World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 522

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The Zergs were not simple, unwise creatures. On the contrary, their wisdom was very high. Therefore, after seeing the situation is unfavourable, they immediately sent their Air Force to kill Chimaera.

You must know, the Zergs also had their own Air Force. Yunmeng mainly suffered such high losses in confrontation because of existence of the Zerg’s Air Force not because of Zerg army.

Although they also have a large number of arrows, each Yunmeng soldier was good at archery, but how many air forces can they cope with?

When soldiers of Yunmeng saw weird humanoid creature with wings flying in the sky, they immediately felt restless and nervous.

When Xiao Yu saw them, he did not worry at all. “Finally met the Air Force!”

Xiao Yu smiled and issued an order to the Dragonhawk.

The Dragonhawk’s ground attacking power was actually the weakest in all air forces. Under normal circumstances, they simply couldn’t do much.

However, in terms of aerial warfare, the Dragonhawks were absolutely powerful.

When the Royal Guards of Saltura rushed over, the Dragonhawks released fog and immediately formed a large cloud of fog around Chimaeras.

In the past, Xiao Yu thought that the fog of these Dragonhawk was used to disrupt enemy’s senses, but later he found that this fog could be used in many other ways.

It did not have much effect on deceiving enemy. Because the enemy of Xiao Yu never had an air force, he could not put his idea to use. This kind of fog was great help to the Air Force because it alloys air force to hide in it. Moreover, it has little impact on the army.

But now, since other side’s air force came over, the Dragonhawk could finally be put to great use. It sprinkled a lot of fog everywhere which disrupted enemy armies sense of direction.

To be honest, the Air Force of the Zergs was indeed quite powerful. A lot of insects that were not afraid of death launching suicide attacks were indeed a headache.

However, this fog had solved this situation very well.

After the Zerg Air Force entered the cloud of fog, they could not find the place where Chimaeras were. At this time, countless arrows shot from all directions, and the Zerg’s Air Forces dropped down one by one.

Chimaeras’ air-to-air capabilities were actually not strong. Their most powerful aspect was air-to-ground battles.

In this kind of air-to-air battle, they had to be escorted by other air force units. The Griffins, Dragonhawk and Wyverns could undertake this task.

Because of sneaked attacked, the Zerg Air Force’s losses were extremely heavy. However, they did not retreat, but instead rushed forward more bravely.

Some of the large flying insects were extremely brave and common arrows couldn’t kill them. However, just when they thought they could rush out of the fog, a huge net of light covered them, making them unable to move around.

Spears or magical arrows stuck and killed the big flying insects.

That net of light was another skill of the Dragonhawk, The Air Shackles.

Although Chimaeras were not good in air-to-air battles, that did not mean that they could not fight at all. Moreover, in order to improve Chimaera’s air-to-air capabilities, Xiao Yu also installed a saddle on the back of Chimera placing Dwarf Musketeer on them.

Bang Bang Bang…

Not wasting god given opportunity, Dwarf Musketeer fired and immediately killed a group of Zerg’s Air Forces. After Dwarf Musketeer’s Base reached the 2nd level, the muskets of Dwarf Musketeer became more powerful. Their penetration power reached whole new level and it also had the effect of shotgun. One hit, one kill.

As a result, the seemingly fierce and unusual air battle ended with Xiao Yu’s victory. The other Zerg’s Air force suffered disastrous losses but Xiao Yu’s air force remained unscathed.

The fierce battle continued for more than two hours, after suffering disastrous losses, they finally retreated back. This time Zerg’s attack was actually very fierce. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yu arrival, then the soldiers of Yunmeng would definitely not be able to withstand it.

Now that the situation had calmed down, they only needed to continue to strengthen the city walls and then find a way to counterattack. Their goal was not only to resist these Zergs, but to enter the insides of Ahn’Qiraj and get the treasure inside.

If Xiao Yu used help of Three Master getting rid of Zergs would be very easy task. However how could Xiao Yu waste god given opportunity (Promise to help three times).

Such a good opportunity must be carefully utilized. It was necessary to solve the threat of Ahn’Qiraj in one fell swoop. Otherwise, the lion king city of the lion would never be peaceful. Promises of three Masters would be of great help in critical and expected situation.

Looking at the retreating view of Zerg Army, it was obvious that it would not organize a large-scale attack in the near future. Xiao Yu will directly hand over the command here to Qin Che, let him arrange everything.

Xiao Yu took the three magicians down the wall and found a place to take a rest. Xiao Yu looked at the decent looking tent. How could Xiao Yu let Masters rest in such tent? So Xiao Yu took out a lot of luxury tents from the space ring and made them set up. One of them was left for Tuoba Hong.

Tuoba Hong was also emperor of Yunmeng now, he couldn’t live too shabby.

Just after Xiao Yu and others sat down, they suddenly felt a powerful aura appearing outside the tent. Everyone felt that the hair rise.

However, Xiao Yu soon recovered and said softly: “It’s a master of the city.”

The curtain of the tent opened and a middle-aged man got inside. It was the master of Tuoba Hong who had seen Xiao Yu before – Yu Pull.

After Ao Pull saw the three masters, he cupped his fists and greeted: “I didn’t expect to see three masters here; looks like Yunmeng will be saved.”

Even with his strength, Ao Pull was not confident in killing Zergs all by himself; one could imagine how dangerous the situation was.

“Your Excellency is the sacred Master of Yunmeng and he has long been famous.” The three masters also got up and greeted back.

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