World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 536

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“There is much better way, Nicholas. We will first target the church, finish it off. Then we will work together to kill Gul’dan. Finally, let’s work together to get rid of this mysterious force, how about it?” Xiao Yu smiled and told his plan.

Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu, his eyes slightly stagnated. After a while, he slowly shook his head and said: “Two of us can never be true friends. If we really killed them together, who is going to be the king of the continent?”

Xiao Yu cut off Nicholas and said while patting his shoulder, “How are you so stingy? Once we kill them, we will fight again.”

Nicholas snappily said: “When we reach that point, your strength will definitely exceed mine.”

Xiao Yu laughed and said: “At that time, you can pledge your alliance to me. I will give you status of King.”

After saying, Xiao Yu looked at the Tuoba Hong.

Tuoba Hong immediately smiled.

Nicholas snorted and said, “Why don’t you pledge alliance to me, then I will make you King.”

Xiao Yu pretended to sigh and said: “Hey, how can be you so cold-hearted? You can’t beat me.”

Nicholas sneered and said: “This is not necessarily true.”

Xiao Yu laughed and said: “Let’s not talk about this. Anyway, we must cooperate with each other. If we do not cooperate, no one can take on the Mysterious force alone.”

It didn’t take long, just seven days to prepare. The human coalition forces began to attack Ahn’Qiraj. The reason why it was called coalition was because it was now a battle of humanity against another race.

The army of the Zergs wanted to destroy the human world. This was the battle for humanity to defend its own world. However, only a few people were attracted with this idea. Others were attracted by Xiao Yu’s theory of making a fortune.

From time to time, Ferguson would look at Xiao Yu, with a complex emotion in his eyes. He deeply knew that Xiao Yu had made great contributions in the process of defending the mainland. Such person seemed to be somewhat ridiculous and looked like a rogue. He absolutely did not have bearings of royal aristocratic. He knew that at this time, he must go all out to defend the mainland and all human beings.

Of course, that young man Nicholas was also good. He had invested huge amount of money in building a statue for Aegwynn. From this, it could be seen that this person was not entirely selfish. His vision was far more profound than the average person.

The current royal family that he was guarding had no chance to rise again.

In fact, he knew it in his own heart. However, as the first Magician of the royal family, as long as he lived, he must defend the dignity of the royal family. Looking at Chimaera sitting down, he sighed slightly and remembered the prophecy.

The ability to unify all races on the continent and to summon the heroes of the ancient times.

It seemed that only Xiao Yu meets this requirement.

“For Yunmeng, in order to defend the mainland, Imperial Tiger Guards and other Armies charge with me.” Tuoba Hu’s voice drifted across the battlefield, everyone could hear it clearly.

“Oh…” The Imperial Tiger Guards and the Army issued a roar together. These roars shook people’s hearts.


Those adventurers came from all over the world. Some of them were extremely powerful. They saw the scene, they shocked to the core.

What a great army?

“If I could have such an army, then how good it would be.” Everyone have similar thought.


Everyone followed the Imperial Tiger Guards and launched an attack against the Zergs. In the sky, Xiao Yu’s Air force divided into three teams and each team had Great Magicians. They made sure that the charge of the Imperial Tiger Guards and other soldiers below was not hindered.


Just as the two Zergs and Human Army collided, a huge impact directly smashed the Iron Beetles. Human Army worked as if it were an unstoppable chariot.

The ‘Breaths’ of Chimaera, the bombarding by the Bat Riders and the magic of the three Great Magicians also descended from the sky. This combination instantly caused lot of deaths and injuries to Zerg’s front line.

The Imperial Tiger Guards and other soldiers fought as if they were tigers in the pack of sheep.

Xiao Yu looked at this scene from the sky with excited look.

“Little dragon, go charge!” Xiao Yu screamed loudly ordering Little Dragon to hunt along with other troops.

Little Dragon was now the fourth-order peak and almost reaching the fifth-order.

If he reached the fifth level, the strength of Little Dragon would surpass most of the sixth-order powerhouses. It would only be worse than the top three Great Magicians. If he reached the sixth-order, then he would definitely become one of the most powerful powerhouses of mainland.

With Xiao Yu, Little Dragon got a lot of supplements. Any food that helped Little Dragon grow up, Xiao Yu would procure it. No matter how much money he needed spend, he brought it and feed it to Little Dragon.

This was also the reason why Little Dragon was able to advance so fast. This was also why even though Xiao Yu ill-treated him sometimes, he still followed him through thick and thin.

Xiao Yu was like a strict father. Although he was very strict with Little Dragon, he actually greatly cared about Little Dragon in his heart.

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