World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 529

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After Ferguson released a Frenzy Wind Blade, Theodore released an Arcane Ball. Various huge arcane balls were thrown into the Zerg Air Force by Theodore. These Arcane Balls flied back and forth in the air, constantly releasing explosions. This technique was really amazing. The Zerg Air Force was all riddled with scars and wings of almost all of them were broken. They screamed and fell from the sky like a dense rain.

Theodore’s skill wasn’t that terrifying, but the effect was surprisingly good. This Arcane Ball, if used on some heavy armoured soldiers, would not cause much damage, but it was perfect to deal with Zergs with thin wings. When the Zerg had no wings, could they still fly?

When they landed on the ground, they would naturally be trampled into the mud by the fast-running Imperial Tiger Guards.

Theodore’s magic did not cost much mana but its effect was very good.

If you were an ordinary magician, even if you used this Arcane Ball, you would not be able to get same result. It might not break the Zergs’ wing or range would not be that big. Theodore’s Arcane Ball’s range was great and the control exercised was also right. It was amazing magic but in term of pure strength Ferguson’s spell was still stronger.

Ferguson saw this and suddenly grinned.

Next, Chuck saw the magic of Theodore and decided to give up on magic that he was originally to cast and casted different magical spell.

This spell was mainly releasing fire. Damage was not so high but Zerg’s wings were very fragile so it was very easy to burn. Fire burned the wings of Zergs; Zergs dropped from sky like dumplings.

Thus, under the spells of the three Great Magicians, the Zerg Air Force’s sneak attack plan was a complete failure.

Xiao Yu could not help but be glad that three magicians came. Otherwise, in the face of such a powerful Zerg army, they simply did not have the ability to fight back.

It could be said that the role of the three magicians was much important than that of Xiao Yu’s army and Imperial Tiger Guards. It seemed that they would not cast any kind of luxury attack like forbidden magic.

It’s like the Zerg army suddenly assembled a group of Weevil to stop the way of Imperial Tiger Guards. If they relied on the Breath of Chimaera or the bombing of the Bat Riders, you couldn’t kill them quickly. But with three Great magicians here, this problem was easily solved. The magic was casted and tens of thousands of Weevils were directly killed.

So, under the escort of the three great magicians, following operation was going more and more smoothly. Finally, Zergs decided to retreat because of overwhelming causalities. Seeing this, Xiao Yu immediately flew down and told Tuoba Hu to divide Imperial Tiger Guards into three teams and have them charge together in three directions to completely destroy the retreating Zerg army.

Tuoba Hu nodded and immediately divided the Tigers into three teams. According to Xiao Yu’s instruction, the each of the three Great Magicians escorted a team with Air Force.

The soldiers fought fiercely, completely unaware of fatigue. They fought like their life depended on it. They were full of energy because of hope of victory.

Three teams fiercely attacked retreating Zerg army. In the process of escaping, there were countless deaths and injuries, which could not be measured. In today’s war, the numbers of killings were more than yesterday and it was close to 2,000,000.

However, when everyone thought that Zergs would be driven out of the border of Yunmeng, a strange change happened. In the Zerg camp, suddenly several huge pillars slowly moved over.

The pillars naturally could not move. Looking at the way the pillars moved, Xiao Yu suddenly remembered something.


This thing was no stranger to Xiao Yu, because this was one of the main guardians of Ahn’Qiraj. When he wanted to deal with this thing in the past, he had to try his best.

This thing had height of more than ten meters, much higher than the mountain giants. It had a dog head, monster’s body. It was so powerful that he could eliminate a small unit of troops by itself.

At the beginning, he was too focused on the Zerg army and even forgot the most important thing. Moreover, Xiao Yu still remembered that there was not only Anubisath but also the Obsidian Destroyer?

Although there were Obsidian Destroyers in Xiao Yu’s undead army, the two were not exactly the same. The obsidian devastators here were even more powerful.

It was said to be a mechanical device invented by Vek’lor the Great to fight against the dragons. It was said that this evil thing contained enormous dark energy and was extremely powerful.

With these two super-dudes here, he was afraid that it was not so easy to deal with Ahn’Qiraj.

Soon, the face of Anubisath was revealed. Everyone saw the strength of Anubisath and widened their eyes and felt incredible.

How to fight such a tall thing?

Even if it was Imperial Tiger Guards, there was no way to fight. They could not even land a blow on it.

“What to do?” Seeing this huge thing, even top-notch Imperial Tiger Guard’s eyes contracted and turned into slit. He felt a very big blow to his morale.

Xiao Yu immediately flew down from the sky and said loudly: “This thing is called Anubisath. It is not that powerful. It just has a huge and powerful body. He moves slowly as long as we are flexible enough, he can be quickly eliminated.”

At this time, the most important thing was to stabilize the military. When everyone saw this thing, they were completely paralyzed. They didn’t know what that thing was. Unknown things were the most horrible, but when Xiao Yu uttered the name of this thing and clearly pointed out the weakness of the Anubisath, their morale immediately stabilized.

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