World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 550

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For the past few days, the Lion King was busy preparing for the war. Some people were nervous. Some even migrated to Yunmeng, hoping to escape the war.

Xiao Yu didn’t stop it either. Instead, he held various entertainment programs in the Lion King City every day, such as performing dramas and performing some special performances.

This method could stabilize people’s hearts and made people feel that the situation was not so bad. Their lords had everything planned in his mind.

Xiao Yu also made people continue to propagate. Some time ago, the three Great Magicians visited the Lion King City. They also left something which could resist the Church’s army.

And because of Aegwynn’s relationship, everyone knew that the relationship between the three Great Magicians and Lion King City was very close. This also gave the people of the Lion King City a great confidence, especially under the influence of Xiao Yu’s policies that encouraged military merit.

Xiao Yu also had geographical advantage to withstand the church’s tens of millions of troops. Although Church had tens of millions of troops, it was impossible all of them in one go.

During this time, Xiao Yu also negotiated with some forces through Scarlett and others, so that they could also help in restraining the church.

In the past, everyone was unwilling to confront the church, instead hoped to divert this evil to their enemies. But when they realised that the church was already so powerful and ambitious, they were also very worried about the church.

Xiao Yu estimated that the army that the Pope dared to send over at this time was only five or six million and once Xiao Yu won the battle and defeated the Church’s army. Those areas occupied by the Church immediately would be attacked by the other forces because everyone wanted to have piece of the cake.

At present, because the situation was still unclear, those people were still watching on the side-lines but once Xiao Yu defeated the Church’s army, at that time, everyone would attack.

It was because of this that Xiao Yu decided to build the City Wall and prepared for a decisive defensive battle.

On this day, Xiao Yu was idly sitting on the city wall. A Griffin suddenly stopped in front of Xiao Yu and said, “City Lord, the Church’s army has digested the Wei Principality. They are about to rush towards our line of defence.”

“Fu#k! Well, everyone be ready.” Xiao Yu gave command while sitting on rocking chair.

Not soon after that, as expected, the Church’s army entered the field of sight of Xiao Yu.

“Hehe… let us fight against each other like this. I eradicate this army and relieve myself from all my worries.”

On the first day, the Church’s army sent around tens of thousands of soldiers to pretend to attack. Their actual motive was to check how strong Xiao Yu’s defence line was.

When Xiao Yu saw that Church was launching proving attack, he immediately dispatched army, followed by Chimera, Bat Rider and Griffins in the sky. He even sent Tanks which were made by Higgins along with Goblins.

If someone would think that Tank should be used as trump card because they could be used to launch surprise attack but Xiao Yu did not think so.

This time was no exception. Originally, after preparing for the battle, all the troops would all go up to the city wall and prepare to defend. The tank units were all covered with covers and quietly lying behind the city wall.

After receiving Xiao Yu’s order, all the gates were immediately opened and 1,000 tanks went out. All the soldiers had never seen such thing. They looked at these steel behemoths one by one and were shocked.

For the soldiers, Xiao Yu was very reluctant to lose lives of the soldiers, but for the tanks, Xiao Yu was not afraid. If they were destroyed, he would get them produced. Although the cost was not low, Xiao Yu was not low on money now.

The Church also knew that since the line of defence was built by Lion King City, it was certainly not easy to be destroyed. Therefore, they did not plan to destroy it this time. They just came to see it from close and many of them were cavalry.

They never thought that Xiao Yu would send a large army to attack suddenly. Moreover, it was attack with all their strength and they were not prepared at all.

Their camp was also ten miles away, very far from the city walls and this distance was enough for Xiao Yu to launch a large hunt.

Rumble …

“Ah … what is that? Who is that monster?”

“Ah … what are those in the sky? Are they Dragons? How come there are so many Dragons?”

“That’s not a dragon, its Chimera but it’s also very powerful. Quickly withdraw!”

The leader of the Scarlet Crusade immediately ordered a retreat, but could they run faster than the Air Unit?

The Breath of Chimeras, Bat Riders’ bomb and the Griffins’ lightning messed up the tens of thousands of soldiers of the church below. Such bombardment greatly decreased their speed.

The speed of the tanks made Xiao Yu’s surprise unexpected. Even after he installed so many iron armours, the speed of these tanks was not slow, and in a blink of an eye, they caught up with these escaping soldiers.

In the distance, the tank actually opened fire and the shell of main artillery shot out and suddenly a large area was blown up in front.

Then the tank’s secondary gun fired. It was the flamethrower. It burned the Scarlet Crusades running ahead.


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