World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 538

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Tuoba Hong and Nicholas looked at the top with an anxious look. Tuoba Hong was really sincere and hoped that Xiao Yu would be saved. After all, Xiao Yu’s kindness to him was too much and it was still not repaid. Moreover, he also had little conflict of interest with Xiao Yu.

As the emperor of Yunmeng, he was content. If he really wanted to invade the Sky Lion Dynasty, even if there was no Xiao Yu, other forces were not weak, so he could only give up on that thought.

On the contrary, with Xiao Yu, the Lion King City and Yunmeng were friendly neighbours which was very beneficial for Yunmeng.

Nicholas’s mood was more complicated. If Xiao Yu really fell, it might be a good thing for him because he lost the biggest opponent in the world. But if Xiao Yu was really dead, he felt inexplicable sense of loss in his heart.

This was the hero’s sympathy.

Just when everyone talked about this scene and was indiscriminately speculating, three huge figures suddenly appeared above the Scarab Wall.

It was the figure of three dragons.

The three Dragons were completely beyond the understanding of all people because these three Dragons were too big. Each one was a few kilometres long and together they looked like a huge cloud completely covering the sky.

The three Dragons floated above the Scarab Wall and looked at Xiao Yu and Little Dragon. There huge eyes were like two huge searchlights.

When Xiao Yu saw the appearance of the Dragons, Xiao Yu was relieved, knowing that this was not a huge danger but a huge opportunity.

It seemed that the Dragon’s blood in the Little Dragon just inspired the souls of the three ancient Dragons.

“The younger generation, we feel the justice in your heart. We used to be the guardians on the mainland. For this continent, we are willing to sacrifice our lives but time flies, our time has passed. We can no longer use our own power to guard this continent. Seeing that you have a sincere heart, we will pass on our strength to you. I hope you can take over the responsibility of guarding this continent.” One of the Three Ancient Dragons murmured. Although it was only muttering for the Dragon, the voice was extremely load and everyone could hear it clearly.

These Ancient Dragons were too big to be measured by common sense.

Now, everyone understood immediately. It turned out that the souls of the three Ancient Dragons were sealed here. Now, they were going to impart their power to Xiao Yu’s Dragon.

Everyone was envious of that bastard Dragon. The inheritance of the Ancient Dragons, what kind of power it had?

In the distance, Roberts saw whole scene with hatred. He thought to himself: “Wait, Xiao Yu, I have already formed an alliance with Gul’dan. Wait for me to lead the orc’s army and flatten your Lion King City. Wait for me to take away everything from you including your women.”

Leonardo who was also present, seeing this scene, clenched his fists. He thought of himself as the pride of the Heaven. He never succumbed to anyone, never envious of anyone. He has always been the object of envy of others, but at this moment, he found his beloved woman was at the side of this man. She was already a sixth-order magician. Now, this rogue Dragon had also got the Ancient Dragon’s inheritance. Why… why God was so unfair to him?

Not to mention the complicated moods of the following people. After the Ancient Dragons finished saying these words, they no longer talked nonsense. The three Ancient Dragons spurted out fine threads and connected them to Little Dragon’s body.

Little Dragon was still a little confused at this time, but his Dragon’s blood made him feel very close to these three Ancient Dragons so he accepted the inheritance of these three Ancient Dragons frankly.


Because these forces were too powerful, the Heavens and Earth discoloured. The space became turbulent and many space cracks were constantly appearing. Some walls were swallowed by space cracks and there was nothing left in the blink of an eye.

Even powerful warrior had to retreat so as not to be affected by space cracks.


The dark clouds gathered in the sky and the rain suddenly poured down. It was like a reservoir of water in the sky had cracked. The rain was so heavy that it made people little dizzy when it fell on their head.

In the clouds and thunder, the shadows of the three Ancient Dragons suddenly swelled, illuminating the whole world. At this moment, all people could only see the glory of the three Ancient Dragons.

This scene went on for half an hour and then suddenly cracking sound resounded as if the whole earth had to be cracked.


The shadows of the three Ancient Dragons became lighter and thinner and finally they were almost invisible. In the end, the three shadows converted into three rays and went straight into the body of Little Dragon. From the body, everyone heard a powerful Dragon Roar.

Little Dragon’s body suddenly swelled several times in couple of minutes.

Little Dragon was hundreds of meters long, fluttering his huge wings to fly in the air. He coldly watched the crowd below. When everyone saw its eyes, they felt that their soul had been hit hard.

Xiao Yu who was standing on the back of Little Dragon was wearing a T5 Warrior Destroyer suit at the moment. He was holding an Auchen Axe in his hand. His hairs were flying in the air.

Powerful aura was radiating from his body that made people feel shock from the bottom of their hearts.

“The sixth order, he reached the sixth order.” Nicholas muttered.

When the three Ancient Dragons passed on their powers to Little Dragon, because Xiao Yu was also standing on the Little Dragon, he also got some inheritance.

Although it was only a small part, this power was really strong enough to push Xiao Yu to the sixth order and let him suddenly achieve qualitative changes.

At this moment, Xiao Yu was looking a God of War.

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