World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 547

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A month passed just like that…

During the month, Black soldiers had tried many times to breach the defence line but failed in the end.

Yunmeng had also continuously strengthened the line of defence. All the women and children who could not go to the battlefield were mobilized to constantly reinforce the trenches under the guidance of the goblins.

Goblins played a vital role in this battle, including the time when the Zergs invaded. The walls they built could be said to have saved the entire Yunmeng. Now, the thickness of this wall was tens of meters.

The Imperial Tiger Guards were patrolling on the defence line. The various instruments were also placed neatly. Special people were assigned to launch them.

Looking at the defence line, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but think of the famous Maginot line in World War II. The solidity of the Maginot line made everyone feel awe. In the Maginot line, there was a subway, all kinds of guns, even toilets, etc. It was a steel fortress. If Germany had really attacked the Maginot line, maybe the end of the war would be completely different.

However, it was a pity that Germany had Manstein and directly bypassed the Maginot line. The Frenchmen were dumbfounded and could only wait to die.

The current defence line was equipped with all kinds of arrowheads, Ballistas etc. It was armed to the extreme.

This month gave them the time to arm this defence line to the extreme. Therefore, this was one reason why Tuoba Hong was now confident in dealing with Black soldiers. Children and women who were not allowed to go to the battlefield were often helped in logistics.

Of course, some people who were of no use were sent away to obtain food and so on. In a large battle, logistics was the most crucial. If you couldn’t guarantee that all the soldiers on the front line had enough food and weapons, then it was very difficult to win the war.

Tap… tap… tap…

The sound of the walking of Black soldiers on the ground sounded. Wave of Black soldiers slowly approached the defence line.

“The citizens of Yunmeng, we are the people who have been favoured by Heaven. Our Golden Wolf flag will always fly. Our horses will always run on the prairie. For our children, for our wives, for us, let’s kills the Black soldiers and avenge those brothers and sisters who have died.”

The voice of Tuoba Hong travelled to the distance.

“Hehehee…Tuoba Hong, do you think you can really win this war? Let me tell you, victory definitely belongs to me. I am the king of the world, hahaha…” After Tuoba Hong finished his passionate speech, someone ridiculed him with sinister laugh.

Tuoba Gui!!!

Obviously, Tuoba Gui was no longer the same as the previous one. His voice showed that his strength had reached an extremely terrifying level.

“Tuoba Gui, you are already a devil now. Do you want all the Yunmeng citizens to be like you? In the past, although you were betraying, I still think that you are a Yunmeng citizen, but now, you are no longer a Yunmeng citizen. Today, I am going to behead you with my sword and avenge the dead brothers and sisters of Yunmeng.”

“Hey…Tuoba Hong, now my strength is not something that you can understand. I have now reached a completely different level. I want all the Yunmeng citizens to follow me to the world where everyone can live forever. In that world, we can do whatever we want. We will become gods, haha… We are Protoss and I want to make Yunmeng citizens become Protoss.” Tuoba Gui’s voice came again. The madness contained in it made everyone tremble.

“Haha… attacks!!” Tuoba Gui did not waste time talking. He began to command the troops to advance to level this line of defence.

“Get ready to fight, prepare bows and prepare the Ballistas…” said Tuoba Hong.

The Black soldiers were gradually approaching. They were carrying various ladders, some siege vehicles and other siege equipment to attack the defence line but in essence, their biggest advantage was still their number.

Gradually, when these Black soldiers neared, Xiao Yu and Tuoba Hong could clearly see that in the centre of the Black soldiers, there was a huge throne. On the throne, a man with a gloomy face and a cold smile was sitting.

That person was the Tuoba Gui that had transformed into devil.

“Rely, his current strength was very strong and he is elite in the elites. Are you sure to kill him?” Xiao Yu asked the next one.

Ao Pull shook his head and said. “He is far stronger than me. If it is only me, I am definitely not his opponent. However if your heroes also helps then I can take him down.”

“Then we will do that. After all we can’t kill all of Black soldiers. It’s just matter of time before Black soldiers overwhelm us and destroy defence line. This is all an out attack so there are at lakhs of Black soldiers.” Said Xiao Yu.

On the wall, all the long-range weapons were ready.

“The Ballista, the first group, fire.”

“The Ballista, the second group, fire.”

The Ballista could shoot farthest so they were launched first. Numerous adobes fell from the sky like rain. All the siege instruments of Black soldiers were destroyed by them.

Although adobes were not that powerful by themselves, situation was completely different if they were powered by inertia.

Because enough preparations have been made in advance, the number of Ballistas was very high and the number of stones thrown was also very high. Adobes were falling like rain, leaving no place to hide. One Black soldiers ‘died’ after another.

Looking at the scene, even the soldiers on the wall were shocked.

Quantitative changes leads to qualitative changes.

Although the Ballista was very fierce and killed countless Black soldiers, the number of Black soldiers was too much. Moreover, even if their death was certain, Black soldiers would still go forward and would never back down.

These black soldiers never feared death.

Therefore, killing all of them was not plausible so they had to think of something else.

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