World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 559

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Xiao Yu heard that Ferguson came on his own initiative and found it strange. After all, his relationship with Ferguson was not very good. Why did Ferguson come to him?

When Xiao Yu arrived outside to meet Ferguson, he found that behind Ferguson was very large team. These people’s identity could be guessed from their clothing and carriage.

In an instant, Xiao Yu understood who the people Ferguson brought were.

The royal family of the Sky Lion Dynasty!

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes for a while. “What is this old man doing? Bringing these guys to me, do he want me to be loyal to them?”

“Master Ferguson, I don’t know if why have you come all the way here?” Although Xiao Yu was smiling, he couldn’t wait to beat this old guy.

“Xiao Yu, I don’t want to say anything more polite to you. I serve the royal family of the Sky Lion dynasty. Now, the continent is in chaos. The royal family of the Sky Lion dynasty has no place to hide. I hope you can accept them and leave them with the last trace of dignity. “Ferguson said to Xiao Yu with a sincere tone.

Xiao Yu pouted his lips and pulled Ferguson aside, and said, “Sir Ferguson, what do you mean? Do you want me to set aside a place for them to live or you intend to threaten me with your strength and want me to submit to them? ”

Ferguson smiled bitterly and said, “Do you think I have the power to threaten you now?”

Xiao Yu said: “Of course there is. I can use forbidden spells you released when you were in Ahn’Qiraj. If you used it in my lion king, I can’t stand it.”

Ferguson looked lonely and said, “Even if I can really release the forbidden spells recklessly, I will not release them here. The other two guys will not agree. Now, you are the hope of this continent if I were to attack you, I would be the sinner of the whole continent. ”

“It’s good if you understand. Then why did you bring them to me?” Xiao Yu glanced at the luxurious royal carriage.

“I just hope that you can settle them, at least nominally, and respect them.” Ferguson looked at Xiao Yu with a certain determination in his eyes.

“So you will not attack Lion King?” Xiao Yu was still a little uneasy.

Ferguson snorted immediately and a flame flared from his fingertips as he said, “I swear in the name of the magic element. If I deceive you, I will die by the backlash of magic.”

“Oh, Master Ferguson, why do you take it seriously? How can I not believe your words? Come out and welcome the royal family of the Sky Lion Dynasty! “Xiao Yu shouted immediately.

Therefore, the royal family of the Sky Lion dynasty too refuse in the Lion King. Xiao Yu made arrangements to have them live good live but did not give them any substantial rights.

On this day, the frontline troops were patrolling routinely, but they were suddenly attacked by the black soldiers. Fortunately, Qin Che responded quickly and immediately retreated to the defence line and reduced his losses.

Everyone wondered. Where do these black soldiers come from?

It didn’t take long for the news to come. The black soldiers suddenly attacked and overwhelmed Robert’s occupied area overnight. Gul’dan simply caught off guard and suffered heavy losses.

On the other hand, Nicholas was also not happy. He was also beaten up and suffered heavy losses.

Some of the black soldiers penetrated Xiao Yu’s side in this way.

Nicholas urgently sent a messenger to discuss and unite with Gul’dan to resist the black soldiers’ offensive. Now, no one of them could single-handedly stop these black soldiers.

Although no one wanted to cooperate with Gul’dan, they had no choice but to cooperate.

Now, area belonged to Nicholas was in the east, Gul’dan was in the middle and Xiao Yu was in the west so Xiao Yu and Nicholas could not corporate. They must cross the area occupied by Gul’dan.

In this case, they must team up with Gul’dan.

Now in the north, there was also another force which was under undeads led by Arthas.

The other areas belonged to the sphere of influence of the black soldiers. Now, the black soldiers couldn’t fight the undeads because the undead were too powerful. The undeads killed some of black soldiers into undead.

Arthas’s undeads restrained a large number of black soldiers. Otherwise, the number of black soldiers attacking here must be more.

Xiao Yu was not very afraid of the presence of black soldiers. After all, he had already been preparing for so long. He could also take this opportunity to train and upgrade some arms.

The biggest thing was to unite with Gul’dan and Nicholas so that he could lower the possible losses.

So Xiao Yu also sent a messenger to consult with Gul’dan and Nicholas. Because the interests of the three parties were the same and they needed to resist the black soldiers, a consensus was reached quickly and the three parties were united to deal with the black soldiers together.

The three-party alliance immediately launched the first battle, driving the black soldiers north. Then they built a unified defence line there. The three-party alliance mainly planned to use this defence line to defend and slowly counter-attack.

This suggestion was also proposed by Xiao Yu. Because of his experiences in dealing with the black soldiers, Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t be too rushed and slowly counterattack.

At first, everything went smoothly. With the efforts of everyone, the defence line began to be gradually built but a huge accident happened suddenly.

Shortly after the defence line was built, Xiao Yu found that Gul’dan’s Orcs troops suddenly retreated, leaving only Xiao Yu and Nicholas’s army for protection.

“Fuck, this bastard is really an asshole.” Xiao Yu scolded loudly.

Fortunately, Xiao Yu and Nicholas were all wary of Gul’dan. When Gul’dan suddenly withdrew, they immediately sent other soldiers to take the empty posts. At the same time, Gul’dan’s movements were investigated to prevent him from sneaking in behind their back.

Not long after, Xiao Yu and others received letter from Gul’dan, stating that he didn’t want to go to this muddy water. He was going to withdraw to the sunset marsh in the south.

