World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 549

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The Yunmeng army took advantage of this opportunity to kill Black soldiers. They chased for hundreds of miles before stopping. The black soldiers had countless deaths and injuries. Without any to command them, they were like headless chickens.

In such situation, they would not create any threat at all but it was necessary for Tuoba Hong to send someone to slowly clear them up again.

It won’t take long for these Black soldiers to be destroyed.

After everyone returned to the city walls, they all cheered loudly, crying with joy, and rejoicing.

At this time, everyone knew that the war was over. This war had come to an end here and the rest was just some post-war recovery work.

Xiao Yu had been sleeping in the camp for a few days while holding Lin Muxue. What a relaxing days! Xiao Yu decided that after returning this time, he would marry Lin Muxue. It was time to settle this down.

Tuoba Hong didn’t say ‘thank you’ to Xiao Yu but he knew in his heart that he owed Xiao Yu too much.

After more than ten days passed, Xiao Yu saw that the situation was almost stable and thought that it was time to return to the Lion King.

After all, such a long time had passed so it’s time to see if there was anything wrong with his territory. The three Great Magicians were training there and he had to see how they were doing.

Moreover, Nicholas went back. The situation over there did not seem to be optimistic. Now, the entire continent was shrouded in haze. Xiao Yu must make plans early to deal with a more powerful crisis.

On this day, Xiao Yu received news that the Church’s army had captured a Duchy that was only a few hundred miles away from the Lion King City. It could attack the Lion King City at any time.

Xiao Yu’s eyebrows suddenly frowned. This church was expanding so fast.

“How? Xiao Yu, do I need to send someone to help you.” Tuoba Hong heard the news and asked lightly.

Xiao Yu shook his head and said: “Now although Tuoba Gui is dead, the hidden dangers in Yunmeng have not been eradicated. You still need to stabilize the situation here. The mainland will soon fall into a chaos. At that time, I will need your help. ”

Xiao Yu knew that not long after, the entire continent would be involved in a war. At that time, Yunmeng could not stay out of the that.

Tuoba Hong nodded and said, “Okay, since that’s the case, you can just ask when you need help.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said while showing a bright smile, “Relax, I won’t be kind to you.”

So Xiao Yu started his journey back.

A month later, Xiao Yu reached the Lion King City and Xiao Yu was told that the three Great Magicians had already left, leaving Xiao Yu with letter which contained nothing more than words of thanks.

Xiao Yu pouted for a while. Why not get the most practical and leave some magic scrolls.

After Xiao Yu arrived in the city, he didn’t have time to rest. He immediately called Mu Huali, Long Hui, and Zha Muhe to meet to understand the situation here.

And through their report, Xiao Yu found that the situation was very serious. Now, the Church’s army was already at the doorstep of his territory.

Now, after Wei County was conquered by Xiao Yu, the development rate was good. It was already thriving with prosperity. If it continued to develop according to this situation, the entire Lion King territory would definitely become a very prosperous economy.

However, the Church did not give Xiao Yu the opportunity.

Originally, Xiao Yu was still thinking about getting married.

“His mother, this church is really going to seek trouble with me.” Xiao Yu thought in his heart. Since this is the case, there was nothing to say. Let’s go for war.

After going to Yunmeng and going through two major battles, Xiao Yu’s team had been very different from before. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s rank was now enough to upgrade the base to level three which unlock Terran artillery.

Thinking of this, Xiao Yu was very excited. This time, he would let the Church taste them.

Therefore, after the meeting, Xiao Yu quickly ran to the base and started to upgrade the Base level to third level. After reaching the rank of major, number of Base soldiers under his control reached 30,000, which were 10,000 more than before.

“Master.” At this time, a cry came and a very strong dwarf jumped over, holding the axe in one hand and the hammer in the other, looking extremely mighty.

Most importantly he could finally summon another hero who might prove helpful in future war. After being summoned his level would be zero so he might not be helpful in war against Church but it was great opportunity to level up.

But it was hard to choose whom to summon. Finally after giving some thought, Xiao Yu decided to summon —

Mountain King!

In addition to Mountain King, the System also reminded Xiao Yu that he could summon another hero to fight, which made Xiao Yu even more pleased. In this case, two heroes were added at once.

For the next hero, Xiao Yu had already thought about it. He was about to summon the Flame Lord. He had deep impression of the power of Flame Lord. So Xiao Yu quickly ran to the Base and summoned the Flame Lord.

Finally, Xiao Yu returned to the city and immediately heard a bad piece of news. The Church’s army had begun to attack the Wei Principality closest to Xiao Yu’s territory.

“Tell everyone, all the troops will be withdrawn and the territory of the Wei Principality will be given to them. City walls will be built surrounding Lion King City to defend against them.”

In the end, Xiao Yu made this decision.

Because the front of the Wei Principality was too long, it was easy for Church ’s army to broke in but if it was only about defending Lion King City, then it could done more easily. Moreover, if Xiao Yu decided to defend Wei Principality, he had to split his troops.

If Xiao Yu only needed to defend the Lion King city, all the troops could be gathered at single place to fight. After all, in terms of quantity, Xiao Yu was worse than church by dozens of times.

Now, Church would forcibly recruited soldiers wherever it went. If one did not join the army, he would be tortured or killed in name of going against God. Under this harsh policy, the number of troops under Church had exceeded 10 million.

Fighting with tens of millions of troops, if Xiao Yu still split his forces, he would be seeking death.

Therefore, Xiao Yu ordered everyone to retreat to Lion King City and then to build a ring-shaped city wall 20 kilometres away from Lion King City to resist the church’s army.

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