World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 521

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However, a letter on this day, a new letter made Xiao Yu speed up the pace of travel. Because this letter was written by Tuoba Hong, which said that things had gotten serious in Yunmeng. Yunmeng already had nearly one-third of its territory occupied by the Zergs, people were seriously injured and wounded. Tuoba Hong had temporarily ceased the war and ordered to build high walls surrounding the city to resist the invasion of the Zergs.

Xiao Yu was shocked. When he reported a few days ago, he only said that the Zergs had just appeared and caused some damage. But in just few days, situation had accelerated to this point. This was really terrifying. If he reached there bit later, he was afraid that the whole Yunmeng would be finished.

Once Yunmeng was over, it would be lion king city’s turn to suffer. After few days of travelling, they finally reached their destination.

Tuoba Hong did not personally come out to meet Xiao Yu but remained on the wall to supervise the battle. He had been waiting for Xiao Yu for three days and three nights. When he finally saw Xiao Yu, a smile of gratitude surfaced on the Tuoba Hong’s face as he said: “You are finally here.”

Just those five words were enough to show too many things. It showed how hard the Tuoba Hong had been working these days, how desperately he needed help, how much hope he has for Xiao Yu and at last how much trust ha has in Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu looked at Tuoba Hong’s blood red eyes. He smiled a little and went up to pat him on the shoulder. He said, “Go, take rest and leave everything else to me.”

Tuoba Hong nodded and then said ‘Xiao Yu’s order is my order’ to the adjutant next to him. After saying so he headed to a simple looking camp below and casually ate a few mouthfuls and fell asleep.

“Brother Xiao Yu.” At this time, a familiar voice sounded from behind of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu turned his head, but saw a man with thick eyebrows. He looked at handsome young man standing behind him.

“Qin Che?” Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly shined as he thought to himself ‘Qin Che had grown up so much’.

“Yeah.” the Qin Che Xiao Yu saw was no different from when he left Xiao Yu. But now, he had grown into a commander.

Looks were same, but in fact, his aura had completely changed.

“You have done well.” Xiao Yu just smiled and gave comment of four words.

For Qin Che, there was no need to say too much.

“Yeah.” Qin Che replied with a sigh.

At this time, Battle drums rang out, the Zerg army which had been waiting all this while, immediately gave off a strange buzzing sound, and began to climb up on the wall.

“Brother Xiao Yu, order the army.” Qin Che looked at the army that came over and said.

“What’s there to order? Everyone attack, melee in front and archer in back, the air force on above. Chimaera also go. This father doesn’t believe that they couldn’t beat them.” Xiao Yu was still a rogue. He waved his hand at the army behind him. All of them immediately walked onto the wall and entered the battle post.


Indeed, deploying any strategy was already too late now so they could handle as it arise.

If Xiao Yu had not arrived with his army today, army of Yunmeng would have definitely fallen here. Now the walls had not been repaired. If it was broken by the Zergs army, then it would really a big problem.

“For the glory of the Orcs!” Thrall shouted and began to hang around on the walls. Totem incited the fighting intent of soldiers of Yunmeng. Therefore, after those Yunmeng people got incited by these totems, their morale went all time high. They shouted loudly and fought fiercer than the Orc buddies.

“For the light!” Uther shouted loudly and began to cast all kinds of blessings on everyone. Those who did not get the benefits from totem were basically blessed by Uther.

After being blessed by Uther, everyone felt like they were injected with chicken blood. They felt refreshed and all their tiredness swept away.

“Archer prepare, now shoot!” Archers stood behind the soldiers on the walls. On receiving order, they immediately released the arrows already knocked on the bow. The arrows rained down on zergs.


In the sky, all the air forces had no time to rest; all of them have already been deployed into battle, the Bat Rider’s bomb, the griffin knight’s lightning, the Wyvern’s lance, all kinds of attacks and rained down.

The Zergs attacked in groups, but they immediately got slaughtered as if cutting wheat. Now, Xiao Yu’s army was not as small as it used to be. It gave a bit of overwhelming feeling.

Originally, these soldiers of Yunmeng were mentally exhausted beyond words, they could hardly fight. At this time, they suddenly got reinforcements and they were so powerful that they immediately rekindled their fighting spirit.

“What are these creatures? How can they be so powerful?”

“Ah, what are the hell was that in the sky?”

“My God, is that a dragon? Why are so many dragons here?”

“God, we are really saved, there are so many dragons.”

“Wow, it’s really a dragon. With these dragons to help us, we will definitely win and protect our


Although all the soldiers of Xiao Yu were powerful and eye-catching, Chimaeras were undoubtedly the most shocking. When Chimaeras appeared in the sky, the entire city was boiling in excitement.

Chimaeras soon began a spit Breath. Countless ice and acid sprayed out and the Zergs were immediately wiped out.

If it were only the attack of the arrow, the worms would die one by one, but every single attack Chimaera wiped out countless Zergs without leaving any body behind.

A group of Chimaera was absolutely was undoubtedly fatal. When there was no physical threat, Chimera, who could cast unlimited Breath, could destroy everything.

This shocking effect boiled the blood of the soldiers. In the eyes of the soldiers and adventurers who did not know the truth, Chimaeras were a double-headed dragons.

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