“Damn, when all black soldiers are killed, I will kill him.” Xiao Yu thought resentfully.

The three magicians soon began to call on all the warriors in the entire continent to defend their homeland in their own names because this was likely last line of defence.

Xiao Yu sent people to brainwash people every day, explaining to them the dangers of the present war. He even said that they would eat people. If they didn’t fight, everyone would die.

Under this kind of public opinion, more and more people came to the battlefield.

The black soldiers still often attacked and they had broken through the wall several times, but Xiao Yu and Nicholas sent a large number of soldiers which prevented the black soldiers from continuing to move forward.

Nicholas looked at the black soldier below and suddenly said, “Have you ever thought about who is behind this? Who has such a powerful force and directs so many people?”

Xiao Yu thought for a moment and said, “In fact, it is likely that guy.”

“Which guy?” Nicholas asked Xiao Yu immediately. He knew that Xiao Yu knew much about these ancient things but he was much better than him.

Xiao Yu said: “Sargeras!”

“Sargeras?” Nicholas narrowed his eyes suddenly.

“Yes, except for him, few people can basically do this.” Xiao Yu thought about many powerful guys in the history of Warcraft and finally found that this guy was the most likely culprit.

Especially the recent sudden withdrawal of Gul’dan was most likely not because of his cunning but because he felt that the person behind him was Sargeras so he was afraid to fight.

No one knew better than Gul’dan how powerful Sargeras was.

“That fallen Titan? Can anyone defeat him?” Xiao Yu told Nicholas the story of Sargeras last time in the Dark Temple so Nicholas also knew the origin of Sargeras.

Xiao Yu shook his head and said, “It is difficult to guess.”

“Let’s just leave to fate.” Nicholas sighed.

At this time, a fierce magic fluctuation erupted but it was from the direction inside the city wall. Xiao Yu was shocked. What happened?

But soon, he was pleasantly surprised. This magic wave was definitely not caused by a magic explosion. This magic wave was caused by the rapid flow of magic elements between heaven and earth.

Seventh order!

This was the seventh-order power. Xiao Yu immediately recognized it. This was the real seventh-order power. He had spent so long with Aegwynn so he was not stranger to it.

Among the three major magicians, someone had reached the seventh level.

This was definitely good news.

This time, the magician who reached the seventh level was Master Theodore.

Within a few days, Ferguson and Chuck also reached the seventh level. Originally, their accumulation was enough. Now that Theodore was the first to open the path and gave them a clear direction, they also reached the seventh level.

This time the three great magicians came to help out and they also brought another great magician which was comparable to them in strength. Xiao Yu was shocked for a while, guessing the identity of the magician.

It could be said that if there was another great magician on this continent with similar strength, it should not be unknown.

Not long after, Xiao Yu determined the identity of the other party, formal pope.

It was the Pope who wanted to conquer this continent. It seemed that he had turned on new leaf and wanted to help mainland.

Anyway, this was a good thing so Xiao Yu didn’t pursue and just let it be. Anyway, there are three Great Magicians watching him.

Moreover, now that the three major magicians had reached the seventh level, he would not be able to set off any storms.

After reaching the seventh level, the power of the three magicians had increased several times and one of their magic could eliminate numerous black soldiers.

To Xiao Yu surprise, one of his heroes who quickly reached the seventh level and he was Arthas.

Xiao Yu and each hero were telepathic, so when Arthas reached the seventh level, he knew immediately.

At that time, Xiao Yu was in a meeting with several military leaders. The moment he reached the seventh level in Alsace, Xiao Yu made a direct noise, shocking everyone.

Xiao Yu is now a little worried about Arthas.

You should know, in the previous life, Arthas was used by the Lich King Ner’zhul and eventually became the leader of the undead.

Now, the undead led by Arthas were getting stronger and stronger. If he betrayed Xiao Yu, situation would be terrible so Xiao Yu did not the undeads to expand.

So Xiao Yu ordered Arthas to not attack the black soldiers on own initiative. He also prevented Arthas from killing black soldiers on a large scale.

Arthas was still very loyal to Xiao Yu and immediately executed the order and stopped attacking black soldiers.

But things did not fare well; number of black soldiers was uncountable so it was not possible to kill them.

Although human army was powerful, the black soldiers were completely endless and they could not fight the black soldiers at all.

The undead were the nemesis of the black soldiers. Black soldiers could kill undead, but undeads could also transform more black soldiers into undeads. The situation now was that only undead could fight against the black soldiers.

Xiao Yu finally made a choice and let Arthas do his best to develop and then killed those black soldiers first.

Arthas on receiving Xiao Yu’s order immediately launched all of attack. With Arthas full-strength attack, the black soldiers were constantly killed and transformed into undead. Arthas also sent three other undead heroes, Xiaoqiang, Kel’Thuzad, and the Dread Lord to develop.

They constantly killed black soldiers, causing heavy casualties to them.

The onslaught of the undead over there made Xiao Yu’s pressure on their side much reduced and the number of black soldiers began to gradually decrease.

How they got reduced? Those black soldiers were transformed into undeads.

Therefore, because of Arthas leading the undeads to kill black soldiers, the situation of war was turned around. This was a situation that Xiao Yu had never thought of before.

Now that the situation has been reversed, Xiao Yu knew that it was time to counterattack.

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