World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 542

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The attack used by Ossirian previously was called Light of Destruction. No one could withstand it.

Fortunately, there would be certain signs when Ossirian launched the Light of Destruction, giving people time to evade. After the Light of Destruction was launched, it could only be launched at certain trajectory and its speed was relatively slow.


With the yell of Xiao Yu, three Great Magicians took the lead and casted magic on the Ossirian.

They had just seen the extremely powerful Light of Destruction of Ossirian. They knew that this Ossirian could pose a life and death threat to them. If they were not careful enough, they themselves might be killed by Ossirian.

“Don’t be afraid, this guy looks very powerful but it’s not as terrible as you imagined. His Light of Destruction is very slow so people who are not stupid will not be killed.” At this time, Xiao Yu had to say a few words in a loud voice to boost everyone’s morale.

Bang bang bang……

At this time, a lot of tentacles suddenly came out from the ground and they were attacked people from all sides. Many people couldn’t respond in time and got caught and were hung in mid-air.

Some assassins and agile warriors dodged the tentacles and showed that tentacles were not completely invincible.

“Melee warriors destroy the tentacles. They are not so powerful. Some warriors block them with and others carry out a fire attack from distance.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

When everyone heard the yells of Xiao Yu, they immediately began to more focused and their morale also boosted.

“Everyone fight fiercely; just kill this guy so that we can make a fortune. I will also allow everyone to enter into Lion King City without entrance fee” Xiao Yu directed the battle but did not forget to entice everyone.

He knew that these people come here for the sake of profit. If he said something like protecting the mainland, they would definitely not contribute but if he promised to give them some benefits then they would immediately motivated.

Sure enough, after hearing promise of Xiao Yu, they all were fired up. They screamed and violently destroyed those tentacles.

“Be careful, the Light of Destruction is coming again. Hurry and dodge it. This light of destruction is very slow. If you are not a snail, you will definitely be able to dodge it but don’t run around randomly.” Xiao Yu looked at Ossirian once again and immediately shouted loudly.

At this time, from the eyes of Ossirian, another Light of Destruction was shot.

“Fu#ck! It was going to unleash two Light of Destructions but don’t be afraid, although there is one more, the speed is still very slow. Just pay attention to it.” Xiao Yu loudly reminded. He soon saw that the light of destruction was nothing more than a rule, suddenly coming out from here, or emerging from there, but the speed of advancement is still not very fast.

“Three Great Magicians, if you don’t have time to dodge then use teleportation. This Light of Destruction is ineffective on teleportation.” Xiao Yu loudly reminded the three Great Magicians. For this battle, the main force was the three Great Magicians.

The three Great Magicians nodded with seriousness. While dodging the Light of Destruction, they continued to cast some small Magics to deal some damage to the eyes of Ossirian.

“Theodore, let’s uses that. This guy is too powerful. If we don’t use that, it’s hard to really hurt it.” At this time, Ferguson said to Theodore.

Theodore also nodded and said: “Yes, he is actually recovering fast. I am afraid that only forbidden magic can really hurt it.”

“Who is going first?” Chuck listened to the conversations of the two people. He also knew that at this time, it was necessary to use the forbidden magic. However, using the forbidden magic was very harmful for magician himself.

“In the three of us, I am oldest so let me go first, anyway, I can’t live for a long time…” When Theodore heard the Chuck’s question, he smiled and watched the Light of Destruction disappear. Knowing that the time had come, he immediately stood in a favourable position and then took out a prepared magic scroll and began to recite the spell.

“Everyone protect the Great Magician Theodore and win time for Great Magician Theodore.” When Xiao Yu saw this, he understood that crucial moment had come so he immediately shouted.

At this time, Ossirian naturally felt that Theodore was preparing for something very terrible, so he had already extended a lot of tentacles and attacked Theodore.

However, Little Dragon, Grom as well as some other sixth-order warriors rushed over to resist the attack of these tentacles for Theodore.

At the same time, Ferguson and Chuck continued to use Magic attacks to restrain Ossirian.

Everyone felt the extremely strong magical fluctuations and the enormous energy surrounding the Theodore. The air around them began to flow rapidly.

Although there was a magic scroll, Theodore still spent a few minutes to cast the Forbidden Magic.

Seeing that Theodore’s Magic was about to be released, Chuck shouted loudly: “Everyone retreats immediately.”

When everyone heard the yell of Chuck, how could they not understand the situation? Forbidden Magic was going to be released, so one by one, they all immediately draw back.

At this time, Ossirian’s tentacles stretched even more and it wanted to kill Theodore. However, Theodore’s magic had already taken shape at this time.


A huge magic ball with a diameter of tens of meters shot out like a giant cannonball. It fell from the sky and slammed straight toward Ossirian.


The loud noise made everyone feel that their ears were almost smashed. The white light made everyone feel almost blind.

“Fu#ck! I finally know what it feels like to have an atomic bomb explode.” Xiao Yu thought to himself. Xiao Yu directly fell to the ground and hugged his head. This scene was really shocking.

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