World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 544

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The pillar of fire lasted for nearly a minute and after a minute, the fire cloud disappeared. No trace was left in the blink of an eye. Everyone felt as if nothing had happened.

When people slowly opened their eyes and looked at the position of Ossirian in the middle of the cave, they found that there was only a huge pit and those tentacles had already disappeared.

Silence! Complete silence!

“Grom, go over and check whether Ossirian has died.” Xiao Yu called Grom and commanded him to check out the pit. Although Grom was unwilling to do so, he still entered the pit.

Some time later, Grom came out from the pit and informed that Ossirian had died and its body was destroyed. Hearing that Xiao Yu did not collect any treasures but choose to leave.

The three magicians naturally followed Xiao Yu. Surprisingly, Nicholas also did not look for any treasures, but left with them.

The reason why he let Grom go down was to go to fetch the body of Ossirian. At that time, everyone had experienced the destructiveness of that forbidden magic and thought that Ossirian’s body would have completely destroyed. They did not think that the body of Ossirian could really be preserved.

So, Xiao Yu took advantage of this fact and let Grom put the eyes of Ossirian into the space ring and then came out pretending that it was destroyed and no one doubted.

However, with how powerful the three Great Magicians were, how could they not know about that? And how could Theodore not understand Xiao Yu’s character.

“Okay, this time you have already got a lot of good things. This thing is not that important for you. If thing wasn’t managed well, it will spell disaster.” said Theodore while directly extending his hand.

“Hey, you are really hypocritical. Since you killed the Ossirian, you contributed most. I will you one eye but I will keep other one…”

Although Xiao Yu was reluctant, he took out a fist-sized eye of Ossirian from the space ring and handed it to Theodore.

After Theodore took over, he felt the powerful power of the eyes of Ossirian and nodded slightly. “With this thing, in the crisis of the mainland, we can help more in time of need.”

“Yes, the behind-the-scenes initiator of that incident is certainly not so simple. It is certainly not so easy to kill him, but with the eye of Ossirian, situation is different.” Chuck also added.

“You are talking about the leader of Mysterious forces?” Xiao Yu said.

“Well, yes, him. You need to work harder and investigate clearly. When time to deal with him comes, we will naturally take part.” Theodore said.

Theodore knew that although the three of them are Great Magicians, the safety of the mainland could not be maintained by only three of them. A large number of troops were needed.

Among them, Xiao Yu’s current power was undoubtedly the most appropriate. Xiao Yu, this person, was indeed the most suitable candidate.

All they need to do was to help Xiao Yu at that time. The Magician was indispensable, but it could only be auxiliary and would not become the centre.

What was really needed on this continent was a king.

The greatest king!!!

The next day, Xiao Yu took the people and set off to the north to support Tuoba Hong. According to the latest news from the Griffins, situation was not very optimistic there.

So, Xiao Yu must go there quickly. Yunmeng was in the rear of Xiao Yu. Only by stabilizing this side (Tuoba Hong’s), could he go east and recover other places. Now, the army of the Church, and the Mysterious forces was there (Qin Che’s battle region). They were eagerly waiting for their arrival.

Xiao Yu took his soldiers and marched for full four days straight before they reached the front line. On the way, Xiao Yu also encountered many Yunmeng refugees who had escaped from there.

They were all worried and horrified as if they encountered devils there. In fact, according to Xiao Yu’s understanding, east Yunmeng was now almost same as the devil region.

Those who escaped said that the people over there had gone crazy and they didn’t know what was going on.

It seemed that people suddenly went crazy overnight and became completely another person. They only knew about killing and worshipped only one statue. They killed everyone who hindered them.

Even their wives, children and parents, as long as they dared to hinder their allegiance to the god, they would be ruthlessly killed. This kind of situation could be seen everywhere.

Xiao Yu was very dignified. He knew that such a war was a very cruel war. Therefore, he speed up and reached the front lines.

When they arrived here, they found that a line of defence had been built. Those who were transformed were all isolated and not allowed to come.

Obviously, the situation had reached a very serious point.

Tuoba Hong was supervising the battle from the defence line. When he saw Xiao Yu, he let out a relieved smile. He said: “You take over from here; I will go to sleep first.”

“Fu#k, can you change the words?” Xiao Yu’s head was full of black lines. What does Tuoba Hong think of him? Every time he comes, Tuoba Hong pushes his responsibility to him.

At this time, Tuoba Hu came over and said: “Duke Xiao, I will take you around and tell you about the recent situation here.”

Xiao Yu nodded.

This line of defence was not as long as the one that was built to resist Zergs but it was not short either. It had only one door in the middle. Everyone passing through the door must be inspected to check whether they had already converted.

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  1. was expecting more, but this is ending in 15 chapters, so a lot of thigs are going to be cut short….

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