World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 541

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“Finally arrived here, let’s see if we can kill Ossirian. After killing him, we go to help Tuoba Hong to kill Tuoba. If those people are left and undead disasters of the years ago may repeat itself. It is very troublesome.”

After saying those words, Xiao Yu led the large forces inside the temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Now, the Zergs in this area had basically been cleaned up and now only Temple of Ahn’Qiraj was left.

When Xiao Yu stepped into the temple of Ahn’Qiraj, he suddenly heard a heavy sigh. This sigh seemed to have come from other world, passing through time and space, making people feel extremely old and heavy.

The three Great Magicians were also following the team. When they heard this sigh, they all felt heavy.

“This is the power of the seventh order. Not only that, it has reached the peak of the seventh order. This kind of power does not belong to this world. This should be the power of the gods.” Chuck muttered. There was an extremely complicated look in the eyes.

Xiao Yu was not very familiar with this place. Therefore, Xiao Yu could only take adventurers and slowly search for the most efficient way.

Along the way, they met all kinds of Zergs. However, Xiao Yu’s team was strong so he was not afraid of sneak attack. All the Zergs that came out to attack were easily killed.

Xiao Yu and others were walking when they suddenly heard the sound of riots in front of them. Many people were yelling: “Run, run, this beast is too strong, we can’t kill it.”


Just as Xiao Yu paced toward the source of the voices, they slowly died down.

When Xiao Yu came to the hall, he found two humanoid shaped Zergs guarding it. Two humanoid shaped Zergs killed all the adventurers which separated from Xiao Yu and others to find some treasures.

Xiao Yu immediately recognised them. They were two Gemini Emperors.

Xiao Yu immediately ordered to encircle two Gemini Emperors. Soon two humanoid shaped Zergs were encircled by many people but no one went ahead to kill them.

Including Leonardo and Roberts, they all watched from the side-lines. They did not rush to attack. Just now, some people angered the Gemini Emperor and were killed in the end.

These two Gemini Emperors were really too strong.

“How can we fight these two guys?” Nicholas looked at the Gemini Emperors and asked.

Xiao Yu reluctantly grinned and said: “Nothing much, just beat them hard!”

Nicholas suddenly rolled his eyes. How could he not know that they were not easy to deal with?

“You dare to invade the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. You all are looking for a death.” When two Gemini Emperor saw Xiao Yu and others, they roared in anger.

“Can you not use new dialogue?” Xiao Yu looked at the two Gemini Emperor and said in bored tone.

Shouting such a sentence, would it scare everyone?


Little Dragon could not control himself. He went ahead attacked. With the strike of the Little Dragon, the battle kicked off.

Everything started to attack. The combined attacking power of everyone was very strong. Soon two Gemini Emperors were into passive situation.

Xiao Yu snorted and looked at the battle, feeling no pressure at all. According to this situation, after a few rounds, these two guys would be killed.

Sure enough, after some time, one of the Gemini Emperors was killed followed by other one. Looking at killed Gemini Emperors, everyone began to cheer.

Xiao Yu didn’t think that things were solved so smoothly. Everything went smoothly beyond imagination. After distributing the treasures, everyone continued to move.

After moving for a long time, everyone finally reached a huge cave. In the middle of the cave, a figure was standing.

“Mom, I don’t know why these ancient gods are so ugly.” Xiao Yu looked at the huge figure standing in front of him. Finally, he arrived here; the last battle was going to commence.

Yeah, after killing this guy, things here would be over.

“Well, we will follow old rules. Once we killed this guy, we will distribute the things according to the merits.” Xiao Yu stood up again and said loudly.

After the last fight with Anubisath, everyone had no objection on Xiao Yu being the leader of this battle for Ahn’Qiraj.

The three Great Magicians stood at the side of Xiao Yu and Xiao Yu’s strength was also strong. Moreover, Xiao Yu was fairly fair when it came to distributing treasures.

At this time, it was very difficult to find another very suitable leader.

Because there were a lot of powerful forces on the scene, who would serve who?


Just as Xiao Yu was looking at everyone with satisfaction and preparing to start the attack, Ossirian screamed, causing the entire cave to tremor. Ossirian’s eyes suddenly shot light beam at the crowd.

“Everyone, dodge!”

Xiao Yu shouted and immediately moved aside. But some people who didn’t have time to dodge and got killed.

“Fuck! Attacking so suddenly!” Xiao Yu was feeling annoyed. This guy was too irritating, attacking so suddenly kill and so many people.

This ancient god was too mean.

“Be careful; don’t be hit that light beam. The wizard can avoid it by teleporting. Once you are hit, even if you are a sixth-order master, you will still be finished. Be careful. There are a lot of tentacles around him. Don’t be caught by them.”

Since battle had already started, there was really not much to say. At this time, it was too late to say anything.

This Ossirian was not easy to fight. He was an ancient god. Wouldn’t it be strange if he was not powerful?

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  1. for those who didnt figure it out, he made a mistake, he mixed aq20 and aq40 last boss, the boss here ix c’thun, not ossirian

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