World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 520

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“What do you want?” Xiao Yu immediately noticed that something was off but he couldn’t help but wonder, with their strengths, what did they need from him? With their status they could get whatever they wanted.

“It’s your Magical Potion. We want to give us 500 bottles. After all, dealing with Zergs will greatly exhaust out mana. If you give us that, you don’t need to worry about Zergs” Theodore said with a sly smile.

“Holy Moly, 500 bottles per person, are you blackmailing? I have consumed more than 500 bottles in a past few months. The last time I gave you 100 bottles to perfect Aegwynn’s statue.” When Xiao Yu heard what Theodore said, he immediately jumped up.

The importance of this thing did not need to be explained. It was a strategic resource.

“Cut you act, you think that I don’t know you. You must have saved many. Hurry and give everyone 300 bottles.” Theodore stretched out his hand and asked Xiao Yu directly.

“300 bottles, no, at most, everyone will get 100 bottles. You haven’t used up the last 100 bottles.” Xiao Yu couldn’t bear the loss. You must know, it was his strategic resource, how could he spend it lightly?

In fact, Xiao Yu still had about 800 bottles.

After a lengthy discussion, they settled on 200 Bottles. With three Masters, Xiao Yu felt assured that he would emerge victorious.

Therefore, the plan to go to Yunmeng had been settled. Yunmeng’s trip was imperative and must not be ignored. At this time, it was a real test of the strength of the whole continent. Now that the mainland was in turmoil, all kinds of troubles would come in succession. If not handled properly, it was likely that the mainland would be destroyed.

No to cause mass panic, Theodore and others decided not to release to public. That’s the reason why they attached so much importance to Yunmeng. Now since Aegwynn was no more, it’s their duty to protect Mainland.

On the second day, Xiao Yu led the troops to the Yunmeng. This time, Xiao Yu took most of the troops and left only a small part for defence.

The reason why Xiao Yu dared to move his army so brazenly was because the three great magicians left a Magical Notice together there, telling everyone that now the Lion King was going to conquer the Ahn’Qiraj Temple in order to guard the safety of the mainland. Who would dare to take this opportunity to attack the Lion King city which was under three old fogy’s protection?

No force would dare.

With these three notices, Xiao Yu could rest easy.

“Master Theodore, do you know the origin of the Pope?” Xiao Yu was drinking and chatting with Masters in his luxurious carriage. Xiao Yu did not to want waste this god given opportunity. He wanted to pry open the secrets of Pope. As saying goes a man should keep his enemy near to their heart then his friend.

After all, the pope was his biggest enemy now.

“The church has always been the most mysterious. There are so many things that we don’t know at all, but we have to admit that no one, including some of us old guys, dare to despise the church. Church has many powerful warriors; their pope is even more unpredictable. If I guess well, the strength of the old guy is probably not worse than us.” Theodore answered as he savoured his wine.

“Did… church has someone who reached the peak of the sixth order?” Xiao Yu suddenly felt nervous. He never thought that the Pope had such a powerful force.

“I can be sure of this. If there is no such warrior, then church is not a church.” Chuck also added at this time.

Recently, they lived and ate with Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu gave them due respect which made them have a little more favourable impression of Xiao Yu.

Since Xiao Yu asked about his biggest enemy Church, they were also happy to give Xiao Yu some information. After all, it required no effort at their end.

“If that old guy is so powerful, why doesn’t he come out and cast a curse to destroy my Lion King City to finish everything in one go.” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but ask. Indeed, now that he was thorn in Pope’s flesh and he was so powerful, why did he not come over and find him to settle accounts.

“Do you think that Forbidden Magic can be used casually? The reason why the Forbidden Magic is called a Forbidden Magic is because of its forbiddance. If the Forbidden Magic is used casually, the world would have already destroyed.” Looking at Xiao Yu as if he was illiterate, Theodore filled him with all the details.

“It turns out that it is like a nuclear weapons ban. What are other things about the Forbidden Magic?” Xiao Yu understood that the Forbidden Magic could not be used casually. It required a lot requirement to be fulfilled.

“What is a nuclear weapon?” Theodore listened to Xiao Yu and found the new term bit strange so he could not help but ask.

“Oh… nothing, a very powerful weapon, similar to the Forbidden Magic, it is also forbidden.” Xiao Yu casually responded.

“In any case, the Forbidden Magic is extremely powerful. But if it is not necessary, one will never use it. On the one hand, while using the Forbidden Magic, one will be subjected to powerful Mana which will cause great harm to Mage’s vitality. This may be a kind of punishment for us. On the other hand, unleashing the Forbidden Magic also requires a lot of magical instrument unlike normal magic. Third, there has always been a Wizards Union on this continent regardless of era. If you use the Forbidden Magic without the consent of the Wizards Union, then the Wizards Union will do everything in its power to punish you.” Chuck explained further to Xiao Yu at this time.

A crowd of people was heading for Yunmeng. Because there were too many people, the speed of marching would naturally be slowed down. Initially Xiao Yu thought that there should be no problem for the time being. He was just exaggerating things to Theodore.

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