World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 524

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At night, Tuoba Hong set aside 5,000 Imperial Guards and assigned them under Qin Che. He also informed Qin Che about some of the unique features of Imperial Guards, so that he could exercise better control on Imperial Guards and utilize them to their full abilities.

Qin Che smiled like a child in candy store. His favorite was naturally cavalry so he was naturally happy to get chance to command such powerful army. He nodded and then left. Tuoba Hong thought highly of him and felt that this child was really a talent.

The sky was not bright; Qin Che was ready to depart with his army because situation was very urgent. Xiao Yu specially gave Qin Che a lot of things like scrolls and other stuff.

Moreover, this time Xiao Yu also sent Tyrande and Maiev to help him. This time, Yunmeng was in a state of turmoil and Qin Che couldn’t use guerrilla warfare as before. Hence he assigned his two heroes to him.

Xiao Yu believed that Maiev and Tyrande would prove great help to Qin Che.

Next, it was to plan counterattack against Ahn’Qiraj.

In fact, Xiao Yu could use help of three great magicians. You know, the three great wizards could cast the Forbidden Magic and get rid of Zergs in one go. Although the mainland prohibited Forbidden magic, for defending the entire continent, the use of the Forbidden magic by the magician was allowed.

However, of course, it was best not to use it.

The after-effects left by the Forbidden magic were too great; it might barren whole area on which it was cast. Moreover, it also had no small damage to the magician himself.

Now that the mainland was in chaos, Xiao Yu knew, at this time, if one of three great magicians had an accident, it would be a huge blow to the mainland.

These days, the Zerg army was still constantly launching attacks, attempting to burn out Yunmeng army. The biggest advantage of the Zerg army was that they were high in number.

This was the reason why three Masters had to come together and attack Zergs. They must completely restrain Zergs and destroy their mother’s nest, causing them to lose their breeding ability.

This was the only permanent solution.

In these two days, Xiao Yu, Nicholas, Tuoba Hong and others began to formulate their combat plans. How to make full use of the frightening power of the three great magicians to open up path to Zergs’ Mother Nest and then exterminate them?

When the Zergs in front of Ahn’Qiraj were cleared, at that time, some forces in the wait-and-see state would immediately emerge and enter Ahn’Qiraj to find treasure.

As one of the most famous temples of the ancient times, the treasures in Ahn’Qiraj were absolutely coveted.

Who didn’t want to get a share of them at this time? Many of the forces had passed the lion king city and came to the vicinity of defence line. They wanted to wait for the Yunmeng to defeat the Zerg and they immediately start collecting treasures.

If the front line collapsed, they would immediately turn around and leave.

These were the people who were profit-seekers. If they could drive benefits for themselves, they would be happy enough. For the safety of the mainland, they are completely unconcerned.

Xiao Yu never though about depending on these people to counterattack, but he would not allow anyone to take advantage of him. Xiao Yu has already thought about it.  He would charge money for any adventurer who wanted to enter Ahn’Qiraj.

If one didn’t pay, one should never thought about entering.

Hearing Xiao Yu’s proposal, Tuoba Hong smiled and nodded. He also wanted to collect money. Why didn’t he do it? By the time he and Xiao Yu divided the profits into half, they would be able to cover their loss in battle against the Zerg.

The strategic plan was drawn up. On the third day, everyone was ready to implement the plan. Through a few days of battles, the Zerg army also suffered a lot of deaths and injuries. Xiao Yu also sent a lot of scouts and found some of the gathering areas of the Zerg army. They were ready to destroy them in one fell swoop.

When the army attacked, it was necessary to leave a lot of soldiers guarding the walls, because once anything went wrong, the walls were still a protective barrier.

This barrier would allow them to temporarily get a chance to breathe.

Moreover, once they went out to attack, some remaining Zergs might use this chance to attack the city wall. At that time, they might infiltrate into the insides of Yunmeng and cause harm to ordinary people in Yunmeng.

After everything was ready, in the early hours of the day, the army began to quietly prepare and then made a large hole in the weak part of City wall to let the cavalry attack.

The main force of this attack was naturally the Imperial Guards. After seeing the powerful aura radiated by  Imperial Guards, Xiao Yu wanted to see what the Imperial Tigers were really capable of.

Normally, the actions of the Imperial Guards and the Army were very quiet. Although army consists many soldiers, they were doing things very nimbly and silently.

However, when army get into attack formation,  aura exuded was absolutely amazing.

“Comrades, kill these worms, let them become a bunch of corpses…” Xiao Yu screamed loudly and jumped directly on the little dragon’s back. Then he toward the front lines to see Imperials Guards in action.

Upon hearing Xiao Yu’s shouts, morale of troops reached all-time high and began to attack more ferociously then before.

At the frontlines, group of Orc buddies were fighting like there was no tomorrow. They were definitely the first to take the lead.

Xiao Yu once accidentally said that the Orc infantry may not be able defeat Imperial Guards, which resulted in serious blow to their self-esteem. Many Orc infantrymen ran to compete with the Imperial Tigers.

Now, they finally had chance to prove that they were no weaker than Imperial Guards. These Orc buddies were trying their best to achieve that.

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