World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 535

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“Hey, are you talking about the Mysterious Force?” Xiao Yu squinted his eyes and drank red wine. He seemed very calm. It seemed that he was not worried about the situation on the mainland.

Because, he just got good news. Several heroes under his command had reached the sixth order in this battle.

These include Grom, Bloodhoof, Illidan, Antonidas and Kael’thas. Thrall, Uther, Wasi Qi, Malfurion, Tyrande and Maiev had not yet reached Sixth order.

Grom, Bloodhoof, Chen Stormsout and Illidan were the main melee forces. The killings were extremely high so the upgrade was natural. Kael’thas and Antonidas were magicians so they mainly attacked densely packed group of Zergs.

In this case, they had no choice not to upgrade. In addition, Chen Stormsout and Malfurion who had just been summoned had relatively low level.

After reaching the sixth order, it was like rebirth, completely reaching another level. In other words, no one would be able to threaten them unless they were faced with a very powerful sixth-order master.

Because the skills of these heroes were too strong.

With so many sixth-order heroes, his army was almost invincible on the battlefield.

In addition to the heroes, Alonso reached the sixth stage under the guidance of Uther. Although Uther had not reached the sixth order, it did not hinder the promotion of Alonso.

Because of the long-term relationship with Uther, Alonso’s spirit was more determined and his fanatical beliefs in Uther had made his strength extremely high. The soldiers of the Silver Hands had also improved their strength.

Xiao Yu also encouraged the soldiers to join the Silver Hand and become a glorious paladin. Now, the member of Silver Hand had reached more than 30,000 people.

Some of these people were slightly more powerful. Every day, under the glory of Uther, it was difficult to determine how much their strength had increased.

Especially those who started with the Alonso, there were already hundreds of people reaching the fifth order. Xiao Yu thus also saw the fanaticism of this form of the church. The strength of the promotion is so rapid, and the spiritual strength is the most fundamental factor to enhance the strength.

Now with Lin Muxue, Alonso and Caso, Xiao Yu had three non-summoned sixth-order warriors.

With such increase in strength, how could he not feel happy? Moreover, his military rank was also continuously soaring and soon would reach the next rank again. Then he could upgrade his base to three-level.

Now that the world was in chaos, Xiao Yu couldn’t wait to increase his strength.

“This force is very mysterious and I always feel that they may be the most powerful forces on the mainland today. If we are not vigilant, we are likely to be subverted by them.” Nicholas said with a frown. He was not only aware of this mysterious force but also to be wary of Xiao Yu. Situation was really troublesome.

“Now, in addition to Gul’dan’s orcs and this mysterious power, there is also Church. The red area on your map is the area controlled by the church.” Xiao Yu looked at the mark on the map and said.

“Yes, this is the area of ​​the church. Now the small forces in this area have basically been controlled by the church but they have not yet started to work on some big forces. You must be careful about them. If the church is going to action, it is very likely that it was going to you.” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu with a gloating expression.

Xiao Yu said while waving his hand: “They can try, if they have ability. Am I afraid of them? What’s more, between me and church, there are several large Principalities. Is it that the church dares to attack these large Principalities?”

Nicholas solemnly replied: “There is nothing impossible. The ambitions of the church are not just limited to these areas. Once they have stabilized the situation and digested the resources in those areas. The next goal is to destroy their biggest enemy. Only by killing you can they develop further.”

Xiao Yu said with a laugh: “Do you really think that there are many people who like Church? As long as the church exposes its ambitions openly, countless people will hate the church and will annihilate it in one fell swoop. I don’t have to worry too much. I just need to resist their offensive and prevent them from killing me.”

Nicholas smiled and looked at Xiao Yu before saying: “You are very confident.”

Xiao Yu raised his chin and said: “I am!”

“A few of your men have reached the sixth level. It is indeed gratifying. If they spend another period of time, can they reach the seventh order?” Nicholas’s eyes slightly glowed as he said so. The speed of the upgrade was extremely shocking.

You should know, it took years to reach the sixth order. There was only one explanation and that was, these people were really summoned back from ancient times. In that case, these people were really likely to reach the legendary seventh order.

The strength of these people was absolutely horrible.

“Hehe, they will reach seventh order sooner or later, rest assured about it. You don’t have to worry, if you need help, you can say so. I will help you.” Xiao Yu said while patting Nicholas’s shoulder.

Nicholas immediately rolled his eyes.

“Right, the northeast mainland was completely occupied by mysterious force. With their strength and such a long-term plan, it must be up to something. Since they came in light, they must have made enough preparations.” Xiao Yu always felt that this mysterious force was his biggest enemy.

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