World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 560 (END)

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Therefore, Xiao Yu summoned everyone and convened a meeting to start a counterattack.

Regarding Xiao Yu’s proposal, everyone had no objection .Although they did not know that the undeads were under Xiao Yu’s control. Black soldiers were extremely powerful. Everyone agreed on the annihilating them.

Everyone recognized Xiao Yu’s commanding talents, so after Xiao Yu formulated a counterattack plan, everyone was convinced.

At least, so far, Xiao Yu had never been defeated and had always been invincible.

While formulating the battle plan, Xiao Yu also left enough soldiers to defend the defence line from being attacked by the black soldiers and also left enough soldiers to prevent Gul’dan’s sudden attack.

Now, after fighting for a few months, the number of troops on the human’s side side had reached 30 million, an extremely staggering number. There were still many reserve forces that could be put into the battlefield at any time.

Therefore, even if it was a two front battle, Xiao Yu could cope it with.

Xiao Yu’s strategy was to break through in the middle and follow up on both sides. First, the vanguard composed of elite troops would open a gap and hurry towards the inside quickly and then the latter quickly occupied the two wings and began to expand the battlefield.

The assault should be fast. Use the awl-shaped battle formation to completely separate the black soldiers with great speed and then quickly destroy one of the areas. After that they could perform a short defence. When they have rested for a while, they would charge and destroy another area.

Next day, the human army began to counterattack. This awl-shaped battle formation was divided into two parts. One was led by Xiao Yu, consisting of Tauren warriors and tanks. The other part led by the Imperial Tiger Guards lend by Tuoba Hong.

Xiao Yu assigned half of the Air Unit to the Imperial Tiger Guards and he personally led the Tauren warriors and tanks.

Among the three magicians, Theodore followed Xiao Yu’s side and Chuck, Ferguson, and the Pope all followed other side, because Xiao Yu’s side now had Antonidas, Kael’thas and Lin Muxue.

Rumble …

Rows of tanks rushed out of the city gate. The black soldiers paused for a moment. They were not completely unconscious. They still had some simple IQ.

In the past, they were constantly attacking the defence walls. They never saw Xiao Yu open the city gates. At this time, the defence gates were opened. What was going on?

But soon, after the tanks came out, they instinctively felt dangerous. When the tanks fired, they immediately knew that the other party was going to attack them.

They weren’t afraid of death. At this time, they were provoked. They screamed violently one by one and rushed towards the tanks.

However, they soon discovered that there were many extremely tall monsters around the tanks. These monsters were more than three meters tall, carrying huge pillars on their shoulders and had a bull head.

The Tauren warriors roared and attacked with their tauren totem.

After the Taurens now reached level 10 so they were extremely powerful. One tauren totem hit the ground, causing shock wave which directly sent black soldiers within 10 meters flying.

Therefore, the opponents couldn’t stop the momentum of human army. Although there were many powerful devils among the black soldiers, Xiao Yu’s heroes were even more powerful.

Tyrande ran back and forth on the leopard and shot any powerful devils, she saw. After reaching Level 6, Tyrande’s shooting skills were invincible.

Although there were also some extremely powerful devils, some of them even reached sixth-order peak and pseudo seventh-order. At this time Little Dragon killed black soldiers with his Nunchakus.

The current Little Dragon was powerful and incredible. He was almost breaking through the sixth order.

Some extremely powerful devils were dealt by the three magicians before they had time to show their power.

During this time, the three major magicians had successively released several forbidden spells. Unleashing the forbidden spell would shorten the life span. If it was released too frequently it would be extremely harmful to the body.

But at this time, Three Great Magicians did not care of it because if they lose, everything would be over.

Now that the counterattack had begun, Xiao Yu’s elite army had once again played a huge role. Each hero was exceptionally powerful on the battlefield.

In this way, Xiao Yu’s plan continued to be successful and the black soldiers suffered heavy losses one after another. For more than ten days, the front line went forward hundreds of miles.

