World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 555

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Therefore, Xiao Yu sent the undead forces to carry out sneak attacks again. The sneak attacks of the undead forces could disrupt the deployment of the church forces to a certain extent and could reduce the burden on Xiao Yu.

However, because the Church army was prepared, after a few more sneak attacks, the effect was not very good. They prepared a large number of magic weapons including magic cannons. Those large undead creatures were killed by those magical cannons.

At this time, Arthas suffered heavy losses immediately.

However, Church army was not entirely unharmed. Arthas also killed many of the Church’s paladins and transformed them into undead which improved the combat effectiveness of undead army.

Because in the church, many paladins were very powerful and they have light attributes, after being transformed into undead, their attack power was very strong.

Moreover, through this attack, Xiao Yu also realized some of the church’s trump cards. While dealing with the undead, Church was used magic cannons.

Arthas was very brave. He even slayed a sixth-level Paladin again and transformed it into an undead. The two sixth-level Paladins they killed last time had been transformed too. Now they had transformed one so they had three six-order undead paladins.

This was also a great gain. An undead transformed from a sixth-level Paladin was not much worse than a large beast.

Xiao Yu knew that another great weakness of church army.

That was food and commutable things. The military barracks were too large. With millions of soldiers, large quantity of food was required. Hundreds of miles had to be covered to refill the supplies.

Therefore, Xiao Yu no longer sent undead to attack the barracks of the church, but to intercept and kill those troops who were sent to fetch more food or to burn food warehouses.

It was definitely a heavy blow to the church. It was difficult for the church to grasp the movement of the undead. Even if they discovered, it was often too late.

It was impossible to have every warehouse guarded by strong warrior. Without any powerful guard, the undead led by Arthas would never fear any enemies.

“Fuck, these undead must have been summoned by the Xiao Yu, otherwise, how could it be so smart to attack our food supplies.”

There was no way for this undead army to come and go without a trace and their combat effectiveness was so powerful. If fewer people were sent, the undead army couldn’t be defeated, and too many people were sent, the undead would not attack and flee.

When did these undead become so smart? They were clearly instructed.

This Xiao Yu was really a headache. God knew how many cards he still had.

So, after a few days, Arza couldn’t wait any longer and had to launch attack that he had planned for a long time.

On this day, the army of the church once again launched attack but it did not have the same enthusiasm as the last time.

The speed of their charge was obviously not very fast but the formation was very neat. The magic weapons were also very dazzling, making people feel a sense of fear in their hearts.

This time, their front was very long. They covered the entire city wall. In this way, their number advantage could be fully utilized.

And no one knew where their true main point of attack was. Once they break through a point, their army could immediately swarm in.

This Arza was indeed a master of tactics, taking into account all the pros and cons.

However, for this situation, Xiao Yu naturally planned for a long time. After a cold smile, everyone was prepared to fight.

Rumble …

Immediately before reaching the attacking range of the magic devices placed on the city wall, with a roar, the church troops increased their speed. Those in front carried ladders in one hand and shields in another. They rushed towards the city wall without fear of death.

“Start firing!”

At the city wall, various long-range troops also started to counterattack. Countless feather arrows and stones fell from the sky, and with a piercing sound, stuck the soldiers of the Church.

The Church’s soldiers fell down one by one but no one paid attention to it. More and more church troops rushed forward. At certain places, the church’s ballistae, magic cannons and other magic weapons were all set up.

A fierce battle had begun again.

The Church’s magic cannons began to show their might. Their each shot made a huge opening in the city wall. Although the wall was thick, it was definitely not undestroyable. If one continued to fire at a place, that section of the wall would not be able to take it for long and it would fall.

“F#ck, those magic cannons are too powerful. They are more powerful than the main gun of my tank.”

As Xiao Yu looked at the Church’s various magic weapons from the city wall, his mouth curled upward.

“However, when I kill them, these magic cannons will be mine.” Xiao Yu thought with a smile. This Church was really fucking rich.

“Mortar Tenth Team attack at ten o’clock!”

Although mortars were not as good as the tank when attacking because needed to be reloaded. However they were easier to make and easy-to-use than tanks.

Facts have proved that Xiao Yu’s decision to get 1,000 mortars was very correct. The 1,000 mortars were divided into ten groups. They could bombard where threat was great. Its attacks were also powerful.

Because the city walls were already high, the mortars attack range was even longer so it was even possible to hit the opponent’s magic cannons.

Xiao Yu ordered them to attack the crowded places. They proved nightmare to the enemies. Mortar’s shell easily pierced through the armours of soldiers and killed them. Most importantly, their momentum did not decrease even after killing one soldier, it also killed second or third one.

As usual, Xiao Yu divided the entire city wall into many areas. Once any area needed support, the Griffin knights and Dragonhawks came over to report immediately and the reserve forces would immediately deploy.

The reserve force was mainly composed of knights, wolf cavalry, ordinary cavalry, flying units, tanks, and mountain giants.

Once the gap opened in the wall, the mountain giant would immediately block the hole and the craftsmen behind it would quickly repair the city walls. This situation was constantly happening in various places. Because of Xiao Yu’s effective countermeasures, although the opponent had broken the city wall several times, it still could not let its soldiers enter inside the city wall.

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