World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 553

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Each of the soldiers at the church was brave and rushed towards the city as if they were injected with the chicken blood. Their eyes turned red as if Lion King City was their common enemy. They were brainwashed by the Church.

As the vanguard officer, Dam rushed to the front with a huge war hammer and flew to the tens of meters high wall with a roar.

Seeing the Dam jumping up to the city wall immediately, Arza gave a sneer, thinking that such a fight could not be won by personal ability.

If it had been before when Xiao Yu’s men did not have a sixth-order strong man, he could attack the city wall by relying on individual power. Now, he had already understood clearly that Xiao Yu’s men were as strong as Church’s elite.

Especially in the battle of Ahn’Qiraj, those strong men performed extremely well. Adventurers endlessly praised those heroes.

Did he (Dam) think that such a powerful line-up could be defeated by him alone?

As soon as Dam rushed up, a figure suddenly jumped up and greeted him.

Bang …

The two attacked each other in mid-air and with a muffled sound, the two were forced to step back but Dam still stood on the wall.

He fixed his eyes on the person in front of him and immediately became furious. The anger almost broke through his chest.

Because the person in front of him was not someone else, it was the holy knight who once was the member of the church, Alonso.

Alonso was holding a Curse Torch in his hand, wearing a T5 suit. He looked immensely imposing, no less impressive than him.

You should know, in the past, Alonso was only a knight captain in the church and Dam was a veteran figure in the church. But now, such a low level person had reached the sixth level and was as powerful as him. How could this not surprise Dam, especially now that this apprentice was a traitor who betrayed the church that once trained him?

“You traitor, you still have a face to appear in front of me.” Dam suddenly shouted.

Alonso looked at Dam and said coldly, “Master Dam, wake up, the real Uther is here. The real god of light is here. Do you see the blessings on me? This is what the true blessings of the Paladin were like. Only here can we find our faith. ”

“Fart, what real Uther? Real Uther is in the church. You believe the words of these mean scums and speak for them. I’m really ashamed of you. Today, I represent the pope and purify you. “As he said, Dam shouted, he rushed towards Alonso while slamming his hammer.

Alonso struggled to resist a few times, but he soon discovered that although he already had the blessing of Uther, in terms of strength, it was still difficult to compete with Dam.

Dam’s strength had reached a pinnacle of sixth level. It was not something that few blessing powers could compare with. The real warrior was not only about physical strength but also spiritual strength. What he lacked compared with Dam was the spiritual strength.

However, when Alonso’s condition was not good, a fierce figure rushed over and attacked Dam. It was Grom who came over wielding a huge sword, with a tremendous momentum.

Uh …

As soon as Grom came up, he bumped into Dam several times without falling into the wind. Moreover, Grom is getting more and more brave, and his sword skills are getting more and more exquisite, which makes Darm extremely surprised.

Who is this Orc? How can he reach such level of swordsmanship? He is so fierce. He doesn’t fall behind me at all? Can Xiao Yu’s subordinates have already reached such level?

Since reaching the sixth stage, Dam had rarely been able to meet capable opponents, especially during the crusade’s eastward expedition. With his bravery, he repeatedly conquered the opponent’s territories as if he was a god.

However, he was surprised today when he met Grom.

Because he did not expect that a hero who came out casually in the Lion King City would be able to fight him to such an extent. Although he could feel that Grom could not kill him, he also could not kill Grom.

At this time, Dam suddenly felt a strong pressure, because around him, several heroes of the same level as Grom appeared and besieged him.

“Not good!” Dam instinctively felt danger. Just now, because he rushed too fast, the army behind had not kept up.

The heroes who came were Illidan, Bloodhoof and Maiev.

These people could be said to be the ones with the best melee ability under Xiao Yu’s hands. This was also the plan that Xiao Yu had arranged for them. Once they found an opportunity, they would pin the top powerhouses of Church.

At this time, the four heroes surrounded Dam at once which caused his mind to become chaotic. But he calmed himself down and tried to escape.

However, each of these four heroes was extremely powerful. Could they let Dam escape so easily?

So, in an instant, countless powerful skills hit Dam’s body. Dam couldn’t defend against so many attacks and was serious injured instantly.

At this time, the sixth-level Paladins of Church came quickly to help, but they were blocked by heroes such as Tyrande and Vasi ji using long range attacks.

Bang …

Suddenly, when everyone was fighting, a figure fell from the sky and landed behind Dam. This man was Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s favourite was ambush and sneak attack.

He immediately unleashed Omnislash Chops. Xiao Yu’s sword directly penetrated through the Dam’s body. Dam’s eyes widened. His eyes were full of unwillingness to die, but in the end, he died.

This was the price of arrogance.

Just after Xiao Yu killed Dam, the sixth level Paladins who came to the rescue Dam immediately retreated.

“Kill next one!” Seeing this kind of opportunity, Xiao Yu naturally did not want to waste it. If he succeeded in killing another sixth order Paladin then it would be an extremely heavy blow to the opponent. At that time, the probability of his victory would be greatly improved.

Xiao Yu directly ordered everyone to immediately lock in one of them and kill him. So, Maiev used Flash and quickly appeared next to the sixth-ranked Paladin. She immediately attacked him, blocking the guy. Then Xiao Yu, Grom, and Illidan rushed there.

Other Paladin wanted to come to the rescue at this time, but at this time, the various powerful ballistae that defended the city had begun to show their power. Even the masters of Tier 6 were very afraid of facing such powerful ballista.

If the magic ballista hits them directly, they would be seriously wounded if not dead. As the result, those who wanted to go to the rescue retreated again. Unfortunate, surrounded sixth-level master was immediately killed by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu cut off the heads of Dam and the Paladin and raised them high.

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