World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 558

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“Hey buddy, I know you are clever. You should know what to do now?” Xiao Yu looked at Arza and said with a smile.

Arza looked at Xiao Yu and then looked at the excited crowd. After a long silence, he suddenly said, “I know. Long live Uther!”

After Arza said this, all the Paladins around him shouted for a moment, long live Uther.

A battle that was meant to be fought hard, suddenly ended like this and Xiao Yu directly accepted all the church’s army.

How could life be so wonderful?

Soon after, Arza, Xiao Yu and others sat in the camp and began conversation.

“Good, Good, one who understand times is smart.” Xiao Yu patted Arza’s shoulder with a smile as if they were an old friend.

Arza smiled bitterly and said nothing.

“Arza, why did you suddenly surrender? Although many people recognized Uther at the time, if you want to turn the tide, it is not impossible.” Xiao Yu was still puzzled on this issue.

Arza took a sip of tea, and said, “Even if I can temporarily turn the tide on, what will change? There is no way to fight it. Moreover, following the pope or following you, to me there is no big difference. I have never had much ambition in the church. I do not like to compete with anyone. This time, I was entrusted with a heavy responsibility. It is also because the Pope values ​​me. You are a good person. Before I came here, I studied everything about you in detail. For me, there is not much difference. ”

Arza said in very calm and natural voice. Obviously this was the true thought in his heart.

“You are a wise person and a great general because you are calm enough and have a clear understanding of things. Well, in the future this army will continue to be led by you, and you will be the chief of Uther Paladin. “Xiao Yu directly gave official seal to Arza.

“This … isn’t it, do you really trust me?” Although Arza had heard of Xiao Yu’s strange thought process, he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be so daring. He even gave him military power.

“Where can you go? I don’t have a person like you here who is suitable to lead this army. In the future, the Scarlet Crusaders will be transformed into the Silver Hand. You will be the head of the Silver Hand. Alonso will assist you as deputy head. As to whether you believe Uther or not, it doesn’t matter. “Xiao Yu said with smile.

Arza was a bit uncomfortable with Xiao Yu’s way of doing things.

Xiao Yu took this opportunity to immediately take the nearby area occupied by the church into his pocket and the area that was too far away was directly abandoned because it could not be digested in short time.

Anyway, the war is coming and these places will come back at that time.

Originally, everyone was waiting for conclusion of this war. Just as Xiao Yu, they launched attack on Church. Therefore, the territory occupied by the church during that period of time was divided in an instant.

Originally, those in the territories had been occupied by Church forcefully. Church slaughter innocent civilians and forced them to believe in religion. At this time, civilians vented their anger. As long as they saw the Scarlet Crusader of the Church, they would kill them at all cost.

The Light Church, which once ruled this world’s faith, immediately fell into a precarious situation.

Xiao Yu also worked very hard on the transformation of these crusaders. Every day he let Uther spread new doctrines, telling them not to kill people, and not to break the commandments. For those who were not religious, be tolerant, not forceful.

These months had been the most turbulent month on the mainland. This failure caused the church to collapse like a building instantly, leaving no room for easing.

Everyone began to divide up the church’s territory but the Scarlet Crusaders who were still loyal to the church suddenly found that they could not find the Pope.

The disappearance of the Pope, the defeat in the war, and the disappearance of most of the high-level Paladins, made the church no longer have any ability to compete and quickly collapsed.

In some places, the black soldiers reappeared on the larger scale and attacked some places. Because the black soldiers were numerous and mixed with many devils, some small and medium-sized forces could not resist and fell.

Xiao Yu had been itching to marry Lin Muxue but he had to delay it for various reasons so had no way to put it into practice.

Now, Xiao Yu also wanted to take this opportunity to formally marry Lin Muxue and be at ease.

However, God seemed to not agree with Xiao Yu. Just when Xiao Yu had just decided to marry Lin Muxue, the news suddenly came again. The orcs led by Gul’dan had already captured more territories. Moreover, they formed an alliance with the Kennedy family. Now, their troops had arrived not far from the Lion King City territory.

The war was about to start again.

Because of his huge victory against Church, his rank had been upgraded again so a base could be upgraded.

