World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 548

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It was not easy to kill all of these Black soldiers so best way to deal with them was to kill their commander, Tuoba Gui. But that’s easy to say then done. Everyone’s coordination was needed to kill Tuoba Gui.

Xiao Yu had Imperial Tiger Guards enter into battlefield to decrease pressure on the ballista and to deal with Black soldiers which survived the shots of ballista. Because of the overwhelming number of Black soldiers, many of them reached the defense wall successfully but got killed by Imperial Tiger Guards which was supported by Xiao Yu’s Air Units.

Xiao Yu dispatched other heroes on battlefield to slowly approach Tuoba Gui. Along with the Ao Pull, Xiao Yu mounted on the Little Dragon. The Little Dragon roared and rushed to Tuoba Gui.

Tuoba Gui looked at them all coldly, holding a huge spear in his hand. At this time, he already knew that this was an essential battle. He stood up from his throne with angry expression on his face. The appearance of the Xiao Yu had completely destroyed all his previous plans.

“In the name of my god, destroy all obstacles.” Tuoba Gui screamed and swing the spear in his hand, and rushed toward the Ao Pull.


The Ao Pull immediately responded by parrying the attack with Blade of the Catastrophe. However, although Ao Pull was powerful, he was still at disadvantage.

At this time, Tuoba Gui’s strength had reached an extremely abnormal level.

“Now, DIE!” Tuoba Gui immediately launched next attack.

“Hey, can you beat me with this ability?” Ao Pull sneered and his aura sharply rose. The shadow of a huge golden wolf emerged behind it. The Blade of the Catastrophe in the hand also burned. The Battle Qi was changing into flames.

The two men then fought and struggled.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he grinned and commanded Grom, Maiev and Illidan to encircle Tuoba Gui. At this time, they had to kill Tuoba Gui as soon as possible to minimize the financial losses as well as the loss of human lives. Firing those ballista was like burning money, they had to be quick.

Moreover, Black soldiers were also starting to overwhelm the soldiers on defense line. If they did not kill Tuoba Gui quickly, Black soldiers might cross the defense line and Imperial Tiger Guards might not be able to stop them.

So, Xiao Yu also came down from the back of Little Dragon. Xiao Yu and Little Dragon also attacked Tuoba Gui.

Originally, Tuoba Gui was facing just one enemy but still could not fully gain victory. Now there were so many powerful masters. He immediately fell into passive situation and thought of retreating but stopped by Little Dragon’s Nunchaku.

Illidan also joined the fight and attacked with his The Twin Blades of Azzinoth. Since he himself was a devil, he was not afraid of the soul attack that was released from Tuoba Gui. At this time, Grom also showed the true strength of the Juggernaut. Various attacks were constantly displayed.

Maiev’s strength was even stronger. At this time, she also summoned the Revenge God, constantly summoning Vengeful Spirits. They blocked all the people around Tuoba Gui who wanted to rescue him.

Tuoba Gui’s subordinates also included many powerful devils who could have helped him. But because of the existence of the Vengeful Spirits, the devils were all busy. They simply couldn’t rescue.

“Hey… you group of bastards.”

Tuoba Gui roared in madness. The human army had clearly occupied the advantage and he himself could not even run away.

“This world is destined to burned, it will be destroyed.” Tuoba Gui suddenly screamed and then his body burned with strong fire. That fire was releasing intense magic fluctuations.

“Get out of the way.” Xiao Yu immediately noticed the power contained in the fire and immediately commanded everyone to dodge. That fire was much stronger than the general fire, if a weak person touched then we would be burned to death.

Everyone was very agile. They immediately escaped and did not suffer too much damage. At this time, Tuoba Gui shouted and rushed out to get out of the encirclement.

However, how could everyone let him escape? At this time, it was necessary to kill him here. Little Dragon screamed and smashed down his Nunchakus. Nunchaku after Nanchku hit the chest of Tuoba Gui, leaving him no way to escape.

Now, Little Dragon used more nunchakus and he was very skilled at it. Now the use of skills made the Nunchaku more lethal and the precision was also very high.

After taking so many hits, Tuoba Gui was covered in blood.

At this time, other people also followed up. Everyone attacked Tuoba Gui with their full might. Even Black soldiers next to them was affected by the impact and directly crushed.

Now, Tuoba Gui was like a dog, wanting to escape everywhere but still couldn’t escape. It was extremely frustrating.

At the end of the battle, Ao Pull saw this opportunity and he immediately pierced the of Tuoba Gui’s abdomen with his sword. Blood gushed out from wound like fountain.

At this moment, the entire battlefield was quiet and everyone watched this century’s decisive battle. In the end, Ao Pull killed Tuoba Gui.

The Black soldiers uttered cries at this time and then quickly fled backwards. They no longer had the will to resist. Imperial Tiger Guards and other army completely chased after them to eliminate these Black soldiers.

Xiao Yu looked at it all and took a long sigh of relief. He knew that it was all over. The problem of Yunmeng was completely solved.

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