World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 556

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The battle continued and Arza’s strategy started to show its effect. The defence line of the Lion King continued to break. On one occasion, tens of thousands of church soldiers had even succeeded to go to other side. The powerful Air Unit plus the tanks still wiped out all the soldiers who went in.

More than 100 tanks went directly to block the gap, forming a steel fence. They continuously fired and those soldiers were naturally unable to resist.

Although it was said that there were many high-level Paladins in the church, Xiao Yu’s men were also talented. After such a long time, the Lion King had also recruited a lot of masters. Plus with Xiao Yu’s heroes, Lion King City was not very disadvantaged against the opponent’s high-ranking powerhouse.

The soldiers of the church were also silly. They were brainwashed by fanatical church ideas. Therefore, they kept rushing forward and the main gun of the tank kept firing. Tens of thousands of Chimaera’s breath burned them to death instantly.

Sometime, Xiao Yu intentionally showed openings to lure Church soldiers into attacking. Just like this, killing went on. Most importantly, Xiao Yu’s base units’ level began to increase at crazy rate.

Nevertheless, the church with its powerful magic weapons had on several occasions caused a great threat to the defence line of Lion King City and it almost could not be blocked.

At this time, Xiao Yu would send his weapon, Little Dragon.

As soon as Little Dragon arrived, the disadvantage could basically be turned back. Little Dragon who had reached the fifth level was not inferior to six-order warrior. Such a powerful guy suddenly came out and then cooperated with other arms; could the opponent still deal with him?

The sentry towers built on the city walls had also exerted a lot of power. Although their shooting distance was not as far as the magic cannons and the power was not that great too, once the opponent got under the city walls, the power of these sentry towers could be seen. No doubt, it was unknown how many high-level Paladins were shot by them.

A fierce battle has been fought all day, the soldiers of the Church Army and Xiao Yu suffered heavy losses, but the Church Army undoubtedly suffered more losses, at least a dozen times the soldiers led by Xiao Yu.

Despite this, Xiao Yu’s side still could not be compared with the Church because the number of Xiao Yu’s soldiers was definitely far lower than the church.

Xiao Yu had also discovered that the church was not afraid of casualties. Obviously, the other party was very confident in the number of its soldiers.

After a long day of fighting, Xiao Yu was shocked to find that the church army had no intention of stopping and it seemed that it would continue at night.

“Fu#k, they are crazy. Even Zergs need rest but these guys don’t rest at all. It seems that they don’t really treat themselves as human.”

Xiao Yu was frustrated but he knew that war would continue and he must hold on.

Arza believed that this tactic was the most effective against Xiao Yu. No matter which much powerful arms of Xiao Yu were, they would be exhausted at last.

As long as they were tired, the combat effectiveness would decline and would commit mistakes. That time he would win the war. In fact, this tactic really made Xiao Yu afraid.

After all, in terms of quantity, Xiao Yu was far worse than Church.

“If battle continued like this, I will be finished sooner or later. It seems that I have to let undead attack Church.” Xiao Yu looked at the situation and thought in his mind.

He also knew that at this time, letting undead come out would actually expose their relationship. However, as long as Xiao Yu did not let them find the concrete evidence of relationship between him and the undead. Nothing would happen.

The mainland was now in chaos. Even if one knew that he had undeads, others would not investigate it deeply.

This was the truth.

Xiao Yu could not waste time anymore so he quickly left the city wall and arrived at the base of the undead and gave Arthas orders.

After receiving Xiao Yu’s order, Arthas immediately took the undead army and detoured from the flanks, preparing to carry out a large-scale attack against the Church army.

Previously, because the church army had always been paying attention to the defence and made enough preparations for the attack by undead, the undead had not achieved such an impressive record.

But now, everything was different.

The church troops were attacking violently so they had no protection. They would never have thought that at this time, a large army would suddenly emerge from the Ancora Mountains and attack their flanks.

At this time, the church’s attack had reached a crazy level and dead bodies had been piled up under the city walls, but soldiers still kept climbing up.

Madness! The church army was absolutely insane. They didn’t even have any feelings. At this time, they were fanatical human figure.


At this time, several huge (undead)beasts appeared on the side of the battlefield, shocking the Church.

Along with the appearance of several huge beasts, the undead soldiers behind them also emerged. Recently, in order to fight against the church army, Xiao Yu deliberately released some restrictions on Arthas, allowing him to transform more undead soldiers.

The Church Army was actually prepared for the attack from the side by the undead. With Arza’s intelligence, how could he never imagine that the undead would attack from the side?

He had long suspected that these undead had a great relationship with Xiao Yu.

Now, at the most critical moment of the siege, the sudden appearance of the undead was exactly proof of this. Arza sneered and immediately dispatched reserve forces to stop the undead forces.

There was no shortage of troops anyway so the reserve forces sent by Arza could definitely resist the undeads.

Originally, he thought so but when the undead really rushed to death, he found that he still underestimated the power of the undead.

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