World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 546

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As Xiao Yu and others were talking, the door in the defence line was being closed. Suddenly they saw a group of people running wildly toward the gate and they were crying out for help. These people were different from those Black soldiers who were completely devoid of humanity. Apparently they had not yet been transformed.

However, behind them were the countless Black soldiers who were armed with the various weapons. Some of those who ran slowly were all hacked by Black soldiers.

“General Hu, what should we do?”

Seeing this situation, the soldiers under his command immediately asked.

Looking at this scene, Tuoba Hu knew that they couldn’t open the door because once they opened the door; Black soldiers might rush in and cause huge casualties.

However, if they did not open the door, these people would die. These people were the citizens of Yunmeng and he would receive serious condemnation at that time, so it was extremely difficult to make decision.

If only there were only more than 40,000 Black soldiers, it would still be fine but it was very likely that there were more Black soldiers behind these Black soldiers. In that case, it was really a big trouble.

This line of defence was the last line of defence. If it fell, the whole Yunmeng would be finished.

“Tuoba Hu, send the Imperial Tiger Guards to fend off the attack of these black soldiers, I will help you hold the gate.” At this time, Xiao Yu said.

Tuoba Hu gratefully said: “Thank you, Duke Xiao.”

Xiao Yu smiled slightly and said: “No need to thank me. Hurry up; as long as the speed is fast enough, you can intercept these Black soldiers.”

Tuoba Hu nodded and turned to Qin Che and said: “Qin Che, you also go with me. We will both intercept the Black soldiers from both directions.”

Qin Che nodded and said: “Okay.”

As a result, the gates opened again and the Imperial Tiger Guards rushed out from the gates. When Yunmeng citizens who were getting chased and saw the gates open, all of them were full of tears. They chanted the name of the Imperial Tiger Guards.


The Imperial Tiger Guards rushed out like a group of tigers with an unprecedented momentum. At this time, they were fighting to protect the citizens of Yunmeng. This kind of battle was the most glorious so they were also very eager.

“Call the Mountain Giants to come over and block the gate.” Xiao Yu ordered the Mountain Giants to come over to block the city gate.

The Mountain Giants were very suitable to block the gate. Their bodies were tall. Moreover, the most important thing was that the Mountain Giants were thick and it was difficult for ordinary people to enter.

At this time, the Black soldiers were at least tens of thousands. Many Black soldiers took the opportunity to mix into the citizens, ready to take this opportunity to enter into the city.

“The Elf Archers get ready. When you see those Black people, kill them.” Xiao Yu issued another order.

Now the elf archers naturally would come in handy. Even if these Black soldiers were mixed among the people, it would be difficult for them to enter the gate.

“Kill!” The Imperial Tiger Guards roared. They killed one Black soldier after another.

The Black soldiers only have large number but their actual combat power was not very strong. They were not real warriors. They did not fighting skills. They wore no standard armour and weapons. Many Black soldiers were holding a kitchen knife or a hammer.

Because many of them were transformed from ordinary people, they had no much strength. However since they fought completely disregarding their own life, they cause a lot of damage.

At this time, in front of onslaught of Imperial Tiger Guards, their fragile side was highlighted. At once, they were killed and wounded.

“Air Unit, go help.” Xiao Yu waved his hand and then let the Air Unit go to help. They would direct the Imperial Tiger Guards.

As a result, Imperial Tiger Guards began to charge back and forth among the ranks of the Black Soldiers and the people who rushed toward the gate of the defence line.

Among the citizens who have not transformed yet, there were at least 10,000 black soldiers. They were very conspicuous because they wore Black clothes.

These Black soldiers’ intelligence was very low. Although they knew that they were mixed in the normal citizens, they did not know how to change the colour of their clothes so it was too easy to locate them.

In this way, they completely became the target of the Elf archers. With a bang, countless arrows were shot on these black soldiers.

In a blink of an eye, innumerable Black soldiers were killed. Although some of them succeeded to reach the gate, other soldiers already dealt with them.

Seeing that the normal citizens had basically entered the city, Xiao Yu immediately sent a signal to the Imperial Tiger Guards to retreat.

Looking at the growing number of Black soldiers, Tuoba Hu knew that Imperial Tiger Guards must retreat before they got surrounded. Hundreds of thousands of black soldiers had emerged, attempting to capture the city wall in this way.

“Withdrawal!” Hearing Tuoba Hu’s order, Impeial Tiger Guards began to retreat but they found because of overwhelming number of Black soldiers.

From the above, Xiao Yu’s Air Unit also helped in retreat. Chimera continued to open up enough space for them by unleashing Breaths. The lethality of the Air Unit was absolutely amazing, especially the Chimeras.

Under the Xiao Yu’s command, Kael’thas, Antonidas, and Lin Muxue also used magic to ease the pressure on the Imperial Tiger Guards.

Xiao Yu stood on the defence line and looked at the dense Black soldiers. He was so shocked. There number was really too many, just like ant colony.

No wonder Tuoba Hu would say that the situation in these days was very serious. So many Black soldiers, he was afraid that they were no less than Zergs, maybe even more.

Fortunately, Imperial Tiger Guards successfully retreated back and gets were closed after normal citizens of Yunmeng crossed the defence line.

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