World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 533

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“What the hack!” Xiao Yu could only mutter this sentence after a long while. Now, he really understood the power three Great Magicians.

This space magic was so powerful that Little Dragons was trembling. Xiao Yu felt also creepy . He did not know how it felt to be torn by the space.

Ayamiss The Hunter was a powerful beast but under in front Ferguson’s magic, it could not even retaliate and got directly killed. Ferguson was even more powerful than that Ayamiss The Hunter, what kind of strength was this?

Now, Xiao Yu had gained whole new understanding of the power of the Great Magicians. After attacking, Ferguson’s face was slightly pale. He quickly recovered as usual without needing to drink magic potion.

In other words, Ferguson’s strength was not only able to deliver this blow but also could do so several times. It was too abnormal.

After Ferguson’s attack, Theodore and Chuck also attacked but the two of them did not attack together because if they did so it might cause sharp fluctuations in magic elements.

If it was a small magic, they didn’t have to worry about these aspects. With their control of the magic elements, there would be no problem at all, but a magic that could kill a boss in one shot was entirely different.

Even if they were great Magicians, they would inevitably be affected.

Theodore casted the spell and magical elements began to gather around him, making Chimaera constantly tremble. Three Great Magicians were riding the Chimaera.

Three Great Magicians had created a layer of protective Magic Barrier around Chimaera. That made Chimaera somewhat unaffected by the Magic Elements gathering around them. Otherwise, Chimaera couldn’t withstand the magic fluctuations and would have already fallen.

It could be seen that the power of the three Great Magicians was not only amazing, but also had fine control over their own magic.

The magic of Theodore Master was a Magical Arrow. This magical Arrow was more than three meters long. After condensing completely, it was very similar to the sharp spear. There was almost no difference. It looked very true.

Then that Magical Arrow locked onto the Rajax who was fighting the Bloodhoof. On the ground, when Rajax saw the Magical Arrow pointing at him, without any hesitation, he turned around and fled. He had strong feeling that if this attack landed on him, he was goner.

It’s a pity that Theodore’s magic had locked on him. Was it so easy to escape?

The Magical Arrow made an extremely beautiful arc in the air. With a whistling sound, it passed through the back of Rajax.

The Magical Arrow hit the back of Rajax extremely accurately. It directly pierced through back of the Rajax and hit the ground, forming a pit on it.

About Rajax, after getting hit by the Magical Arrow, his body was blasted into god knows how many pieces.

“F#ck, this old man is really overpowered.” Xiao Yu’s mouth was wide open in shock. He finally knew the true strength of the old man who was with him every day. If he got hit by that Arrow, he would have no way to defend.

Even Holy Shield would not be able to withstand that Arrow. Although Holy Shield was invincible, this invincibility was also limited. If shield got stuck by powerful attack, that attack would directly penetrate the shield.

In the face of absolute power, everything was like fleeting cloud.

After that Magical Arrow of Theodore, Chuck was unwilling to be left behind. He immediately cast the spell. It didn’t take long for a Fire Dragon that was hundreds of meters long to appear. With a roar, it rushed over to Moam.

Moam’s biggest feature was to absorb mana so he was still very threatening to the three Great Magicians. He must be killed as soon as possible. Otherwise, if they took too much time, they would be weakened. The strength of the other magicians would be even more affected.

Moam was absorbing mana all over the place and then constantly using the blasting technique to cause damage to the people around him. Suddenly he saw the Fire Dragon rushing down from the sky, at first; he was shocked and instinctively wanted to dodge but how could it be that easy?

The fire dragon was hit Moam’s body. The flames began to burn Moam’s body. Moam’s screams were dyeing down slowly. Slowly, his body turned into a pile of ashes.

The Fire Dragon did not disappear immediately. After killing Moam, it flew again and rushed toward the Zerg army. It burned a large group of Iron Beetles that was blocking the Imperial Tiger Guards. After a few minutes, the fire dragon exploded suddenly and disappeared.

That fire magic was really overbearing. The most important thing was that it was very ornamental.

The performances of the three Great Magicians had completely aroused the passion of all soldiers. With the three Great Magicians here, what were they afraid of? All powerful Masters of other side were killed by the three Great Magicians with magic, what was that strength?

It could almost be said that their victory was assured. With this kind of conviction, everyone became extremely brave and full of energy.

After drilling out of the ground, Kurinnaxx once again went back to the ground. He didn’t dare to remain here anymore. The power of the three Great Magicians completely shocked it. Making it realise that if it remained here only death awaited him. It never thought that some human had such a power.

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