World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 551

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Xiao Yu who was riding a dragon took his troops all the way to the front of the Crusaders’ barracks. He then shouted loudly: “Humble Crusaders come here to be purified by our Light.”

This sentence should have been spoken by the Crusaders, but it was told by Xiao Yu.

The Crusaders never thought that Xiao Yu would dare to send troops to their camp and were unprepared. Just now they saw those steel monsters (tanks) crushing everything. That power was really amazing.

As a result, those Crusaders looked at Xiao Yu stupidly and were afraid to send anyone out.

This was mainly because their Commander was not in the camp and some small commanders dared not take the risk at all.

Uther who was riding on the dragon with Xiao Yu lifted the hammer in his hand and a sacred light erupted, just like an ancient god. Brilliance instantly shocked the audience.

After that, Xiao Yu returned to the defence line. Those steel monsters (tanks) left a huge shadow in everyone’s hearts and they did not understand what it was. After returning back, Xiao Yu went back to sleep without caring about anything because he knew that the opponent would never come to attack so soon.

In the evening, Xiao Yu ran out secretly, commanding the undead army and attacking the church’s army.

Under the leadership of Arthas, Xiao Yu’s undead army had levelled up without any problem. Undead army was quite powerful now but it had to be used secretly because of public opinion.

This time, the Church came. Naturally, he had to give them a taste of the power of the undead. Wasn’t the Church known as the killer of undead? Let’s have some fun.

In the dark night, Xiao Yu slowly took the undead troops towards the Church’s camp. Because the church had too many troops, their camp was spread to dozens of miles.

In this case, they would inevitably be unable to respond in time. This was one reason why Xiao Yu dared to let the undead attack.

From a distance, the Church’s barracks could be seen and few human voices were still coming from it. Obviously, the army of these Church had just arrived so it was unaccustomed to situation here. It was still adapting to the situation here.

Maybe it’s because the church was too self-confident or maybe they had just arrived in a hurry, their camps were simply built with wooden stakes.

This gave Xiao Yu an opportunity to take advantage of them and carry out an easy sneak attack.

Bang …

With ‘Bang’, these wooden fences were directly destroyed and the army of the undead came in.

“Ah … what is this?”

Although the soldiers of those churches have been indoctrinated with the doctrine of killing the undead, in fact, most of them had not seen the undeads.

Today, they suddenly encountered so many undead and fell in chaos. Especially Arthas had recently transformed many large bodies of beasts into undead. Those huge undead beasts were even more powerful and more shocking.

One of the huge Rhinoceros monsters was around 21 meters high and tens of meters long. It was like a truck. After it entered into the Church Barracks, it destroyed everything in his path. The camps inside were messed up. The Crusaders who tried to stop the Rhinoceros were immediately trampled into meat sauce.

Their weapons hit the Rhinoceros but they could barely cause any damage because Rhinoceros was already undead and ordinary physical attacks have little effect on it. Most of these Church crusaders were newly recruited so they were not very good at Light Magic. In this case, they were no different from ordinary people dealing with undead creatures.

This caused them a big loss. In an instant, they fell apart. Although they have been brainwashed, they were almost a fanatic about death. But when faced with such undead creatures which could not be killed at all, the most primitive fear in their souls resurfaced.

“Who dared to come here to attack the Church Army?” Several crusaders quickly appeared, holding swords or war hammers in their hands. They were all enveloped with bright light.

Although they looked powerful, how much powerful actually they were? There was a limit to the mutual restraint of attributes. This mutual restraint only worked when they were almost equal in strength but if the strength differed too much, then this mutual restraint was not so obvious.

When some crusaders launched light magic, Arthas rushed forward and began his slaughter.

Now, because of the influence of Naxxramas, Arthas’s strength had reached the sixth level. Going ahead, he immediately killed these crusaders without even a little resistance.

“Arthas is so good now.”

Xiao Yu looked at the Arthas with awe. He couldn’t help but pout, because Arthas had reached this level without his help.

Now Arthas was really too powerful, especially since undead that he could control had increased. Countless crusaders were killed by the undead that had been summoned by Arthas.

The Crusaders saw their former partners getting butchered one by one and their spirits collapsed. As a result, Arthas led the undead and raided all the way, and in less than half an hour, completely levelled the crusader base.

“Is army of these churches too weak? Or is undead army too powerful?” Xiao Yu looked at the messy barricades and couldn’t help smacking his lips again.

His intension was to let the undead army come over to harass it and kill some of the Crusaders’ troops, but he never thought that the current undead army would be so powerful and achieved such brilliant results.

Arthas quickly brought down one camp after another. Soon two masters of the sixth order came to block them but these two masters of the sixth order were taken care of by the sneak attack of Arthas.

In this way, the undead army toppled more than a dozen camps in a row. The losses to the Crusaders were extremely heavy, at least hundreds of thousands of people died in battle.

Xiao Yu observed the situation and ordered Arthas to retreat. The strength of the church, after all, was still very powerful. If the Church mobilized its elite strength, Xiao Yu was afraid that it would cause too much damage to the undead army.

In spite of this, in fact, the undead army also suffered heavy losses. However, compared to the losses of the church, these losses of undead army were completely insignificant. After Xiao Yu returned, he could immediately reproduce them to make up for the quantity.

After everything was sorted out, Xiao Yu went to sleep.

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