World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 557

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In fact, the most importantly Arza underestimated the power of Arthas. Arthas waved the Frostmourne in his hand and led countless undead.

Arza sent four sixth-level Paladins. These six Paladins were all very powerful. Although they had not reached the strength of Dam, they were also the peak sixth-level Paladins.

It was just that when these four paladins went to encircle Arthas, they were still unable to kill Arthas. On the contrary, Arthas used the surrounding undead to surround the four Paladins and then carried out a corpse explosion, which caused considerable damage to the four Paladins.

The strength of Arthas caused Arza to frown and he had to send out two sixth-level Paladins again to help. However, even so, they still couldn’t help Arthas. Arthas led the undead troops and continued to advance, messing up the flanks of the church army.

This battle continued, and the two sides continued to suffer losses but because of the undead, the church army could not attack the city wall with all their strength. That night Xiao Yu’s side preserved.

Persevering in the night, the number of casualties in the Church Army reached at least 1,000,000. However, the Church Army continued to charge to bring Xiao Yu’s Lion King City down.

“Fuck, if I fight like this, it would be a great threat to me.”

Xiao Yu watched the unbridled charge of the church army now and couldn’t help but rub his chin and think of countermeasures.

When Xiao Yu was pondering how to defeat the Church Army, a huge cloud floated on sky, covering the sun in the sky.

“Well, where’s the cloud come from?”

At this time, the sun had just emerged so the sun was still very dazzling. It was suddenly got covered in such a way, making everyone a little uncomfortable for a while.

But when they looked up and looked at the sky, they were all shocked.

Because, no cloud was floating in the sky. It was clear that the huge Naxxramas was flying over.

“I’ve been playing for a while now. How come this guy is flying over?”

Seeing Naxxramas flying over, Xiao Yu was suddenly shocked. Now he was already in a bad position here and now this guy was out to make troubles, isn’t it worse?

The church army was also very shocked to see Naxxramas flying over. After all, if such a huge city were to fall, it would be able to smash them directly into the ground.

As a result, the tempo of everyone’s offense began to slow down, and one by one all looked up from time to time to take a look at Naxxramas in the sky, wondering whether it would fall.

Arza saw this scene at this moment and his heart shook. A very bad feeling suddenly stuck his heart.

In fact, Arza’s hunch was not wrong, because at this moment, Arthas and the undeads began to become excited. Each one of them seemed to have injected with chicken blood and their strength was doubled in an instant.

Especially Arthas, at this moment suddenly roared like a god and then urged his Hell Warhorse to charge forward.


Then, the undead behind him broke the church’s defence line instantly and completely began killing.

At this moment, the church army was in chaos. There was no way to stop the attack of the undead because the undeads now were completely unstoppable.

Obviously, this change came because of Naxxramas.

Xiao Yu also paused for a while, watching Arthas’s changes and also understood that some wonderful things had happened to Alsace.

When Xiao Yu saw this, how could he not know that this was a very rare opportunity so he immediately ordered aloud and started an assault to wipe out all these church troops.

The tank squad had gone through day and night battles and had all reached level 10 long ago. At this time, they were really powerful. They continue to fire.

The other armies also started to slaughter the Church Army that had completely lost its combat effectiveness.

Uther rushed forward on a horse at this time. Uther’s light magic enveloping the whole land, making everyone’s body warm and full of power.

Even some church soldiers, after being illuminated by Uther’s light, also felt strange change in their body. The troops of the Silver Hand followed behind Uther, making rapid advances, shouting the doctrines of light one by one, looking sacred.

Seeing this scene, the paladins of some churches became sober and they even forgot to fight back.

Soon, the army led by the Lion King City completely wiped out the troops that had been intercepted by the undead and those who had not been annihilated surrendered.

At this moment, looking at Uther, they seemed to have a clear feeling in their hearts.

Uther and Arthas finally met for the first time on the battlefield.

Although they were both heroes of the Xiao Yu camp, the complicated relationship between Uther and Arthas made the two of them instantly nervous after meeting.

“Arthas, my apprentice, I didn’t expect to be able to see you here.” Uther’s voice was full of anger and his light magic became fiercer.

Immediately after encountering the magical envelope of Uther’s light, those undead creatures’ bodies began to release black smoke and some low-level undead creatures instantly disappeared.

