inexplicable world, an inexplicable room.

This room was no longer the room of that magnificent palace, but an ordinary game room similar to his previous life.

And there seemed to be something on his head.

At this time, a figure came in and said to Xiao Yu with a smile, “Dear Experiencer, you finally woke up. How do you feel? This is your reward for this World of Warcraft Championship, one hundred Hundreds of realistic virtual game simulations. This is our brand new product. You are the first official experiencer of it. This is a great luck. ”

“Experiencer? Game?” Xiao Yu suddenly stood up and touched his head. It was a metal helmet. Then he looked below. There was an alloy bed, surrounded by dense instruments.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu seemed to understand something.

Was it all fake? Grom, Thrall, Arthas, Lin Muxue, Scarlet?

He didn’t know why, Xiao Yu felt pang of pain in his heart as if a piece of meat had been taken away from it. He suddenly fell to the ground and vomited. The staff immediately came around to check his condition.

And at this time, Xiao Yu suddenly fell on the ground and burst into tears. Tears blurred his vision for a long time and never stopped pouring. It’s as if he was a child who lost what he loved most.

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