World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 519

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Xiao Yu was taking a stroll around, but just as he strolled for a while, flustered Celia quickly ran over to him, it seemed that something was off.

“What’s wrong? What that flustered look is all about?” Xiao Yu looked at Celia. What important news could he have now? Had Naxxramas opened?

Or the old men who got blackmailed by Xiao Yu, wanted to get a revenge on the Lion King City?

Celia replied with haste: “A news report has come from Yunmeng.”

“Has something happened there?” Xiao Yu said with a frown. Did that Qin Che met an accident? Otherwise, there should be no big deal in Yunmeng right now.

“It is the news sent by Tuoba. A big event should is going to happen soon. Specifically, we have not looked at it yet,” Celia said.

Xiao Yu nodded and did not say anything. He quickly went to the discussion hall. At this time, the three magicians were no longer here, but went to another independent courtyard with Lin Muxue to teach magic. He didn’t know where Nicholas went.

Here, other important figures of the lion king city, such as Mu Huali, were waiting for Xiao Yu to come and read the emergency letter.

After Xiao Yu arrived here, without any nonsense, he directly took envelop and tore it to read. When read the content written in it, Xiao Yu suddenly frowned.

“What happened the lord?” Mu Huali saw Xiao Yu’s expression and asked immediately.

Xiao Yu reluctantly grinned and said: “It seems that things are not going good. Tuoba said that a large number of insects were found in the depths of Yunmeng. He sent spies to explore and found a huge ancient city there. There are a lot of bugs in the air. Now, these bugs are beginning to spread to the Yunmeng, causing huge damage. If we don’t stop it, the consequences may be serious.”

“Bugs? How can there be so many bugs?” Mu Huali and others listened carefully, and they all startled. This kind of worm-like Beast was very ominous in the history of the mainland. Many such insects were in great numbers. Once it spreads, wherever it goes, it will destroy everything.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, it might be Ahn’Qiraj.” Xiao Yu snorted, thinking about how things are developing. Naxxramas had just appeared and now Ahn’Qiraj had also appeared.

“Ahn’Qiraj, what is that?” When everyone heard it, they were completely clueless about this.

Xiao Yu sighed and said: “Ahn’Qiraj is the place where the ancient Insect clan slumbers. Once there, there is a strong insect empire whose name causes everyone to tremble in fear. The Zergs were extremely powerful and with the help of the dragon family, they defeated Ahn’Qiraj. Now that Ahn’Qiraj appears again, it is really troublesome.”

“Ah? So… what if? If the Yunmeng is swallowed up by the Zergs, the next target will be… us.” Everyone understood that, the Zerg was a very fast-spreading race.

“Simple, start gathering people. Aren’t there a lot of adventurers here? What are they coming here? Not for the treasures in Naxxramas, but the treasures in Ahn’Qiraj. More, as long as we advertise a little, countless adventurers will gather, we don’t have to work so hard.” Xiao Yu’s face flashing a evil grin. This thing certainly couldn’t be handled alone so it’s good to pull everyone in it.

However, Xiao Yu was worried that even if a lot of adventurers came, they would not be able to do anything to Zerg army. The Zergs were too many and they were very strange. If they were not handles carefully, army (including adventures) would likely suffer massive casualties.

“That’s right; the Lord is really wise.” Hearing what Xiao Yu said, everyone immediately stunned. Xiao Yu’s solution was completely unheard of. Moreover, it was best option available now.

However, what they did not know was that Xiao Yu was not actually that much confident withstanding the Zergs.

So, as Xiao Yu ordered, city issued an order saying that Lion King City’s troops were going to march to Yunmeng ( Ahn’Qiraj ). As for Naxxramas, in comparison with Ahn’Qiraj, it’s much worse. Ahn’Qiraj was very big so there were more treasures to be discovered. Everyone could go and get a slice of the cake.

“Hey, have you heard that? Now many adventurers are leaving here and going to Yunmeng.”

“Go to Yunmeng, why? Naxxramas is going to open, leaving now? Isn’t that idiotic?”

“You don’t get it. Naxxramas is not going to open for a while but in the Yunmeng, a huge ancient city has appeared — The famous Ahn’Qiraj temple. The treasures there are many so it is easier to get than Naxxramas. Even the average adventurer can get some. Now, everyone is going there.”

As such appearance of Ahn’Qiraj temple became talk of the town.


After publishing the news, Xiao Yu also went to three magicians for conversation.

“Hey, Masters, have all of you been well recently?” Xiao Yu entered the courtyard with a smile as if he had never blackmailed them.

The three great magicians looked at Xiao Yu with glint in their eyes.

“What’s the matter to bring you here?” Theodore spoke first, after all, Theodore and Xiao Yu were the most familiar.

“The three masters, the continent has met a life and death crisis, I am afraid that if you does not intervene now, it will be finished.” Xiao Yu’s face wall filled with sorrow as if he was great hero of justice. He was going to save world even if it meant he would die.

“Life and death crisis? What happened?” Ferguson said with no anger.

“I will not beat around the buss and will say it straight. Ahn’Qiraj has reappeared. The Zerg army has swept over half of Yunmeng, if we don’t do anything, I’m afraid that in the next half month, Yunmeng will be finished. Next, it will be my lion king city’s collar, then the whole continent. The Zerg’s reproductive ability is well known, once we let them flourish without interfering. Then there will be no way to kill them.” Xiao Yu deliberately exaggerated things, so that the three masters could be more decisive.

“What do you say? Ahn’Qiraj has appeared?” Hearing that Xiao Yu said, they initially thought that Xiao Yu was playing some trick but hearing ‘Ahn’Qiraj’ they immediately became dignified. But they did not immediately reply. Three of them looked with each other and their eyes flashed with cunning.

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