World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 525

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Followed by the Orc infantry was the rapid charge of the Kodo Beast, Kodo beasts were now fully armed by Xiao Yu. Theirs charging momentum was also very powerful. Kodo beasts were heavier than the weight of the Imperial Tigers. Moreover, when they charge even walls tremble.

The war drums of Kodo beast could also increase the attack power of the Orc infantry. At this time, they cooperated with each other to achieve best results. The trolls were also unwilling to lag behind and move their long legs. They were faster than the Orc infantry. Their Spears’s lethality on the battlefield was also very high.

Among the soldiers, a very conspicuous fat figure was standing, that was Chen Stormstout.

Since the little guy had been summoned, because his was much weaker than other heroes, he was looking for people to fight and improve his strength.

When attacking the Principality, there were not many of his level to fight, so the Chen Stormstout did not improve much, only hit level 20.

Later, he himself went to the Angola Mountains to hunt Beasts and finally reached the level 30, but the 30th level was still not enough. Compared to other heroes, the difference was not just little bit.

Therefore, at this time, driven by his ambition, he rushed to the frontline to upgrade quickly.

Xiao Yu flew above to watch Imperial Guards fight with the Zergs . His heart was buzzing with excitement; he could almost foresee the collapse of the Zerg army after encountering the Imperial Guards.

These Zerg forces did not even think that humans would counterattack, so they were scattered and were not in formation. They were completely unprepared. When the Imperial Guards seated on the purebred Black Horses, attacked them, they either got killed right there and then or suffered heavy injuries.

Even some very powerful Zergs, when got hit by the Imperial Guards, could not put any resistance at all. The power of Imperial Guards directly smashed many bugs into mush.

It was the real massacre. Xiao Yu looked at this scene with excited face. The Zerg army was as if it had been harvested by a super harvester. All the places where the Imperial Guards went were filled with corpses.

Zergs who were not killed by the Imperial Guards, soon met their in hands of Orc infantry and Kodo Beasts that followed. The Orc buddies were fighting individually, but no one was afraid, they rushed ahead with axes in their hands.

Those Kodo Beasts rushed at Zergs and then directly stepped on them. Wherever they passed, gruesome meat paste was left.

Once the army charged, the power was absolutely stunning.

The Zerg army did not have a camp and there was no protective wall. The Imperial Guards were unscrupulous and could not be fought against. The Zerg army quickly realized that they could not continue to at receiving end and they had to take initiative. They had to surround Imperial Guards and then overwhelm them with sear number while also cutting off their path of retreat.

This was a very good way to deal with cavalry charges.

However, Xiao Yu was already prepared for this. His air force escorted the Imperial Guards Division from the sky. Seeing that the Zergs in front were too dense and the Imperial Guards might not be able to pass through them. Xiao Yu directly ordered a team of Chimaera to unleash ‘Breathe’.

Moreover, the three great magicians also stood on the top of Chimaera, seeing where the Zerg army gathered, they immediately unleashed large Fireball. Whenever Zerg army tried to surround Imperial Guards and cut off their path to retreat, Xiao Yu immediately directed to break off Zerg’s formation.

After killing those Zergs, Imperial Guards would immediately reorganize the team and continue to charge.

Today, the Imperial Guards and rest of the Army coordinated perfectly. On this kind of terrain, there were no obstacles to hinder them. They were not afraid of being surrounded or intercepted by the Zergs. There was enough air force to support in time of need. What they needed to do was to charge and kill to their heart content. Behind them, there were enough troops to help them to get rid of the Zergs who were fortunate enough to survive their onslaught.


The war gradually began to intensify. The Zerg army finally began to use the advantage of their number. They began to attack and surround Imperial Guards without giving any thought to causalities. The Zergs wanted to kill the Imperial guards as soon as possible.

They knew that the biggest threat now was the Imperial Guards. Once they trapped and killed the Imperial Guards, they could achieve the final victory with their number advantages.

Zergs would have undoubtedly succeeded in surrounding the Imperial Guards, Xiao Yu and three Archmage were not here. Although the Imperial Guards were powerful, their quantity was too low, just only 15,000. In comparison, Zergs numbered a few million.

They could easily overwhelm Imperial Guards with sear number and slow down the Imperial Guards. Once they slowed down, they would not be able to handle the onslaught of innumerable Zergs and would suffer a lot of casualties.

However, with Xiao Yu and three great magicians escorting them, the Imperial Guards only needed to charge and they didn’t have to use too much power to distract themselves in other aspects.

It could be said that this was to bring the advantages of the Imperial Guards to the limit. They were not best at killing enemies but on making path out of enemies. They could make path to Zergs mother nest so that Three Great Magician could obliterate it.

This war was not for killing every Zergs but for getting rid of Zergs breading abilities. Once it was done, killing Zergs was just matter of time.

In the sky, Xiao Yu pointed to the direction, indicating the most appropriate route to avoid the head on clash with the Zerg army and could also cause maximum damage to the Zerg army.

Although it was their first cooperation, Xiao Yu and Tuo Yuhu had tacit understanding. This was the resonance between the two outstanding commanders that maximized the combat effectiveness of the army.

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