World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 528

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Tuoba Hong and Tuoba Hu were riding horses. They were flying horses with wings. These kinds of Pegasus were specifically cultivated. Xiao Yu also asked several times to give him one, but Tuoba Hu refused saying that this was their special secret.

There were not many such flying horses. There were only a dozen of them in the entire Imperial Army. They were mainly distributed to some commanders so that they could fly when necessary to check the situation and make right decision.

These Pegasus could not fly very high. They could not fly as naturally as Griffin. They could not stay in the air for too long but they were still very useful at a critical moment. Most of the time, they were still running on the ground but because of the wings, they could travel faster.

“Kill!” All the soldiers of the Imperial Tiger Guards shouted and attacked the Zerg forces ahead.

Xiao Yu rode the dragon, and the air force with Chimera has advanced to the front of the Zerg army. A large group of breaths descended from the air, large numbers of Zergs were either killed or got wounded in an instant. The three great magicians, as well as Lin Bixue and Kael’thas, also threw the Magic to the area where concentration of Zergs was dense. The Bat Rider also spared no effort in throwing down Bombs. Now, Lion King City had accumulated a lot of bombs. The goblins have learned some simple things while working under Higgins like making simple bombs. Although bombs made by them were not very powerful, but they were still quite useful.

Especially this kind of mass attack was very helpful. The Imperial Tiger Guards charged ahead with unstoppable momentum. Because of yesterday’s victory, Imperial Tiger Guards were braver today. The Zergs were sent flying.

The Zerg army had not thought that the Imperial Tiger Guards would launch an attack on the second day immediately. Although they were already planning ways to counter this strategy, they still have not come up with perfect idea.

As a result, Zerg army were once again hit hard and suffered serious casualties. Xiao Yu fluttered in the sky, directing the cavalry below.

After killing the Zerg here, Xiao Yu directed them to rush to another cluster Zergs and after finishing them off, they moved to next group.

After the bombardment and the massacre by the Imperial Tiger Guard, the Zergs were scattered and completely incapable of fighting. The troops led by the Tuoba Hong rushed to kill them.

After rushing to the third Zerg group, Xiao Yu looked at the dense Zergs that suddenly appeared in the distance and felt that the Zergs were up to something big.

Yes, the Air Force! The Zergs also had the Air Force but yesterday, they were not able to perform well. This small-scale Air Force could not cause any harm to Xiao Yu. The few magicians could easily take care of them. Today, they obviously had come to gain understanding about the fighting power of Xiao Yu’s Air force and counter it. They wanted to get rid of Xiao Yu’s air force so that they could fully utilise their numerical advantage.

But could they really stop Xiao Yu’s air force?

If it was before, in the face of the overwhelming Air Force of the Zerg, Xiao Yu may be a bit nervous. After all, many of Xiao Yu’s air force members were not so strong, but now, having support of three Great Magicians, he wasn’t afraid of them.

Yesterday, because it was not so necessary, the three great magicians actually did not try their best to attack and they only used half of their power. If they really gave their all, they could easily kill large number of enemies.

Looking at the dense Zerg Air Force flying over, Xiao Yu was also considering whether to find some to improve defence capabilities of Chimaeras.

If they encountered some powerful Air forces in the future, then his Chimaeras might suffer some losses. Now, the situation on the mainland was becoming more and more complicated. On analysing carefully, you would find out that some forces had powerful Air Force.

When Xiao Yu was thinking about this problem, Zerg’s Air force had already arrived in front of him. The various bugs in the dense flight were looking so daunting.

“Three Masters, please take care of them.” Xiao Yu looked at the Zerg Air force and said with a smile. Indeed, it was really hard to deal with this extremely dense Zerg Air Force solely relying on Xiao Yu’s troops.

Whether it was the Bat Riders on the back of Chimera or the Griffins, they could only a single enemy at a time. In the face of such a large group of Air forces, it was still the best to use long range magic attacks.

The three great magicians saw the other side of the Air Force, and they showed a trace of disdain in their eyes. Is it possible to win in front of them by quantity? I don’t know if the magician’s biggest feature is group attack?

“Frenzy Wind Blade!!!” The first Duke Ferguson released the magic and a large group of Wind Blades burst out, forming a storm in mid-air.

This storm, like a large meat grinder, consisted of countless Wind Blades, grinding everything and anything that was caught in it.

The Zerg’s Air Force saw each other. They were so frightened that they wanted to flee but the storm had an extremely powerful suction force so as long as they were nearby, they would all be sucked in.

And, the Zerg’s Air force suffered a huge loss in an instant, but this was not the end.

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