World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 540

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“What should we do?” Tuoba Hong quickly calmed down because he knew that at this time, he needed to think calmly and his words were directed to Xiao Yu.

“Are you the emperor of Yunmeng? Are you asking me?” Xiao Yu rolled his eyes. Tuoba Hong really regarded him as his brain tank.

“Less nonsense, this is related to the safety of the entire continent, do you think it is just my own problem?” Tuo Hong asked calmly.

“I will handle the matters of Ahn’Qiraj. You go to the Qin Che’s side with the Imperial Tiger Guards.” Xiao Yu said casually.

Now, there was no need for too many Imperial Tiger Guards in anyway, so it was best to let them and Tuoba Hong go to the other war front.

Tuoba Hong nodded and said: “Yes, it is not too late, I will leave immediately. You should solve the problem here as soon as possible.”

Tuoba Hong was also in a hurry. This kind of thing had been completely controlled by others. If it spread, then whole Yunmeng would be completely finished. He didn’t expect that just after Ahn’Qiraj, another trouble would pop up.

It’s not easy to be an Emperor.

When the moon rose to the sky, Tuoba Hong took the Imperial Tiger Guards and some of Yunmeng’s elite cavalry and set off. Xiao Yu looked at their backs as they went further away. Then he waved his hand and said: “Everyone sleep now! Let’s get up early tomorrow.”

The next morning, the sun rose in the sky, indicating the arrival of new day. Xiao Yu led everyone to enter Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Through the night, the three Great Magicians have digested the insights of yesterday. Xiao Yu could feel the slight changes in the three of them. This subtle Change made their strength more powerful or should say more concise.


Xiao Yu rode the Little Dragon and flew to the front and began to attack the temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Countless Zergs rushed out at this time and unleashed suicidal attack. They hoped to delay Xiao Yu’s pace of attack.

Sure enough, when Xiao Yu came to the front, he found that an unusually large Anubisath and it was surrounded many crystal columns.

“Everyone get out of the way. Don’t gather, otherwise, you will only die faster.” Xiao Yu looked at a people at the scene and immediately shouted loudly.

“Everyone stand close to the crystal column. If this guy gets near the crystal column, you have to break the crystal column and then run to new crystal column. His power is mainly come from these crystal columns, so you have to control the crystal column, but you can’t break the crystal column in advance. Only when he is close can you break it. Otherwise, you will be unlucky.” Xiao Yu loudly announced the precautions to everyone.

Everyone heard the shouts of Xiao Yu and ran to the crystal column one by one, instead of attacking the Anubisath.

There was a layer of protection on Anubisath. If people directly attacked it, many people would die in vain trying to get rid of that protection. Only when Anubisath was next to the crystal column, one could attack the crystal column and then weaken its protection.


The crystal columns fell down one by one and the protective layer on the Anubisath constantly weakened.

“Now, attack it with fire magic because it is the weak to fire magic.” Xiao Yu constantly commanded everyone to attack.

Now, it was the time when the Anubisath’s ice resistance was lowest.

“Ice! Now cast Ice Magic.”

Bang… Bang…

Lin Muxue and Antonidas shot huge and two ice spares hit the Anubisath. The protective layer began to flash, indicating that it was going to wear down.

The three Great Magicians did not action this time. Since Xiao Yu had the method of killing the Anubisath, they would not need to action for the time being. They had to reserve their energy for final battle.

Under the correct battle strategy, the Anubisath’s protective layer was getting weaker and weaker. In the end, its body was finally exposed.

Xiao Yu looked at the Anubisath whose situation was getting worse and worse, he rushed up and smashed down his Austrian axe. Little Dragon also attacked with Nunchaku, causing Anubisath to roar in pain. Little Dragon was excited because it was his battle after reaching the fifth stage.


Finally, Little Dragon jumped up and once again slammed down his Nunchaku, the tall body of Anubisath crashed down.

Everyone cheered together and was prepared to snatch the goodies from the Anubisath. However, Xiao Yu and Little Dragon stood there, how could they get them?

“I will distribute this body. Do you have any opinions?” Xiao Yu said lazily.

Everyone looked at each other and some of them said loudly: “Why is it distributed by you?”

Xiao Yu snorted and said: “Just by relying on the axe in my hand, and the Nunchaku in the hands of Little Dragon. If you are not satisfied, you can come over and fight with my Little Dragon first. If you win, it is up to you.”

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s unreasonable response, they felt very unconvinced but when they looked at Little Dragon’s huge eyes, they shuddered at his glance and could only surrender.

Xiao Yu looked at it. No one was opposing it. He said directly: “Let’s keep things simple. We will just auction these things at highest bid and distribute the things among ourselves”

Following which auction was conducted and money was distributed between everyone according to their contribution. Of course merits were determined by Xiao Yu hehe…

After finishing the auction, everyone was very satisfied. At this time, the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj was already in sight. The next step for everyone was to step in the temple.

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