There was no need to say anything at this time, Xiao Yu directly upgrade the Orc base, making it reach the third level. Now, the Orc base could summon the Taurens.

The Taurens were very powerful and there was no doubt about it, but when they really came out, Xiao Yu was still shocked. Each reached more than three meters high. They had a huge body, holding a huge totem pole. Casually smashing the ground would cause shock wave.

Xiao Yu was excited. With these Tauren, was he still afraid of Gul’dan’s Orcs? Three thousand Tauren could sweep tens of thousands of people directly.

The pair of tanks and Tauren was absolutely invincible.

The situation on the mainland was constantly changing. A new era was coming soon. Xiao Yu knew it well, everyone knew it, and so everyone starts to think of themselves at this time.

What were Gul’dan and Robert up to now?

Now, Xiao Yu was not someone to be taken lightly. Among all the forces, Xiao Yu could be said to be the most powerful now. With tens of millions of troops and so many powerful heroes, who dared to easily mess with him?

Unless the head of Robert was hit by donkey, he would not think about doing anything funny. In fact, Robert had indeed become muddleheaded. He constantly encouraged Gul’dan to attack the Lion King.

But Gul’dan was an old fox. He naturally knew how to make profit in this chaos.

Therefore, Gul’dan decisively rejected Robert’s proposal and refused to attack Xiao Yu first. In addition, Gul’dan sent someone to negotiate with Lion King and expressed his willingness to live in peace with Xiao Yu.

“Really is the old fox.”

Xiao Yu naturally would not refuse Gul’dan’s negotiations. He promised and also vowed to sign a peace agreement.

But in fact, Xiao Yu had already begun to mobilize his soldiers.

This main task was given to two people, one was Arza and the other was Qin Che. From the last siege, Xiao Yu knew that Arza was definitely a capable person and would not let him down.

After Gul’dan concluded a peace treaty with Xiao Yu, he began to attack other forces to continuously expand his territory.

As for this practice, Xiao Yu didn’t care about it. Once, Gul’dan met the black soldiers, he would see how things play out.

Although Xiao Yu had wondered before whether Gul’dan and the Black Soldiers belonged to one group, there were many indications that they should not be one group.

After the undead entered Naxxramas, Xiao Yu ordered the undeads to let go to the places where black soldiers were to develop and build up a force.

Anyway, those black soldiers had no consciousness so it did not matter if they got transformed into undead forces and reused.

Arthas was still very loyal to him and Xiao Yu had a preliminary plan to settle Arthas in the future. That was to let him either enter the dark city and continue to be king, or he would enter Naxxramas.

Now, he intended to develop Arthas’s forces to a larger extent. In this case, it could be great help to resist the black soldiers.

As the result, the fighting power of the undeads was more powerful. For the humans who had not been transformed, Xiao Yu strictly forbidden the Arthas to kill them. He ordered Arthas to detain them somewhere before pretending to be rescued by a group of mysterious people.

These mysterious people, of course, were sent by Xiao Yu.

In this way, the situation on the mainland had gradually begun to clear up now. The Nicholas had now become another force even stronger than Xiao Yu.

Nicholas was really capable person. Moreover, his family’s heritage was also very strong so he could develop rapidly.

Leonardo was originally wanted to act alone but later because of facing too much pressure, he had to form alliance with Nicholas.

Then another force was the alliance between Robert and Gul’dan, but some signs indicated that Robert was likely controlled by Gul’dan.

Yunmeng chose to form alliance with Xiao Yu.

Tuoba Hong knew very well that now Yunmeng was in danger. If one was not careful, it may be destroyed. In this case, it could be said that he and Xiao Yu was on the same boat.

Therefore, Yunmeng must make every effort to support Xiao Yu during this period. So Tuoba Hong sent his army to Lion King City.

Xiao Yu was very pleased with the arrival of the Yunmeng Army, especially the 50,000 Imperial Tiger Guards. Xiao Yu was very excited.

Xiao Yu understood Imperial Tiger Guards very well. Xiao Yu had cooperated with the Imperial Tiger Guards many times so Xiao Yu liked them so much.

On this day, Sir Ferguson and some people came to the Lion King.

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