World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 554

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At the beginning, when Dam took the lead and rushed to the city wall, many people saw it. When Dam was killed, they also saw it. After that, when other sixth level Paladin was killed, they also saw it.

This was a huge blow to their overall morale, but on the battlefield, the orders could not be changed arbitrarily, so they had to continue to their attack until they got the command to retreat. At this time, they have all reached the defence line and began to build the ladders.

Seeing the situation, Xiao Yu shouted loudly, “Run out for me and kill them.”

If at the beginning, they faced such a large-scale attack, it was better to defend, but since the opponent’s vanguard had been killed and enemy army’s morale hit rock bottom so they would naturally counterattack.

If they did not use this opportunity, then the other party would definitely order the withdrawal immediately.

Sure enough, Xiao Yu had just given order to attack and the retreating horn sounded behind the church army. Because, as soon as Dam died, the pressure on Arza increased. He still had to win the battle so of course he had to save his strength.

At this time, the vanguard died tragically and morale plummeted. If they forcibly attacked the city again, it would inevitably cause greater losses. Although there were many Church troops, they could not just be sent as cannon fodder.

Originally, when these soldiers saw the braveness of Xiao Yu when he beheaded Dam, they had little desire to attack so now when they heard the order to retreat, they immediately began to retreat.

However, it takes time for an army to retreat. The larger the force, the more time it takes. So it took at least ten minutes for them to retreat.

However, these ten minutes were the best time for Xiao Yu to kill them. When retreating, they were in passive situation so when they encountered Xiao Yu’s extremely powerful forces which were guided by tanks, they could only wait to be slaughtered.

Bang Bang…

The tanks platoons rushed out quickly.

The speed of Church’s army retreat was certainly impossible to exceed the speed of tanks so 1000 tanks rushed out like 1,000 Super Monsters.

Bang Bang Bang …

After reaching the firing distance, the tank started firing. The power of the tank’s main gun was extremely powerful and it was stronger than the magic of ordinary fifth-order Magician.

If there was no advantage, it was not worthy of being third-level base. Each arm of the base had its own uniqueness; it just depended on how you use it.

The biggest feature of the tank was its powerful armour, high speed and firing capabilities. Without them, how could they be called tanks?

The tank’s main gun was powerful and absolutely horrible. The other side’s troops were flooded with shells. When a shell went down, it instantly killed and injured a person.

Chaos descended and army was no longer had any formation. At this time, the troops led by Xiao Yu’s rushed over and launched ruthless killing against these Church troops. The tank then continued to follow up and continued firing at a distance, chasing enemies.

At the end, Church’s army retreated back to Barracks during which they suffered they suffered losses.

In this way, the first battle ended with Xiao Yu’s victory and the Church army suffered at least 500,000 casualties. The specific numbers could not be counted.

All the people in the Lion King were inspiring and curious about those mysterious tanks.

They were curious, and Arza was even more curious. He deeply felt the great power of the tanks during the battle. He also knew deeply that if these tanks were not handled, it would cause huge damage to him.

He had asked the Paladins who had tried to attack the tanks and knew that those tanks had extremely thick armour. Even the fifth-level Paladins could not destroy a tank in a short time.

What’s more, Xiao Yu arranged special people around each tank to protect it so it was no easy to destroy.

“Who is this Xiao Yu in the end? How could he have so many weird things? Moreover his heroes have reached such a level. It is no wonder that the Pope is so worried about them and ordered to attack them as soon as possible. If they were given more time, it would be really impossible to defeat them.”

Arza now fully understood the feelings of the Pope. At the same time, he also felt extremely headache about how to conquer the Lion King.

His only advantage left now was the number of Church troops.

The number of church troops was really too high. In fact, the outside world had always been wrong about the actual number of their troops. The number of their troops had reached a terrible state.

The speed of transforming people through doctrine was very fast. Of course, this was not a complete ordinary doctrine transformation. That ordinary doctrine transformation took too long to cultivate but they could not wait that long.

Arza began to prepare a comprehensive combat plan to break through the city wall in one fell swoop. As long as this city wall was broken, Church army would overwhelm the Xiao Yu’s army. It would be difficult for Xiao Yu to resist the impact of their crazy army.

Xiao Yu won the battle so everyone in the Lion King City was in high sprits.

For the next half month, Arza did not launch an attack. Xiao Yu became even more careful. The more the enemy did not act, the more it explained that something was going on.

Xiao Yu was very aware of the huge number of Church troops and the powerful heritage they had. There were rumours that the God of War Weapons Business was secretly supported and operated by the church.

In this case, it was conceivable how many financial resources the Church had and how much excellent equipments it had.

Previously, it was because Xiao Yu’s plan was too harsh and gave the church no chance to fight back. Therefore, the equipments were not used at all but if they were put to use, result would be absolutely amazing.

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