World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 526

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In this battle, the three Great Magicians, Imperial Guards and the Army formed the perfect combination and gained sift victory, just like the Germany launched blitzkrieg during World War II. The blitzkrieg battle strategy along with the Stuka Bomber (Type of fighter plane), was a perfect combo.

The reason why the Imperial Guards and the Army could bring their powers to such extent today was that they had been escorted by the three Great Magicians in the air so they could be so unscrupulous.

Otherwise, they would not have walked too far before getting trapped by the Zerg.

If only three Great Magicians had attacked themselves, although they would have killed a lot of Zergs by using magic spells, they could not do so with such efficiency.


Countless Magic spells were used and the countless Zergs was dying one by one. They were caught in a kind of never ending cycle. If they wanted to block the charge of the Imperial Guards, they must gather intensive forces to contain them. However, if they gathered intensive forces, they would become easy target of three Great Magicians, Kael’thas, Lin Muxue and others magicians.

Now, the entire battle situation was completely inclined to Xiao Yu’s side. The wounded Zerg were running around with no care at all.

Xiao Yu pursued the Zerg all the way and drove them dozens of miles away. Only then did they retreated back and started to recruit new soldiers for tomorrow’s battle.

The elite soldiers had limited physical strength. After nearly a day of killing, everyone’s physical strength had been almost depleted, but because of day’s victory, everyone was still high spirits.

Xiao Yu rode the Little Dragon and signalled everyone to retreat back. Everyone raised their arms and cheered loudly, cheering for such a huge grand victory.

On this day, they killed millions of Zergs and achieved a huge victory that they could not have imagined before. Although there were still many Zergs alive, but with such progress, the Zergs would certainly be completely eliminated.

Whole Yunmeng was wrapped in festive mood. The news of defeating the Zergs was quickly reported to all sides by various scouts, even though it required heavy manpower. They wanted to pass the news of this victory to their compatriots and tell them that they would win.

Whoever witnessed this war with their own eyes was extremely shocked by the strength showed by Imperial Guards. It was worthy of being pride of Yunmeng. At this time, it truly reflected the value and greatness of the Imperial Guards.

This was a grand battle!!!

This time, the soldiers of the Imperial Guards Division and the Army could finally raise their eyes and walk into the city with their heads up. After facing nearly half a month of suspicious looks, the contemptuous argument, they finally proved themselves with their bravery.

They proved that the Imperial Guards and rest of the Army were the true guardians of Yunmeng. As long as they were here, the Yunmeng Empire would stand tall forever.

When the Guards returned, everyone cheered loudly and gave the noblest greetings to the soldiers of the Imperial Guards. Everyone has same thought – This was the Imperial Guard Division of our Yunmeng.

Tuoba Hong himself was also felt very proud; his face was adorned with a proud smile. This time he had proved his capabilities to all.

Although many factors played part in this victory, Xiao Yu’s credit must be at least half of total. The role of the three magicians was unquestionable. However, in any case, major force in the battle was still his Imperial Guard Division. The whole plan depended on the performance of Imperial Guard Division.

Now, since performed remarkably, he would undoubtedly receive credit for it.

Although the frontline supplies were scarce, Tuoba Hong still ordered to party to celebrate this great victory. Today’s battle could be said to be a turning-point of battle against Zergs. They finally went from defence to offence.

The Zergs, which was originally daunting, were no longer invincible. In the face of absolute power, these Zergs could be eliminated.

Everyone felt confidence bubbling in their heart. They could finally get rid of their pensive state and move to offence. Soldiers were humming and looked cheerful.

At this time, all the important persons were gathered together to celebrate this big victory. For this reason, Tuoba Hong once again asked for a lot of good wine from Xiao Yu, which made Xiao Yu feel bad.

The three magicians were all ruddy, showing that they were in very good state. In fact, they were not that much tired due to today’s battle, it just used magic here and there.

If they were to defend city and countless Zergs attacks them, then the three of them would be tired to die because of using too much magic.

However, with the strength of the Imperial Guards, they only needed to clean up the obstacles in front of them and escort them. So their consumption of Mana was very small. Moreover, they only used some group-type basic level magic.

Basically, Xiao Yu gave them Magical Potions; each of them only drank a bottle.

If they had to unleash lot of magic, even if they had Magic Potions, it would cause huge damage to their body. Don’t think that the magicians were invincible. They were very dependent on the Magic Elements. Once the Magic Elements were used too much, their body would be very weak.

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