World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 552

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This evening, the scouts of the Lion King City went one by one to get information. They were shocked by the sudden attack on the Church’s army and did not understand what was going on.

However, soon they brought back the news that the undead had attacked again.

This made many people secretly rejoice. The undead in the Ancora Mountains not only did not cause damage to the Lion King City but instead became the guardians of the Lion King City. Every time someone came to attack, they just go out and make trouble.

Although some people suspected that these undead would not help the Lion King City every time for no reason, there may be some misunderstandings, but anyway, these undead were helping when Lion King City needed combat power most.

Because of this sneak attack of the undead, the Church’s attack plan for the next day was not put into effect. In the past few days, the church began to build high barricades to prevent the sneak attack of Xiao Yu or the sneak attack of the undeads.

At the beginning, they thought that with their 6,000,000 troops, they would surely be able to flatten the Lion King City to the ground, but now it seemed that things would not go so smooth.

This time the Commander Arza also knew that Xiao Yu was indeed not an ordinary person. Moreover, those undead were also very strange. Why would every undead come out to cause trouble every time someone came to attack the Lion King?

He also had some doubts. These undead were likely following Xiao Yu’s instructions but Xiao Yu really had such great powers that he could command undead?

Was Xiao Yu a Great Magician?

When the commander of the Church Arza heard the news about death of two sixth-order warrior, he broke a table with fist in anger.

After a few days, Arza did not order an attack so those under him began to question him. One of them was Dam.

“Commander Arza, as the commander of the Scarlet Crusade of the Church, you are not sending the troops to quickly level this filthy land but waiting here. What is your intention? Are you going against the will of the great pope?”

When Arza came this time, he brought many excellent paladins. Many of them were level six Paladins. The Paladin who just spoke was also a holy Paladin in the church called Dam.

At the beginning, when Pope conferred Arza as the commander in chief, Dam was already a little dissatisfied. At this time, when he saw that Arza was slow to move, he immediately doubted and accused Arza.

Anyone who held high position in Church was anything but idiot. Otherwise, it would not be possible to get the position of Commander. So how could Arza not understand Dam’s intensions?

Arza smiled and said, “Of course I did not have any doubts about the will of the great pope. I am just fully preparing to succeed in one fell swoop and clean the filthy lands. Tomorrow I plan to attack aggressively. At that time, I hope you can be the pioneer and kill that Xiao Yu in one fell swoop. ”

Don’t you want to go fight? OK, then you go in person. Now two sixth-level Paladins have already fallen, maybe you are the next one.

“Hum, that’s good. Tomorrow, I will lead the Crusaders and take down the Lion King City.” Dam snorted and turned away, showing no respect for Commander Arza.

Looking at the out Dam, Arza shook his head. In terms of strength, Dam was on same level as of his but he was too impatient and did not thing calmly. Because of this, the Pope gave him the command of the army and only a calm-headed person could win the war.

The next day, sure enough, Dam got up early and led the army to begin preparations for this epic siege.

Xiao Yu heard the movement of the other side and understood that they were going to attack the city so he ordered everyone to start preparations.

Last time when he went to Yunmeng, Xiao Yu not only brought all troops from bases, but also ordinary soldiers of Lion King City to let them go there for training.

This experience was very beneficial. The biggest manifestation was that when they faced millions of Church troops at this time, they didn’t feel nervous at all.

No matter how many soldiers Church had, could there be more Zergs in Ahn’Qiraj? Could there be more than Black soldiers in Tuoba? If so, then why be afraid?

In Yunmeng, such a harsh battle was won by Xiao Yu. What else couldn’t be won? Especially now that they saw Xiao Yu make many new things again. Those ballistae, powerful tanks, those dwarf aircraft.

Xiao Yu let everyone have breakfast and then have them exercise their bodies. After Xiao Yu’s army finished a set of broadcast gymnastics, they all felt that they were ready for the battle. There was no tension at all.

At this time, all ballistae, crossbows, blades and other long-range attack methods were ready to respond to the attack of the church army at any time.

Bang Bang Bang …

The drums of war rang. The Church Army was approaching the line of defence built by Xiao Yu with a strong momentum.

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