World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 518

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After a few hours, everyone looked at Aegwynn’s statue and began to speak.

“Tomorrow, use magic to send messages to all magic schools, tell all magicians to mourn for Master Aegwynn,” said Theodore.

“Yes, from now on, this day will be the Memorial Day to commemorate the great Master Aegwynn.” Another magician’s voice also echoed.

As a result, several great magicians jointly wrote a magical seal then stamped them, and began to send them to all the magic schools, so that these magic schools would inform all the magicians on the mainland.

On this day, all the magicians must mourn in the direction of the Lion King City. Everyone must use the magic to illuminate the sky and pay tribute to the great Aegwynn.

Xiao Yu nodded and began to set up a memorial service for Aegwynn tomorrow.

The next day, the entire lion king city’s citizens were wearing black cloths. All the adventurers, on this day, also took turns to pay tribute to Aegwynn and dedicate flowers. On this day, Xiao Yu ordered all entertainment facilities to be stopped for three days and especially those adventurers could eat and live for free without any charge.

Xiao Yu did not forget to welcome all three magicians into Main Hall to converse. Nicholas naturally would not miss this opportunity and also followed into the main hall.

You must know, these were the three most powerful magicians on the mainland.

Presence of even one of them can shake a place. Now they were gathered together in the Lion King City. If not for Aegwynn, it was absolutely impossible.

Lin Muxue had inherited legacy of Aegwynn. The three magicians present here were not afraid of Lin Muxue.

You must know, this inheritance was really too important. It was legacy of the real Archmage. It was what they need most at this stage. In addition, Xiao Yu ordered the soldiers to not let anyone disturb them.

“Theodore, you are so old, you have got so many benefits but you kept it secret. Oh, this is too much.” At this time, the magician who was in white and look extremely noble said softly.

“Hey, Chuck, how can you blame me? I have already told you about the situation here. It is Master Aegwynn who does not want to be disturbed by others.” “Theodore looked at this Chuck with his eyes narrowed.

“Hey, you are lucky to get the chance to converse with Master Aegwynn, but now, you cannot monopolize Miss Lin.” Chuck looked at Lin Muxue and said.

“Yes, now the inheritance of Master Aegwynn is in Miss Lin’s body. This is not your wealth. This should be the wealth of all the magicians in the mainland. Master Aegwynn is the guardian of the mainland, what she passed down is supposed to contribute to the entire continent.” Another magician who seems to be ordinary also added.

“Hey, the two masters, you are not right, Muxue is my wife. You are talking about my wife, I should ask me first, right?” Xiao Yu immediately politely injected. These two fellow were talking like Lin Muxue was public property.

“Duke Xiao, don’t misunderstand, we are not trying to force Miss Lin. She is the inheritor of Aegwynn, the Guardian of the mainland. How dare we disrespect her, we will do our best to help her so that she can completely inherit everything.” When Chuck heard Xiao Yu say so, he immediately explained.

“Helping the Muxue? Then you can help together. Why do you get from it?” Xiao Yu was no fool, how could he be swayed by such simple words. After all, no one do things for free. There was no free lunch in this world. Why would such great magicians go to such extent just to let Lin Muxue completely inherit Inheritance?

“The Duke of Xiao, it’s like this. Although Miss Lin is the inheritor of Master Aegwynn, if she want to fully activate the power in her body, it is necessary to have a good teacher to guide. In the process of this guidance, we also can get some understanding about the magic of Master Aegwynn, which is of great help to us. If we let Theodore guide Miss Lin, then we both naturally will lose an opportunity to break through to seventh order.” The magician next to him spoke again.

“It turned out to be like this.” Xiao Yu listened to what the magician said and he immediately understood gist of the situation. “You are Master Ferguson?”

“Yes, I am Ferguson, the head of the Royal Magician of the Sky Lion Dynasty.” Ferguson nodded slightly and stated his identity.

Xiao Yu was very familiar with name of Ferguson. After all, it was one of the three greatest magicians on the mainland.

Xiao Yu also heard that this Ferguson was a great magician who was loyal to the Sky Lion dynasty. Many forces had tried wooed him, but they all ended in failure.

It could be said that the reason why the Sky Lion dynasty still existed, a large part of the reason was the existence of Ferguson. Otherwise, he was afraid that great clans would have overthrown the rule of the Sky Lion dynasty and established their own dynasty.

“If this is the case, then can I also make a small request?” after Ferguson confirmed his guess, Xiao Yu immediately replied.

Impact of Aegwynn’s inheritance was really too great. It was the only opportunity for them to break through the seventh order. How could they let it go?

Because of Lin Muxue’s special identity, they did not dare to use force, so could only ask for Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue’s consent.

Xiao Yu naturally had to make good use of this kind of opportunity. Therefor if he asked something they could only comply but he did not dare to be excessive as not to anger these old monsters.

“This… What are your requests?” Chuck looked at Xiao Yu while feeling unsettled.

“Oh…” Xiao Yu stated his conditions after a smirk.

After listening to it, Ferguson and Chuck’s face became green, but although they felt that Xiao Yu was very excessive, they did not dare to gamble with their last opportunity.

After everything ended, Xiao Yu was in a good mood; he walked outside to enjoy the glory of the lion king city.

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