World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 532

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A figure suddenly came out and went to the side of Kurinnaxx. He lifted his shield and slammed it on Kurinnaxx. With a Bang, Kurinnaxx was sent flying.

This person was none other than Caso. Caso rushed from behind and attacked Kurinnaxx. You should know, Caso was a Sixth-Order warrior and now after being equipped with Essinos barrier that Xiao Yu gave him. Titan pendant was also proved helpful.

Caso went forward and continued to unleash kinds of attacks on Kurinnaxx.

“Who is next?” Xiao Yu looked at the two beasts that had already come out. There must be other things coming out, so he must be careful.

Sure enough, not long after, a figure swiftly swept through the air and flew over to Xiao Yu.

This thing was a big bee. It swings its wings and flied flexibly in the sky. It quickly flied over the human side and then sprinkled countless needles that were smeared with poison. It caused countless deaths and injuries in humans.

Not long after, Xiao Yu saw another large worm which was covered with hard shells and its forelimbs had sharp edges. It walked in the crowd while constantly harvesting human lives.

Buru The Gorger!

“Now, Moam and Aosilian are left.” Xiao Yu thought to himself. Suddenly, three Great Magicians felt that their mana was sucked by something and when they turned back, they found a beast with a lion’s body and a pair of wings behind it. Its body was not made of flesh but of some kind of weird stone.


Now, only the Aosilian had not come out.

Most of the bosses were drawn out. Obviously, the Zerg was also anxious. They knew that if things continued this way, they would definitely fail. They decided to send out some powerful boss in an attempt to reverse the situation.

In fact, the power of these guys was indeed very powerful. It was very difficult for human beings to deal with them. After a period of time, the Bloodhoof was gradually not the opponent of Rajax. The Bloodhoof still just fifth order warrior after all. Rajax was the existence of the sixth-order peak, which was too far apart.

Kurinnaxx fought Caso for a while and then went underground. It was not enough to deal with these (enemy) heroes by relying on heroes under Xiao Yu.

If Xiao Yu let these beasts do whatever they wanted to, human side would most probably be defeated. Suddenly, the Kurinnaxx suddenly drilled out from under the Tuoba Hong and directly killed a lot of guardian of Tuoba Hong.

These guardians were warrior of peak fifth-order but they could not resist the sneak attack of Kurinnaxx who was at sixth order peak.

However, just as Kurinnaxx wanted to attack Tuoba Hong, a figure quickly rushed over and long sword in his hand hacked at Kurinnaxx.

An Pull!

When the sword attacked, it was as if whole space had been solidified. It seemed that sword was moving at very slow phase, but in fact, it was moving very fast. Moreover, the power contained in the sword made everyone’s soul tremble.

That sword attack seriously injured Kurinnaxx. What was a great power?

Kurinnaxx continually tumbled on the ground before quickly plunging into the sand.

An Pull snorted and then continues to stand on the side of Tuoba Hong to protecting him. Although he has the ability to kill these powerful bosses, his first priority was to protect Tuoba Hong.

“Oh…” Xiao Yu took a long breath and thought about that stunning sword attack.

Like Xiao Yu, everyone alongside was also shocked by this sword attack for a long time because no one had ever seen such attack before.

They had been fighting with this Kurinnaxx for a long time and they knew that Kurinnaxx was very powerful. It could kill a person with his tail attack but they were all shocked by the sword attack. If this was used against ordinary person, what would happen?

Xiao Yu was shocked by the power showed by An Pull. At this time, he wanted to know the extent of his power. He also wanted to know who was stronger An Pull or three Great Magicians.

You should know that the strength of the three Great Magicians was definitely above terrifying. But he kept his thoughts to himself.

Xiao Yu smiled and said to the three Great Magicians with smile: “Three masters, now time has come for you to shoot and get rid of these flying bugs. That guy is called Ayamiss The Hunter. It can shoot poison darts at wide range. Its poison darts is extremely damaging to ordinary soldiers below.”

The three masters did not make more concessions at this time. They just nodded. They knew that at this time, they w could not wait too much.

So, after the three masters glanced at each other, Ferguson read the spell.

This spell was spoken for a long time. It took more than two minutes. However, when Ferguson finished the spell and his eyes suddenly opened, Xiao Yu felt that the Little Dragon under him feet suddenly trembled.

Then, he felt that his soul was trembling and a creepy feeling filled his surroundings.

Then he saw one of the most unforgettable scene of his life. A huge crack began to appear in mid-air at the speed visible to the naked eye in front of Ayamiss The Hunter. When Ayamiss The Hunter saw that Space crack, he tried to dodge but his body could not move at all.

Everything happened in an instant. Ayamiss The Hunter did not even have chance to react before it’s body was cut into two halves. Green sap was sprayed out its body.

Space Attack!

This was the most powerful space magic of the legend.

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