At this time, Xiao Yu was close to contact with the undeads.

Just when Xiao Yu was thinking how to avoid the conflict with the undead, he suddenly felt a violent vibration on the ground. The huge flames stated to fall from the sky. It seemed like the end of the world had come.

“He came!” Xiao Yu murmured.

Like the great destruction of heaven and earth, countless flames descended from the sky. When these flames landed on the ground, they immediately became huge devils burning with flames.

These devils were fierce one by one and they flew towards Xiao Yu.

This fire rain lasted for a full half an hour. No one knew how many devils landed. With the last loud noise, a huge figure came down fiercely and then huge aura engulfed the entire battlefield. Everyone felt their soul trembling.

This force was definitely an irresistible force.

“Sargeras!” Xiao Yu looked at this huge figure and immediately recognized that this was not someone else other than Sargeras.

He guessed right, the last behind-the-scenes boss was, once Titan, Sargeras.

Xiao Yu immediately responded and sent Griffin to Arthas so he could also come here to help. Arthas was a seventh order warrior and would be of great help in fighting against Sargeras.

“All your actions are futile, and you will be destroyed.” Sargeras laughed out loud, watching everyone on the scene full of disdain.

Xiao Yu knew that this guy was very powerful. He knew that he could not give too much time to this guy and had to kill him as soon as possible.

The three magicians looked at each other at this time and a smile appeared on their faces, a kind of relief smile. Their burden could finally be unloaded and even if they did not exist in the future, someone would guard this continent.

They knew Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue would not let this world get destroyed. They also understood that their guess of Xiao Yu being the King in prophesy was correct. Sargeras was the last boss which needed to be killed to protect this world.

Only they had power to kill him and as fast as they do so better would it be because if they let Sargeras do whatever he wanted to do human army would definitely heavy losses and millions of people would die.

As the result, the three major magicians drank several bottles of magic potion and then chanted the forbidden magic spells together.

“Protect the three magicians.” At this time, Xiao Yu immediately understood their intension and felt gratified and shouted immediately: “We can’t let people touch them.”

At this point, Sargeras also felt dangerous so he immediately summoned a large number of devils to kill the three magicians and others who could threaten him.

When Xiao Yu’s heroes saw a large number of devils rushing over, they immediately rushed over with people and started killing.

Rumble …

The earth seemed to be shaking and the battle reached a terrifying situation. The earth began to crack. There were huge pits hundreds of meters deep everywhere, which were all formed by the huge power of the people.

Therefore, when countless powerful devils rushed towards the three magicians, countless people defended the three magicians with their lives.

Nicholas led his own guard. At this time, he along sixth-tier bodyguards stood in front of the three magicians. He must guard the three magicians.

At this time, he knew that he couldn’t help in battle against Sargeras. The protagonist on this battlefield was destined to be Xiao Yu.

At this moment, he also seemed to understand that the greatest king of the continent was Xiao Yu, not him.

But even then, what about it? He still had to protect the continent.

This was his faith.

Even if he was dead, he must absolutely resist the attacks of these devils.

Rumbling …

Finally, the three magic lights erupted from the three magicians and slammed into Sargeras. Sargeras’ body was severely damaged and he stumbled and fell to the ground. It could be seen that Sargeras had been seriously injured.

After seeing this, Nicholas finally breathed a long sigh of relief. He finally guarded the three magicians and let them successfully complete the forbidden spells.

However, just at this time, he didn’t know from where a tentacle came out and penetrated through his chest.

Nicholas’s eyes suddenly enlarged.

Is this the end?

There was a bitter smile on Nicholas’s face.

At this point, the war had reached its most intense state and no one even noticed Nicholas’ death. Only Xiao Yu’s heart suddenly felt emptied. It felt like something important had left him. Turning his head to look, he found nothing and could only focus on Sargeras.

