World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 530

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Seeing those tall Anubisath rushing toward the soldiers with high strides, Xiao Yu said to Tuoba Hu: “The Imperial Tiger Guards divide into ten teams and continue to attack other Zerg units but do not continue to attack for too long. Follow my commands carefully and make sure to avoid Anubisaths. The Imperial Tiger Guards will not be able to deal with Anubisath. I will mobilize the Mountain Giants to deal with these big guys.”

Hearing what Xiao Yu said, Tuoba Hu nodded and did not say anything more. He immediately issued an order and divided the Imperial Tiger Guards into ten teams, each consisting of 1,500 soldiers.

Xiao Yu was also divided the Griffins into teams so that they could guide Imperial Tiger Guard teams. He also divided the Air force into several parts to provide support to Imperial Tiger Guards at any time. The three Great Magicians were also on alert.

With three Great Magicians here, he wasn’t afraid of Anubisath. But Xiao Yu was worried that he might suffer big causalities. Because the Mountain Giants walked very slowly, they have been dragging behind. Moreover, in order to defend the city, Xiao Yu did not call many Mountain Giants.

Now, after some time, 50 Mountain Giants were coming to frontlines to fight. Xiao Yu really wanted to know how they would fare once they encountered Anubisath.

“Everyone pay attention! Don’t be too gathered. To deal with these Anubisath, you have to use Guerrillas Warfare. The long-range attacks were the main attacking power. Only shoot magic arrows, ordinary arrows are useless on them.” Xiao Yu flew in the sky and loudly explained ways to deal with these Anubisath.

When soldiers heard Xiao Yu’s voice, they immediately calmed down. Since these things were not invincible, then they had chance to emerge victorious. Yunmeng soldiers were good at archery so using some magic arrows was not difficult for them.

The two sides temporarily stopped fighting and the Imperial Tiger Guards also followed instruction and got into fighting position. Soldiers had already taken their positions and were ready to fight at any time.

A great war was going to commence soon.

At this point, the Zerg side had slowly moved over. They looked like the tide. The tall Anubisath was particularly conspicuous which made people feel oppressed.


At this time, from the army of the Zerg, suddenly a strange cry resounded. After this, Zergs immediately parted apart and cleared way. From the middle, a 56 meter tall monster walked out.

“General Rajax.” Xiao Yu immediately recognized this guy. Rajax was an extremely difficult boss to deal with.

If today there are not three great magicians here, to deal with this boss, it is not good to play.

Since there are three great magicians here, Xiao Yu does not have to worry about it. This level of boss, they three estimate each person a magic.

“Imperial Tiger Guards get ready to charge. Remote forces pay attention and protect themselves.” said Tuoba Hong while holding banner in his hand.

With Tuoba Hong here, some of the tensions immediately eased down. The Emperor was at the forefront so they had to perform well.

At this time, Xiao Yu’s Mountain Giants had also arrived to the front. Each Mountain Giant was holding a huge hammer and wearing hard iron armour specially designed for them by Xiao Yu.

This hammer and armour increased attacking power as well as defensive abilities of the Mountain Giants. Although they restricted the flexibility of the mountain giants and made them move more slowly, they were not speed-type troops in the first place so it did not matter much.

Making them move faster and flexible?

Their strong point was their strong defence and attack. These two points were enough.

Their present armour and their original armour were completely different. These new armours were specially designed by goblin. They were made of lot of good materials. Their hammers were enchanted with earthquake effects. Once it hit the ground, it would produce earthquake.

50 mountain giants headed forward looking like walking steel castles.

Wisdom of the Zergs was low. The greatest feature of mankind was the use of instruments. The manufacturing and use of tools was the greatest distinguishing feature of human beings from other creatures.

How could Xiao Yu not use this feature to put on the armour to the mountain giant? In this case, it was clear that those Anubisaths were more powerful than the Mountain Giants but and now Mountain Giants could up for it by their powerful equipments.


The first time the Mountain Giant saw the Anubisath, it roared and seemed to be provocative. Mountain Giant had encountered such large beast for the first time, so it naturally wanted to prove their might. However, the number of Anubisath was significantly larger than that of the Mountain Giants.


Both sides roared at each other to intimate other side. The Zergs attacked while the human side defended. When the Zerg was about four or five hundred meters away, the Imperial Tiger Guards began to make a move. They launched attack but clearly avoided Anubisaths.

Although, at this time, they attacked in small teams, they did it efficiently. They coordinated perfectly well without any mistake. Ordinary Zergs found it difficult to withstand the charge of the Imperial Tiger Guards.

Above each team, there was a small team of Griffins to show the direction. They kept an eye on overall situation of the battle and prevented teams from getting trapped by Zergs.

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