World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 545

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Those converted people had a very obvious difference and that was, their eyes turned weird grey. They were completely no longer human eyes.

This also indicated that they were no longer human.

Tuoba Hu and Xiao Yu talked about what happened recent. When they arrived, situation was completely chaotic and many cities had completely become dead cities.

Tuoba Hong listened to Xiao Yu’s suggestion and sent many scouts. He posted a lot of notices or reminded them in other ways, telling them that these people were no longer human beings. They had become devils.

At that time, Tuoba Hong built a defence line and gave up on many cities and people in the north. Many people felt that Tuoba Hong was too cold-blooded.

However, Tuoba Hong’s move was completely correct.

If it wasn’t for him to build this line of defence quickly, then those devils (transformed humans) might have already killed crazily, causing more casualties.

After experiencing so many things, Tuoba Hong was no longer the former Tuoba Hong. He had really grown to be a great leader.

Now, in the north of the line of defence, there were still many people who had not transformed yet. Tuoba Hong sent many small cavalrymen teams to find these people and bring them back.

According to the report, most of the people had been completely transformed and turned into accomplices of the devils.

Many of my former allies had now become enemies. This kind of pain could not be understood by ordinary people. Now, Yunmeng was in a life and death crisis. At this time, fortunately, there was a wise emperor like Tuoba Hong, which allowed Yunmeng to stand still in the storm.

However, Tuoba Hong was also very tired.

He really wanted to find a shoulder to lean on, but he couldn’t do so, because he was the emperor of this empire. Everyone relied on him; they needed his support so he must live up to their expectation.

Everyone saw the successful side of a wise Emperor, but few people saw the hardships they had suffered. In fact, Tuoba Hong was also fortunate. Although he did not have a shoulder to rely on, there was at least one corner that allowed him to relax a little.

The corner that he relied on was Xiao Yu.

With Xiao Yu, he could go to sleep with peace of mind.

Nicholas did not come with Xiao Yu this time, but after separating from Xiao Yu, he quickly went back to his territory. It seemed that something had happened on his side. The Mysterious force here was already acting and the Mysterious force over there was likely to have begun to act.

Nicholas was a far-sighted person. He knew that sometimes, he must make preparations early. That’s why; Xiao Yu was not that worried about him.

“How is that Tuoba Gui?” Xiao Yu asked casually.

Tuoba Hu slightly stagnated and then slowly said: “He has now completely turned into a devil king. According to many people who have escaped from the palace, current Tuoba Gui is no longer the same as the previous Tuoba Gui. Now his body is releasing incredible power. In the past, Tuoba Gui was only a fifth-order warrior but now his strength has reached sixth.”

Tuoba Hu was obviously very guilty regarding things he had done. Indeed, if the Imperial Tiger Guards stood on the side of Tuoba Hong then Tuoba Hong would have advantage. In that case, the power of Tuoba Gui would definitely be weak. In that case, the people of Yunmeng might not have transformed into devils.

Xiao Yu patted the shoulder of Tuoba Hu and said: “You don’t know the real situation about Tuoba Gui so you can’t blame yourself for it. Now, you have to devote yourself to Yunmeng. Your Imperial Tiger Guards are still the elites in the elites who played a decisive role in this battle.”

Tuoba Hu sighed and said: “Hope so, I have all the soldiers in my territory mobilized. I hope I can make up for my fault.”

At that time, Tuoba Hu did not know what Zergs situation was, so he only brought 20,000 tigers to the army. In fact, there was total of 50,000 Imperial Tiger Guards.

In addition, there were a large number of ordinary cavalry units under the command of Tuoba Hu. Because of the long-term selection of the Hu army, these people were also elite. Now that they all come, it was indeed great force.

“Brother Xiao Yu.” At this time, Qin Che came over and revealed a sly smile.

“Qin Che.” Xiao Yu looked at Qin Che who had grown taller and matured and felt happy.

“Qin Che, you are here.” Seeing Qin Che come over, Tuoba Hu also greeted with enthusiasm because after this period of contact, Tuoba Hu was also very fond of Qin Che.

At the beginning, if it wasn’t for Qin Che’s help in withstanding the attack of Tuoba Gui and building a defence line, then everything would be unimaginable.

It could be said that Qin Che was also a great virtue for Yunmeng.

This was not the main reason. The main reason was Qin Che’s understanding of the cavalry tactics. Tuoba Hu had been grooming cavalry for his lifetime and Qin Che was most talented cavalry general that he had seen.

“General, Black soldiers are rushing over here, the number is about 40,000 people.” At this time, a fierce person quickly came over to report.

“Oh? Are they coming again?” Tuoba Hu’s eyebrows rose.

The ‘Black Soldiers’ was the name given to those who have been transformed by Yunmeng. It’s because once they transformed, they would paint all their clothes in black.

“Do they come often recently?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Yeah! If it is not for this line of defence, the situation will be even worse. Every time they come to the city, they launch suicide attack. They come in tens of thousands. Moreover, they don’t fear death at all.” Tuoba Hu said with a helpless look.

What if they can kill more people? All those were former Yunmeng citizens and their brothers and sisters, but now, they had all become devils.

Xiao Yu listened and nodded. “This is no way. The source of all this is that guy. Sooner or later, we will definitely catch him and kill him.”

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