World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 543

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This magic was a single target magic. It did not have big AOE. So the power was basically applied to Ossirian. But everyone still felt like they were attacked by formidable enemy.

If this magic was landed on the body, they were definitely done for. They would most likely perish even without reacting.

Forbidden magic, it was really too powerful.

This white light lasted for ten seconds. When everyone opened his eyes again, they found that the huge eyes of Ossirian had been completely destroyed, leaving a huge pit on the scene.

“Fu#k, even forbidden magic did not kill this Ossirian in one go?” Xiao Yu was shocked. The forbidden magic was very powerful but it was still not enough to kill the Ossirian.

In any case, Ossirian was also the Ancient god.

Just when Xiao Yu was in a state of sorrow, suddenly, a huge tentacles slammed out from under the ground, full of grinding discs, hundreds of meters long, just a glimpse, they gave people Go out for hundreds of meters.


Ossirian roared in anger, apparently completely irritated. The Forbidden Magic was too strong and it directly ruined its upper body.

“Comrades, it has entered second stage so be careful. Hurry, destroy those damn tentacles, don’t be merciful.”

After Xiao Yu finished shouting, the huge eyes of Ossirian floated out again, but this time there were many eyes surrounding him. It shot a lot of Light of Destruction, causing great damage to everyone.

“Be careful, dodge!” The scene was in mess. Everyone was caught off guard by Ossirian. A lot of casualties began to appear.

At this time, Ferguson had also begun to prepare for the Forbidden Magic. At this time, there was nothing else to say. If they didn’t use the Forbidden Magic, they couldn’t kill Ossirian.

Then the spell sounded again.

At this time, the wrathful Ossirian was undoubtedly extremely powerful. Each of its tentacles was not worse than a sixth-order peak warrior. Adventurers must go all out to be able to suppress these tentacles and create opportunities for Ferguson.

At this time everyone was working together to resist these tentacles.

Ferguson’s hands, in addition to holding a Forbidden Magic scroll, were also holding a strange compass. With this compass, his spell casting speed was much faster, using only half the time of Theodore. Once it was finished, a huge space crack suddenly appeared on the heads of all people. Everyone suddenly felt a powerful sucking force as if they were going to be sucked in by the space crack.

However, because Ferguson was in control, no one was sucked in. Ferguson controlled the space crack and slowly moved it toward the position of the Ossirian.

Ossirian who clearly felt the power of this powerful space magic roared and countless tentacles stretched out, trying to kill Ferguson.

Looking at so many tentacles, Xiao Yu and others tried to destroy them as soon as possible so as to defend the Ferguson.

Bang bang bang……

At this time, Ferguson’s space crack had already reached the sky above Ossirian. The space crack gradually widened and became bigger, slowly swallowing the Ossirian.

Ossirian roared in pain and the space crack fell on it. Its body was twisted as if it had been cut by an countless blades.

When the space crack disappeared, everyone found that the half of the body of Ossirian had been completely ruined.

“He hasn’t been able to fully recover his strength, so my magic worked on him. Xiao Yu immediately attacks wounded half of his body lest he recover quickly.” After Ferguson released the Forbidden Magic, his face went pale as he told Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded and let Kael’thas, Antonidas, Lin Bixue plus a few powerful Magicians of the Nicholas family ran to the Ossirian and attack the wounds caused by Ferguson just now.

“Brother, Chuck attack now.” Ferguson urged the Chuck to attack.

Chuck did not waste time. He immediately took Magic Scroll and began to recite spell. Chuck took longer than Theodore in reciting spell, because it was obvious that the power of this forbidden magic was even greater.

Now that Ossirian was seriously injured. With such forbidden magic, Ossirian would be finished and everything would be over. This was not a fair battle. The existence of the three Great Magicians could be said to have made this trip to Ahn’Qiraj easier.

In fact, if they only relied on Xiao Yu’s team and adventurers, even if they could successfully defeat Ossirian, they have to pay very heavy price.

Finally, Chuck’s forbidden magic was ready and the sky was already covered with a layer of fiery red clouds. Everyone felt a terrible increment in the temperature.

It looked like it was not a magic that humans could display but more like God’s punish.

It’s too horrible. It seemed that they were a group of chickens facing the eagle in the sky; they had no resistance at all. It’s as if they were standing naked in the open field and facing an endless storm.


It was thundering and the dense red clouds began to gather together to form a vortex of flames. In the centre of the flame vortex, a huge black hole is formed.

When the black hole slowly opened, it was already on the head of Ossirian.

Ossirian looked at the flame vortex and a look of horror appeared on his face. But at this time, everything was already late. A huge pillar of fire instantly fell to the body of Ossirian.


Everyone closed their eyes subconsciously for a moment, because the light was so strong that it was completely unobtrusive.

At this time, everyone seemed to be a new-born baby, without any protection.

They had no doubt that if they were a little closer to the pillar of fire, they would be burned to ashes immediately.

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