World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 523

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There were not many people who could make three Masters to get up on this continent. However, it happened just now, one could imagine how strong Ao Pull was.

When Xiao Yu came, because his strength was still low, he could not perceive anything from Ao Pull. Ao Pull felt like ordinary man. He had no way to find out what kind of realm he had reached.

But now, Xiao Yu could already feel the dangerous atmosphere around his body, but he still couldn’t see how strong he actually was.

Caso was also a sixth-order warrior, but compared to Ao Pull, he was nothing.

Ao Pull looked directly at Xiao Yu and said: “Xiao Yu, I really want to thank you very much this time. If you didn’t arrive today, then the situation will be absolutely unimaginable.”

Xiao Yu said with a laugh: “You are being polite, in fact, everyone knows, I came here for my own purpose. If the Yunmeng lost, then the next unlucky one will be my lion king city, so how can I not come? Not to mention, Tuoba Hong and I are strategic alliance. How can I leave him alone? Haha…”

“I still appreciate your help. With power of Yunmeng alone, I am afraid it is difficult to fight against these Zerg troops. I have gone to many places in the past few days and contacted all forces of Yunmeng. I requested them to come over to guard the defence line. Once the defence line collapses, the whole cloud will be finished. But that Tuoba Gui bastard still cares about personal small benefits and refuses to send troops. It really made me mad.”

“Why so stubborn?” when Xiao Yu heard this, he also frowned.

He nodded and said: “Yes, but I am worried about another point. You also know that behind Tuoba Gui, there is an extremely powerful force supporting him. Obviously, this power does not care about the Zerg destroying Yunmeng. Tuoba Gui wants the world to be more chaotic so that he can make more profit.”

When Xiao Yu heard that, he stood up and took a few steps back and forth. He had already thought about it. Now it seemed that it may be true.

If this was the case, then Xiao Yu would face on two fronts. It was hard to stabilize the situation now. The situation was becoming trickier. As a result, such a thing has happened.

“Then we have to send people to continue to block possible attack by Tuoba Gui. How much military power do you have now?” Xiao Yu directly asked most important questions to develop a complete operational plan.

“Now we control more than half of the Yunmeng, the population has tens of millions, and the mobilized army is about 500,000. If the situation is serious, more troops can be recruited. Yunmeng is a nomadic nation. Every adult male can be used as a warrior. However, it takes a while for making such recruitment. Now the army on the front line is only about 200,000, and there are still five or six thousand that will take a few days to arrive.” Commanders of Yunmeng replied.

Xiao Yu listened to what he said, and nodded, but his brows also wrinkled. In the face of such a Zerg army, even more troops were not enough.

“Try to summon the army as much as possible. This is a tough battle. In addition, there must be a competent commander to stop them. You have such a suitable candidate?” Xiao Yu asked.

“To tell you the truth, although we have a lot of warriors here, we don’t have commanders.” When he said this, he also had dejected look.

The Great Generals were hard to find.

The war could not be fought without generals at all.

“If this is the case, then only one person can be suitable.” Xiao Yu sighed helplessly.

“Who?” Hearing Xiao Yu said, he immediately asked with a glimmer of joy in his eyes.

“Qin Che!” Xiao Yu replied.

In fact, Xiao Yu still did not want to let Qin Che go. After all, it was extremely dangerous to situation. The other party also had power of the mysterious fraction.

“Qin Che, that’s great. If Qin Che went, everything will be solved, hehe…” hearing Xiao Yu saying so, he immediately felt a burst of joy.

About Qin Che’s ability, he couldn’t be any clearer. It could be said that the reason why Tuoba Hong became emperor was largely because of Qin Che.

Xiao Yu followed Tuoba Hong and walked into the military camp with great enthusiasm. The soldiers walked behind them with a serious look.

Along the way, Xiao Yu looked at the situation in the camp and he couldn’t help but be shocked. Everything was in good order. There was no disorder. Every soldiers was full of energy and exuding fierce aura. Sure enough, it was a powerful Imperial Guard Division.

It was no wonder that they were called Imperial Guard Division. Xiao Yu could imagine that if he was to fight a cavalry consisting of Imperial Guard Division, it would definitely be a hard battle.

It seemed that Xiao Yu underestimated the hidden strength of Yunmeng; Xiao Yu was really deeply shocked by the power of the Yunmeng.

Xiao Yu counted the soldiers of Imperial Guard Division in the camp. They were estimated to be 20,000. It seemed that the number was not very large.

However, Xiao Yu knew that these 20,000 Imperial , if used well, they could be truly invincible and omnipotent.

Xiao Yu compared these Imperial Guards with his own heavy cavalry knights who could perfectly sync with their horses and found out that the strength of these Imperial Guards was still above his heavy cavalry.

From this one could see how powerful these Imperial Guards were. If Qin Che led these cavalry of 20,000 Imperial Guards plus some other soldiers, he could directly capture Tuoba Gui.

These Imperial Guards were too strong. No wonder… It’s no wonder that whenever name of Imperial Guards was mentioned, every person of Yunmeng immediately felt proud.

It was absolutely great to have such an force to deal with the Zerg army.

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