As a result, a very strange scene appeared in the entire battlefield. The church army was on the east of the undead, the undead was in the middle, and the Xiao Yu’s army was on the west of the undead.

When Arthas saw Uther, a green light appeared in his eyes. After a long time, he slowly said, “Uther, my mentor, once, you guide and let me be an excellent Paladin but this is not what I want. What you give me is far from strong enough. Now I am the most powerful and invincible. You can never defeat me. Uther, your light will disappear forever before my evil aura. ”

“Arrogant, do you really think that evil can triumph over the light? Only the light can last forever. As long as the sun rises, there will be light and it will be the cradle of all life. And you who has no life should not exist in this world. I … represent the light to purify you … “Uther shouted loudly, then wielded the hammer of light and hit Arthas.

Naturally, Arthas also refused to fall behind and waved Frostmourne.

As a result, the two persons of Xiao Yu’s camp began to fight each other.

Xiao Yu was depressed. The existence of the undead, Xiao Yu had concealed it from everyone, including his own heroes. He was also concealed it from Uther. He did not know that Arthas was also Xiao Yu’s subordinate.

At this time, when the two of them met, they naturally wanted to fight.

Seeing this scene over there, Arza was also stunned. He never thought that the undead and Xiao Yu would fight.

He had already determined that the undead were under Xiao Yu’s hands, but seeing this scene, he felt that it was not plausible. The hatred of Uther and Arthas was irrecoverable.

At this time, some church soldiers saw this scene and, after a short while, spontaneously began to join the battle against the undeads.

After all, in the process of brainwashing, the church army still used Uther as the god of the light church and taught that purifying the undeads was their obligation.

At this time, when they saw Uther and Arthas fight, they naturally wanted to help Uther. For a moment, they even forgot that this Uther should be fake.

At this time, everyone felt that Uther was real and they should support him.

At this time, the undead had the help of Naxxramas so their strength had greatly improved, but they were pinched by Xiao Yu’s side and the church army. They suddenly became outnumbered.

Xiao Yu immediately secretly gave Arthas an order at this time, allowing him to retreat quickly. If Arthas stayed any longer, he might even get killed.

Although Arthas was unwilling, he obeyed Xiao Yu’s order and quickly retreated.

Because the undead had a large number of cannon fodder undead soldiers, elite undeads quickly fled. Although the church army and the Silver Hand chased after them, they eventually failed to catch up.

When Arthas led the undead soldiers to retreat, Naxxramas also followed.

“Is Naxxramas controlled by Arthas?” Xiao Yu thought immediately.

For now he couldn’t think about it, because at the front line, at this time, Xiao Yu’s army and the church army were mixed.

However, church troops strange had no intention to attack Uther. At this moment, all the church soldiers had an impulse to worship Uther.

“Long live Uther, long live justice …” Alonso shouted at this moment.

All the members of Silver Hand shouted together. And soon, the church’s soldiers also joined. In the beginning, only the nearby soldiers shouted, but soon after, the soldiers in the distance began to shout, including the Paladins near Arza. At this time, one by one they all shouted aloud.

Arza was very tactful at this time and did not stop them forcibly because he knew that if he stopped them at this time, he would probably be killed by them.

He himself knew deeply the fanaticism of Church Army. Now they were all chanting Uther, indicating that it had penetrated into their bone marrow.

He alone could not change this situation at all.

Xiao Yu rode on Little Dragon’s back and saw this scene, he was also dumbfounded.

What’s going on? Do we still have to fight this battle? Now all of them have surrounded Uther. Many of them are kneeling directly.

Xiao Yu was really confused. He originally sent Arthas out to help resist the church army. As a result, Uther and Arthas started to fight.

Is it that church soldiers suddenly felt that this Uther was the real Uther, the God of Light. What can I do?

This cheer lasted for more than an hour and the enthusiasm of the church army gradually faded away. The other soldiers of the Lion King looked at each other one by one. They didn’t know whether to fight or to be harmonious.

“Comrades, Uther leaded us to resist the attacks of the evil undeads. In the future, under the leadership of the great Uther, we will wipe out all the evil in this world and safeguard the justice of the mainland. Swear allegiance to Uther and be the greatest Paladin. ”

At this time, Xiao Yu didn’t say anything about real Uther or fake Uther but directly asked whether they would be loyal to Uther or not. Those people bowed to Uther.

Xiao Yu smiled and directly went to meet Arza.

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