World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 531

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Soon, Anubisath and the Mountain Giants also started fighting. The giant hammer of the Mountain Giant smashed on Anubisath, causing one of Anubisaths to scream loudly.

Huge amount of money spent by Xiao Yu on the Mountain Giants’ equipments had finally paid off. The armours of these Mountain Giants were made of rare metals and the hammers that were enchanted were also not cheap. At this moment, when Mountain Giants and Anubisaths confronted each other, Mountain Giants had absolute upper hand.

If Mountain Giants were not wearing armour and holding hammers but still using big trunk, I am afraid that they will not be able to confront Anubisath. However, now that they have armour and hammer, situation was completely different.

Anubisaths were unarmed and did not have weapons. In this case, there was no way to fight against the Mountains Giants. They only fought with their fists.

Anubisath was a kind of extremely mentally inferior creature. It was stupid to some extent. It would not use any plan and skills at all. The main parts of the Mountain Giants were covered with armour but there were also many parts that were without armour. Attacking these parts would undoubtedly achieve good results, but unfortunately, these Anubisaths could not realise it. Most of the Anubisath’s attack landed on the protected parts.

So they could not cause much damage to the Mountain Giants but instead turned them fiercer.

At the beginning, everyone was very afraid of these tall Anubisath but when they saw the attacks of the Mountain Giants, everyone’s fears disappeared all at once. Everyone hoped that Anubisaths should be killed as soon as possible. After all, they didn’t know how many such things were there. If they didn’t kill them as soon as possible, then they would come back later.

Except Mountain Giants, other people were unable to deal with Anubisaths. Grom attacked Anubisath with his long sword, leaving a deep scar on Anubisath.

Every attack of Grom caused great damage to Anubisath. Grom did not stop attacking. The black liquid flowed out of the Anubisath causing him great pain. Anubisath roared and tried to hit him large hands.


Grom jumped here and there like a flexible monkey not giving Anubisath any chance to hit him at all. Hacking and slashing all the way to the shoulders of Anubisath.

With a Bang, Grom’s long sword stabbed at the neck of Anubisath and immediately black liquids flew from the wound. Anubisath continued to try to grab Grom with his hands, but with Grom’s agility, how could he succeed?

Grom viciously attacked the wound on the neck of Anubisath with his full strength. Blood gushed out like a fountain and Anubisath’s head was tossed in the air.


Anubisath’s head fell to the ground and his body collapsed.


When everyone saw this scene, they all applauded loudly, cheering for Grom. At this moment, there was no racial boundary. While facing common enemy, everyone was comrade-in-arm.

Grom could be said to have given everyone a demonstration about the ways to deal with Anubisath. With flexible movements, everyone had opportunity to kill Anubisath.

However, only Grom could do it so neatly and easily, the average person couldn’t do same as Grom. If an ordinary soldier tried to copy Grom’s feet, he would be slapped to death by Anubisath.

This is the gap in strength.

Even so, Grom also gave confidence to everyone so that everyone dared to fight with Anubisath. Although causalities were not small, everyone was getting better and better at fighting Anubisath. Soldiers coordinated well, some of them distracted Anubisath while others dealt real attacks. The people also found out that Anubis’s crotch was his greatest weakness because it was a blind spot for his attack.

The battle finally took favourable turn for Yunmeng but at this time, a huge figure jumped out suddenly. It entered into the crowd and waved a pair of big pliers, instantly smashing everyone in dozens of square meters.

Then, like an angry ox, this figure rushed back and forth, causing heavy losses on the human side. This person was General Rajax.

General Rajax was still as brave as ever. He was the best hero for the assault.

Seeing that Rajax was so unscrupulous, Xiao Yu was just about to give instructions when a tall figure suddenly jumped in the front of Rajax. It hacked Rajax with its huge axe.


The Bloodhoof liked this kind of opponent most. Fight with pure strength, this kind of reckless fight made him excited. The Bloodhoof actually resisted the attacks of Rajax. Although the Bloodhoof was obviously in disadvantage, Rajax was temporarily unable to defeat Bloodhoof.

Little Dragon was also excited at this time and he also requested to rush up but got rejected by Xiao Yu decisively. He really enjoyed the feeling of flying around on a Dragon. How could he let the Little Dragon go?

Suddenly, ground began to shake as if something was trying to come out of the ground. A huge tail slammed out and killing a group of soldiers. Then ground quickly turned into quicksand. Since it caught many people off guard, they got trapped in the quicksand. In a blink of an eye, they disappeared in the sand.

“It’s Kurinnaxx!” Xiao Yu immediately recognized it. This guy was a Door keeper. Kurinnaxx was a big scorpion. It had skills such as quicksand traps. They attacked in groups and caused great troubles.

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