Nicholas, master of a generation, left so silently, not even many people noticed. He was destined to be a supporting role, but he was a great supporting role.

After the three major magicians released these three forbidden spells, their entire body suddenly aged. Their body person seemed to be completely drained of oil and had no vitality.

“Muxue …” Theodore said in soft voice to Lin Muxue.

Lin Muxue immediately heard Theodore’s voice and teleported to Theodore’s side.

“Muxue, take this … this … is the last thing that can kill Sargeras, and make good use of it. We are very pleased that we can have you as an apprentice. In the future, this continent is up to you.”

Theodore’s face showed a relieved smile. He firmly believed that it would be better to have Lin Muxue in the future. He also believed that Lin Muxue would definitely complete the final task.

“Master …” Tears appeared on Lin Muxue’s face.

“Don’t cry, you are the guardian of this continent. If you want to protect everyone, you must be strong, go, kid …”

Ferguson also said to Lin Muxue with a smile.

Lin Muxue nodded and then Theodore gave her something.

Theodore handed a strange eye to Lin Muxue, Ossirian’s eye.

That’s right, Ossirian’s eyes. Once Xiao Yu wanted to occupy this eye but it was taken by the three magicians. The time to use it had arrived.

Ossirian was also an ancient god and was extremely powerful. Its energy was all concentrated in its eyes. After being trained as a magic weapon by the three magicians, its power was many times powerful than the forbidden magic

This thing was what they made to end Sargeras.

At this time, they finally took out the weapon which would kill Sargeras who had been seriously injured.

“Hit him fiercely.” Xiao Yu roared. With people constantly attacking Sargeras, although Sargeras had been seriously injured, he was not killed.

At present, there were not many people who could actually fight Sargeras. Even if they were Xiao Yu’s heroes, it was difficult to take him down.

At this time, all of a sudden, everyone saw a huge eye floating into the air. This eye was extremely fascinating and extremely brilliant, making everyone feel fear from the depths of their souls.

“This is …” Xiao Yu saw this eye and immediately recognized it. This was Ossiran’s eye. It turned out that the three magicians really made it into a weapon.

If one of the things Xiao Yu had seen on this continent has the closest strength to Sargeras, then it was undoubtedly Ossirian. The strength of Ossirian was really the closest to Sargeras.

Sargeras was horrified when he saw the eye of Ossirian, because he knew this thing and he knew the power of this thing.

“Ah … Ossi …rian”

Sargeras wanted to dodge but it was too late. Lin Muxue’s manipulation of magic had reached its peak at this time. Even the three great magicians were not as good as her.

When the Light of Destruction from the eye of Ossirian released, Sargeras was full of shock and fear because Light of Destruction was enough to destroy him.

Bang …

As if the whole world had lost its colours, only Ossirian’s eye was emitting light.

Sargeras who was already seriously injured got hit by the light of destruction. The Light of Destruction continued to pass, directly destroying his body.


Sargeras screamed and then a huge crack suddenly appeared in the space. The soul of Sargeras suddenly floated out of the body and fell into the space crack and disappeared in an instant.


Sargeras’s soul drifted away again, plunging into the twisted void. The wars are over because Sargeras’ body was dead.

Xiao Yu looked at all this as if he was in a dream. Everyone only thought that it was a dream. After a long time, they roared and began to make a final attack on the remaining devils.

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  1. una novela que tubo sus partes buenas y partes que parecían mil años para dar un paso . gracias por la traducción y fue divertido ver el mundo de azeroth de otra forma aunque por supuesto se nota que o es antigüa la novela o no es un jugador porque sargeras se lo “comio” illidan , no estaba la reina alma en pena y fue una desilucion queria saber como la desarrollaria una parte en entrañas y la otra a naxxramas (jajaja suena como lo de las gemelas) , la pequeña rogue fue un personaje desgastado y aveces olvidado crei que brillaria mas ademas siempre quise saber si an-chan sabia como liberar los grilletes y fue desilucionante

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