World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 444

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Xiao Yu called the goblin out and said: “Now we are obviously trapped here, we have to rush out. Find a way to get out of here quickly!”

The goblin nodded, didn’t say anything. He quickly jumped back and forth to find a way out.

Others were also constantly looking for special places to rush out of here.

“Haha… You want to resist the will of the great Gul’dan. You are looking for death. The great Gul’dan is coming. If you want to rule the world, you can only follow him. haha…”

The voice of Augustus sounded again shaking everyone here.

When goblin heard this voice, he screamed pitifully and fell on the ground. Blood was flowing out of his nose.

“Despicable!” Xiao Yu suddenly snorted and then let Uther heal the goblin.

Augustus was obviously very jealous of the goblins, so he would be wounded in this way. In this case, it was difficult for everyone to find out the exit in a short time.

“What should I do?” Nicholas looked at the goblin and asked Xiao Yu. He has already sent other people to look around but obviously did not find anything useful.

Xiao Yu looked at the current situation; his eyes turned around as he said: “What to do? Everyone listen, don’t leave even a single stone unturned. I don’t believe that I can’t make a way out.”

Hearing Xiao Yu’s idea, Nicholas’s eyes brightened. This method might indeed be useful.

When everyone heard Xiao Yu say this, everyone immediately began to search around and began to tap on all sides to search for ways to crack this energy barrier.

Xiao Yu also pretended to search everywhere, but actually, he took Kael’thas to the place where the blood elf energy came out.

The energy there couldn’t be left. After all, it was a great treasure of the blood elves; it could increase Kael’thas’s power to an unimaginable level.

When Xiao Yu arrived there, he found that the energy had been isolated by this energy barrier and could not be ingested at all.

Looking at the energy, Kael’thas suddenly exclaimed: “The ball of arcane?”

Xiao Yu suddenly stunned and said: “The ball of arcane, what is that stuff?”

Kael’thas excitedly said: “That is a powerful magic of our blood elves, it can form a weightless space barrier around an area. It can also release a lot of magical arcane balls, causing huge damage.”

“Oh… it turned out to be that magic.” Xiao Yu was very clear about this magic. This was also a killer move of Kael’thas. A space barrier that can surround the enemy and then powerful magical arcane balls were enough to kill anyone.

“That magic has been away from me for too long, I must get it back.” Kael’thas looked at the magical energy of the blood elf as his eyes flashed.

Xiao Yu patted the shoulders of Kael’thas and said: “Do not worry, Kyle, all the things that belong to you, I will help you get it back.”


At this time, the entire hall began to shook.

“What is the situation?” When Xiao Yu looked back, he found that Maiev was holding a wheel saw and was slamming against a place on the roof. Every time she hit, the whole hall would tremble.

Maiev jumped down and looked at Xiao Yu and replied “This seems to be the hub of the entire energy barrier. If we can break it, we should be able to rush out.”

“Oh? How did you find out?” Xiao Yu asked very strangely.

“It’s very simple. The energy here is the most concentrated. Most people think that the place with the most energy is the most powerful and can’t be broken. In fact, it is often the most vulnerable place.” Maiev said faintly.

Xiao Yu nodded, it was indeed the truth.

“Everyone, let’s work together and get out of here.” Xiao Yu said with a laugh and threw a glace at Tyrande and Kael’thas.

Tyrande and Kael’thas immediately noticed Xiao Yu’s intention. They drew out bow and arrow and began to bombard of the weak place.


Energy ripples appeared on the barrier with every hit. Soon, all other people also launched their attacks and began to bombard the place where the energy was most concentrated.

“You stupid guys, do you really think that you can break through from here? You can’t escape the fate of being sacrifices, haha…” The laughter of Augustus came again, it sounded arrogant.

“Give me a fight.” Xiao Yu, no matter what Augustus was yelling at him, directly ordered people to break the barrier first.

Then, everyone’s attacks were like raindrops falling on a weak point of the energy barrier. The sound of the explosion made people feel that it was going to collapse completely at any time.

However, the strength of this energy barrier was obviously far beyond what people expected. After all the people have been attacking for a long time, there was still no sign of being able to destroy it.

“Comrades, take out your hidden triumph cards directly because it will be useless when you die.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

Hearing that Xiao Yu said, Nicholas was very distressed but he still got the magical guns out and fired them on the weak point of the barrier.


The magical cannons were awesome. After all, it was anything but normal. It immediately released disastrous energy waves and almost destroyed the energy barrier.

“Haha, good, continue to blast.” Xiao Yu excitedly shouted.

Nicholas squinted at the side. I am not spending your money. You know how much money I spend to make this shot.

“Everyone match attack timing with the magical cannons and do not hold back” shouted Nicholas.

Everyone along with cannons launched their attacks on the gathering point to destroy the barrier I fall sweep.

All types of attack energies blended together, losing their colours and turning into dazzling white light. Soon after, a huge explosion came.

Shock waves caused everyone to directly fall down on the ground. If they still kept standing, they would be basically smashed by the energy storm.

Everyone did not expect that the energy gathered by everyone would be so powerful.


The huge energy behind explosion directly torn down the energy barrier. The energy that was supporting the place suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Without the support of this energy, the hall immediately began to collapse, but the gravel did not fall to the bottom but flew upward.

Because of the explosion, gravels were blown out to the outside. Otherwise, these gravels would fall down and would have killed a lot of people.

When everything was settled down, top of the entire hall was gone, revealing a huge alter above. There was now a majestic altar on the top, emitting glow.

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