World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 537

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On the battlefield, Little Dragon was excited, constant screaming and often singing the song that Xiao Yu taught him. “Quickly use the Nunchaku, use the Nunchaku…”

The Zergs army was in a state of ruin. Under the protection of the three Great Magicians, Human army marched all the way to the huge wall of Ahn’Qiraj. At this time, the Zergs had all retreated to the wall.

“Scarab Wall!” Xiao Yu looked at this extremely tall wall, and he felt a lot of emotions. This wall was created by the sacrifice of three Dragons namely — Yaregos, Merlin and Kaistreraz.

Since then, the dragons have begun to decline.

Now, this wall could no longer block the Zergs and they still needed to rely on human power to defend this continent. Human beings were never the most powerful species in the world, but at the crucial moment, Humans used their blood to defend the glory of this continent.

The Human Allied forces stood at the Scarab Wall. The real Ahn’Qiraj was inside the Scarab Wall. Now, Human Army had to fight step by step and could no longer simply charge.

By then, the Human Army began to gradually separate, forming small teams to find treasure. About this, Xiao Yu didn’t care much. Anyway, the three Great Magicians were with him. He was the main force that attacked Ahn’Qiraj. At that time, the most treasures would belong to him.

“Everyone, be careful. I will go in to investigate and then everyone will enter.” Xiao Yu watched everyone queue outside. He took the initiative to go ahead to investigate the surroundings. After all, he was riding Little Dragon so it was very convenient to go back and forth.

So, Xiao Yu rode the Little Dragon and quickly flew over the Scarab Wall to look inside. The Scarab Wall was too high. He didn’t know exactly how many meters tall wall was. The Little Dragon had to fly for a while before it passes the Scarab Wall.

Just after Little Dragon flew over the Scarab Wall, he looked inside and found that the Zerg was already divided into small teams and were hidden in various places. Obviously they were prepared to ambush the Human Army.

In fact, Xiao Yu was not afraid of ambush because most of the adventurers were good at dealing with such situation.

The hardest to fight were certainly the bosses hidden in the innermost area. Xiao Yu believed that since the Zergs could return to life, it was very likely that the boss of the Zergs had also resurrected. Only when it had resurrected, it was possible to bring the Zergs back to life.

That guy was not an ordinary Boss, it was the ancient demon god. If it was not for three Great Magicians, Xiao Yu did not dare to go in.

It could be said that that guy was more powerful than Gul’dan and definitely more dangerous than the Dark Temple.

Just as Xiao Yu was ready to fly back to Human Army, Little Dragon whom he was sitting on suddenly shivered and trembled. Then, from the insides of Scarab Wall, broke out an extremely powerful aura, it enveloped him and Little Dragon thoroughly, making them unable to move at all.

“Ah… help.” Xiao Yu felt bad, and immediately shouted loudly.

The three Great Magicians heard Xiao Yu’s shouts and then noticed abnormality. They were all shocked. They immediately drove Chimaera to fly up to rescue Xiao Yu. But the flying speed of Chimaera was not so fast, and the Scarab Wall was too high. It took time.

Moreover, as they approached the wall of the beetle, they felt an extremely powerful force spurting out, leaving their souls deeply jealous, as if they were to burst.

“What aura is this? Why is it so powerful?” The three Great Magicians looked each other. They were also very worried about the safety of Xiao Yu but they couldn’t do anything.

Because they felt it, under this power, their magical elements have been completely suppressed and no magic could be casted at all.

“Oh, is this continent really going to suffer such a disaster? We can put no resistance in front of this power.” Theodore looked pale. He had high expectations for Xiao Yu. Now, Xiao Yu was in danger, he wanted to rescue him but there was no way.

“Don’t be too discouraged. Although this aura is extremely powerful, I feel nothing malicious in it. Otherwise, if this force erupted completely, I am afraid that even we will be wiped out together.” At this time, Chuck suddenly said.

Theodore listened to Chuck and felt same. Then suddenly he pointed at that powerful aura above and said: “This… this power is… …”

“Yes, it is the power of the dragon. It is the power of the ancient dragon. Only the ancient dragon can have such a powerful aura. Although I have encountered many dragons, I have never felt so powerful aura. This is completely beyond the power of the sixth order and is reaching the seventh order. It is the power we dream of. If we carefully feel this power, it can be of great help for us to promote to the seventh order.” Chuck looked at the strong aura above and slowly closed his eyes.

Theodore and Ferguson also immediately closed their eyes and began to understand the aura of this powerful dragon.

Everyone below didn’t know what’s going on. When they saw this abnormality, they quickly started to retreat back to avoid any problems.

Only Xiao Yu’s troops looked at the wall with worried look. At this time, Thrall decisively stopped everyone from going forward. Since the three Great Magicians had gone up and they could do nothing, then even if they went, they were even more useless.

When Xiao Yu was absent, Thrall was the leader of the army. This was what Xiao Yu had always explained.

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